The 10 Best Mattresses That You Can Buy Online

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Back in the day, shopping for a mattress meant hours of testing (by awkwardly lying on each one) and talking with aggressive sales people in badly-lit showrooms. Budget was always a concern (is it really worth it to shell out an extra $300 for bells and whistles that don’t make any sense?). Needless to say, it could sometimes be an overwhelming and confusing process to find a mattress that was both well-made and super comfy in a span of an afternoon’s shopping.

Luckily, in the age of the “bed in a box” mattresses, it’s gotten so much easier (and infinitely more pleasant) to buy a bed. First of all, you can do it right from your laptop. Many bed companies offer free delivery to your doorstep, and at-home trial periods (available with many of the models available today), meaning you can test them out for real—in the comfort of your home no less. And direct-to-consumer pricing on many models eliminates the middleman, keeping prices lower than before.

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Shopping with a partner adds another layer to the mattress-purchasing process. One of you might tend to sleep on your back, while the other is a die-hard side sleeper. Snorer? Tosser and turner? There’s a mattress for you. With all the options out there today (and there are so many), you’ll definitely be able to find model that satisfies both of your sleeping styles.

Here are our 10 favorite mattresses you can buy online NOW!

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