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During the procession, in what order does the wedding party, including the children, walk down the aisle?

This is a great question. While you can certainly change it up—we love a strong groom’s entrance—there is a traditional order. The bride’s attendants enter first, either escorted by someone from the groom’s attendants or alone. The maid or matron of honor would enter last, with the best man if both roles are filled. Then come the ring bearer and flower girl, either single file or together. At the altar they can stand with the wedding party if they have the attention span; otherwise, have them sit with their parents near the front. Then, of course, comes the bride. For same-sex couples, one, both, or neither partner may walk down the aisle, so it depends on what the pair decides is best. If they have a wedding party, the group will follow a similar order as above.

For a guide on the processional order, watch this handy video!

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