Vacation package sites enable customers to book some combination of flights, hotels, and rental cars together as part of a single trip itinerary. Some companies only allow flight and hotel bundles, but others give you the chance to mix and match the different options as you see fit. When choosing the best vacation package site, the first and most important consideration is what type of travel package you need. Then, it’s a good idea to look into what kinds of savings are available for booking your entire trip itinerary together in one place. Some companies give discounts of over 40% to customers who do this. And, of course, you should also check out what kinds of search tools the site offers to speed up the booking process. The five companies listed below are some of the best in terms of their vacation packages and offer deals on all types of travel itineraries.

  • Expedia
  • Travelocity
  • CheapTickets
  • Last Minute Travel
  • Hotwire

Expedia offers discounts to customers who book their travel arrangements together in a package, which helps make rates a little more affordable. This is particularly true if you’re booking a flight, hotel, and rental car together. Like Last Minute Travel, Expedia presents all the crucial information about the trip itinerary on one page for easy viewing. Elements of a particular vacation package can be changed as needed to suit you. Using the filter tools to narrow your search is a good way to save time while searching, and you can also view the available hotels on a map. This tool is helpful if it’s important to you to stay in a particular area. Deal seekers also have the opportunity to view their results by total savings. Taxes and service fees are included in the total trip cost listed, so you don’t have to worry about setting aside any extra money. Then, all that’s left to do is review your selected itinerary and enter in your payment information.
Like Expedia, Travelocity gives big discounts to customers who bundle their travel arrangements into one package. When you purchase a hotel, flight, and rental car together, that can earn you as much as a 45% savings off your total trip costs. Travelocity also takes the approach of listing all of the important information about your travel arrangements on a single results page for easy viewing. Browse through the list or use the filters to speed up the process. Your first step is to find the hotel you want. Then, check out the flight and rental cars associated with that package. If you don’t like what you see, choose a different one. You’ll be brought to a list with all the flights or rental cars that fit your search criteria and you can then add one of these to your trip itinerary. When selecting a flight, you have even more options because Travelocity allows you to choose your departing and returning flights separately.
CheapTickets uses a different process than the companies mentioned above to help you locate the best vacation package, even when you use sites like to do it. Rather than presenting you options upfront and requiring you to change those that don’t work, you’re first given a list of hotels to choose from. All the usual hotel filtering tools are there, so you can narrow down your results by what’s most important to you. You’re also able to view all the available hotels on a map. Then, once you’ve selected the hotel you want, you’ll be brought to the next page where you can choose your flight or a rental car if you’ve selected a hotel+rental car search. Then, the whole process starts over. For flights, you’re able to narrow results by cost and departure and arrival times, as well as specific airlines. During the checkout process, you can also add on certain extras like event tickets. Finally, book everything together for one flat rate.
Last Minute Travel earns the title as one of the best vacation package site because they offer a very streamlined booking process and the option to easily customize your travel itinerary. First, start off by deciding what type of travel accommodations you need. Choose from any combination of flights, hotels, and rental cars. Enter your travel dates and Last Minute Travel gathers all the results that fit your search criteria. Narrow it down even further using price, location, and other filters. All the information you need is presented on one page, so you don’t need to click into each individual result to get all the details. Everything from the hotel room type to the operating hours of the rental car facility are listed right on the main results page. As with all vacation packages, you select the hotel first, then you can change the flight and rental car associated with that package if you need to. Last Minute Travel also enables you to compare several different vacation packages side by side, which should help to save time when it comes to finding the one that best matches your budget and schedule.

Hotwire is another travel package site that follows the method of presenting your entire trip itinerary on one page for you to customize. The available search and filter tools are similar to the ones found with the other companies mentioned on this list. You’re able to narrow results down by price, location, hotel class, and more. The first step is to find a hotel that offers what you’re looking for. Then, check out the flights and/or rental cars associated with that particular hotel. If one or both of them doesn’t work well with your trip itinerary, you’re able to easily change them. Click on the unwanted item and you’re brought to a list with all the other possible options that match your trip dates and other search criteria. From there, all that’s left is to review your travel arrangements on the next page. It’s here where you choose your hotel room type and you’re able to quickly return and make any adjustments to your trip before entering your payment information and completing the booking process.

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