The Best Sex Toys for Shower Sex

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Have you ever found yourself ready for sex in the shower only to wind up staring at your vibrator? You’re looking at this toy you love so much thinking, “Ummm… can this come in the shower or will I ruin it? Is ruining this toy worth the orgasm?”

Or maybe you’ve never even thought to bring a sex toy into the shower, which needs to change, um, yesterday.

Sex toys are an awesome way to make shower sex more fun. Let’s face it, shower sex is rather challenging. The problem is that we insist P in the V (or any P-like thing) intercourse is the priority. It isn’t! Far from it. Don’t even have it on the table.

In fact, the goal should just be this: Do whatever feels good so everyone can experience pleasure.

Get yourself a sex toy for the shower and live your best life. Here are the 6 best sex toys for shower (and bath time!) sex. We’re talking 100%, water submersible toys for hosed down playtime.

Oh, and don’t forget the silicone lube!

Unbound Bender

The Bender is one of the most unique toys on the market. Not only does it offer powerful vibrations, but it’s moldable also. You can bend the toy into a curved shape for G-spot stimulation, leave it straight for optimal clitoral stimulation, and more. The options are essentially limitless. It’s kind of a “do it yourself” sex toy.

We love, love, love Bender. This toy is one-of-a-kind. It looks like a pink Gumby; a long, narrow stick that is bendy and ready to go. It is so unassuming, you can leave it in your shower basket for regular use.

SHOP NOW: Unbound, $59

Marvelous Bunny Clit Massager

This small vibrator is no joke. It might be cute, but it gets the job done like a champion. The dual ears rest on either side of the clitoris, offering total stimulation. It’s two motors will not disappoint.

As one customer put it: “If you’re looking for a really cute, easy to use, easy to manipulate, and powerful vibrator, the Marvelous Bunny Clit Massager is a nice option!”

Have your partner use this toy on you during shower sex, or use it on yourself.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $34.30

Lelo Tiani 2

The Lelo Tiani 2 is a u-shaped couple’s toy designed to be worn internally during intercourse. Don’t let that fool you. It is also an amazing shower sex toy. It isn’t only great for penetration, but can be used as a fantastic stimulator for the clitoris, perineum, ball sack, and head of the penis.

What makes it so great for shower sex? This toy comes with its own remote. Your partner can control the vibrations while you use it on yourself (or vice versa). It’s an interesting twist that everyone can enjoy.

SHOP NOW: Lelo, was $159, now $135.15

IMO Full Silicone Cock Ring

This cock ring is relatively simple, but it will make your hand and blowjobs so much more shower-friendly and fun. When you’re already dealing with water running all over you body (and into your eyes!), simple is often better.

Honestly, we love this toy because of the price point. Sex toys are expensive and not everyone has $100+ to drop on them. This is an economical choice!

Cock rings work by restricting blood flow to an erection, making them last longer and stay harder. We’re talking an explosive orgasm here. Literally.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $26

Touch Power Silicone Vibrator

The Touch is an adorable, playful vibrator that is ideal for clit stimulation. This bullet vibrator is a classic. Every woman should have one in her collection. Luckily, it’s also waterproof!

This vibrator only begins pulsating when it makes contact with the skin. Spooky!

It has very sensitive sensors. It is a tantalizing way to tease your clitoris or your partner’s body. You can even get extra creative and put it inside the vagina for a different set of sensations.

SHOP NOW: Too Timid, $63

We-Vibe Touch

The We-Vibe Touch is one of our all-time favorite shower sex toys. It’s sleek, intense, and so pretty it doesn’t even look like a sex toy. Who wants to have to put their sex toys away when guests come calling? No one.

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This toy is not only super powerful, it is the right shape for shower sex. It is a palm shaped toy, ideal for situations where holding on to it is paramount and maneuvering it correctly over your partner’s nether regions is needed.

SHOP NOW: We-Vibe, $99

Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.

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