Kesha Promises to Officiate Another Same-Sex Wedding

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At this point, Kesha is a seasoned wedding professional, and the singer-songwriter is showing no signs of giving up her second gig as a wedding officiant anytime soon. On Thursday night at the premiere of her new documentary, Rainbow: The Film, at Metrograph theater in NYC the “Praying” singer signed on to officiate yet another same-sex wedding.

The women played it cool and at first acted like they just wanted a selfie with the star, according to the*TMZ* video. Before the singer could move on to another group of fans, someone in the crowd yelled, “They have a very special question for you, too.”

One of the brides-to-be said, “We want you to officiate our wedding.” This is by no means an unexpected request for Kesha. She became an ordained minister in 2012 and has officiated three weddings since then.

“Well I do that,” the singer responded with the confidence of someone with a few weddings under their belt. “When are you getting married?”

These super fans sound like they will do anything to make the “I Need a Woman to Love” artist a part of their big day. They responded, “Whenever you’re free.”

Kesha’s answer? “I’m going on tour in Australia but I’d love to,” she said. “I do officiate weddings and I’d love to. That’s so sweet.”

Rejoice! The only thing better than marrying the love of your life is having your favorite artist there to do the honors. Kesha’s response didn’t seem like an empty promise either. She even pointed the couple in the direction of her scheduling people.

While the couple works with Kesha to nail down a wedding date, they can watch Kesha’s video for “I Need A Woman To Love” to get an idea of what their big day might look. In the video, Kesha officiates a same-sex wedding for a couple in Las Vegas.

“People should be able to love whoever they want to love, that’s what love is,” Kesha says at the start of the video. The musician is a longtime supporter of LGBTQ rights, and earlier this year was a part of an EP that reimagined wedding songs specifically for the LGBTQ community, titled Universal Love.

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If everything goes according to plan, this will be Kesha’s fourth wedding she officiates, and we hope it’s not her last.

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