These Iconic 3D Sketches Of Famous European Landmarks Will Blow Your Mind!

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Imagine the most iconic European landmarks coming alive on paper! Confused? Well, Italian artist Pietro Cataudella is literally making for us the most famous landmarks of Europe come alive by his art techniques.

How are these famous European landmarks coming to life?

Cataudella is sketching these amazing images and then creating a half-sketch-half-photograph blend to create something surreal. He has featured these brilliant creations on his Instagram account by the name CityLiveSketch. Bringing together his work and the historic structures, he is creating a unique 3D-like image that is taking the internet by storm!

Cataudella started this project in 2014 in Sicily and later toured through Europe to capture more such classic landmarks like the Colosseum in Rome, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, and the Tower Bridge in London.

Now, let’s take a look at these mind-blowing 3D sketches of famous European landmarks

“The project is a combination of my passions for drawing, photography, and travel. The goal is to show beauty in a different way, using only my skills, creativity, and imagination.” He said, adding “I never studied illustration, architecture, or other related disciplines. My works are the result of hard work, passion, and a desire to improve myself.”

Take a sip of this iconic Negroni in Italy!

Lean beneath this tower of Pisa for a steaming shot of Espresso

Walk out of the pages to the Tower Bridge of London

A grander look of the Venice’s Grand Canal

The Palace of Westminster has now woken up! Has the Parliament?

We wish we have added a little colour to your day with these fancy sketches jumping out of the sheets like pop-ups rising to life! Tell us which one’s your favourite in the comments below.

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