Modern Luggage for Your Wedding Registry

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It’s like that old adage goes: “Beautiful luggage is hard to find.” Ok, so maybe that’s a new one for you (because it doesn’t exist) but it certainly should be—because, let me tell you folks, it’s the dang truth. It seems to be easy to find middle of the road luggage that is somewhat durable and not hideous, but it’s a lot harder to find luggage that makes you excited to pack for a trip. That “can’t wait to stroll through the airport with this sweet suitcase—everyone will def know I’m cool when they see me with this” feeling, vs the “I wonder how quickly I can curbside check this piece of garbage so no one sees me with it” inclination. We’ve rounded up our favorite (tested!) durable, high quality, AND beautiful modern luggage for you to add to your registry ASAP. Because no one wants luggage shame en route to their honeymoon.

Hannah Baker

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