Underwater Massage Experience Launches

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Have you ever wanted to spa like a mermaid? If the answer’s yes, then head to Huvafen Fushi in The Maldives where you can experience the Underwater Dream spa treatment developed by massage expert Beata Alekandrowicz, co-founder of Pure Massage Spa Training Method®.

Delivered in Huvafen Fushi’s Pearl spa area, Underwater Dream offers sensory stimulation with stillness and tranquillity using unique massage techniques based on the rhythms of the body. The treatment aims to enhance guests’ quality of sleep.

Beata Alekandrowicz explains:

“Sleep is a vital element to our health as it helps the body to balance the different systems. A good night rest has the power of recharging the body completely, bringing back physical strength, hormonal balance and a much more positive outlook.”

 The treatment is conducted with the client resting on their back, enabling them to enjoy the mesmerising underwater landscape which boasts an array of the ocean’s tropical fish and coral. The fluid massage uses smooth, flowing strokes where the therapist creates a synergy with the environment. A combination of reflexology and shiatsu techniques are used, designed to complete the energy circuit in the body and promote sleep. Massage oil used helps to rebalance the hormones and induce an advanced meditative state for guests.         Beata adds: “I am really excited about this new signature treatment at Huvafen Fushi as it combines sensorial experience, creativity and a unique result – helping guests to achieve a great night’s sleep. This obviously speaks to me because the experience of touch relates directly to these concepts.”The Huvafen Fushi spa was opened in 2004 and features the world’s first underwater spa rooms.
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