Kenya Travel Guide: When to Travel

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Planning your holiday to Kenya and wondering when to go? There are a number of deciding factors to keep in mind when planning your safari, depending on the focus of your holiday. Discover the recommended times to visit Kenya for the great migration, the best weather and the best game viewing conditions. We’ll have you planning your Kenya holiday in no time!

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In our opinion, the best time to travel to Kenya is between July and February. This is the dry season (best for game viewing) and it also includes the peak migration period from July to October. Because if you’re going to come all this way, we think it’d be a shame to miss the migration the destination is so famous for. Game viewing is at its best during the dry season when the animals gather in numbers around the watering holes to drink.


Set on the equator, Kenya has one of the best climates in the world. The country enjoys warm, sun-filled days with daytime temperatures between 20 – 25 degrees Celsius. The coastal area near Mombasa tends to get rather hot and humid but the cool sea winds keep things cool. There are two wet seasons – short rains in November and December and longer periods of rainfall from March to April.

Safari seasons

Most of Kenya’s national parks experience just two rainy seasons: the short periods of rainfall in November/December, and the heavier rainfall of April/May. The best time to view the animals is during the dry season when they gather around the watering hole to drink. Safari high season runs from July to November when the wildebeest migration is at its peak but it is often more affordable to visit during the low season (April and May). High season differs at the coast (September to January) with December/January being the hottest time and the Christmas period is extra crowded. If you’re a birder, aim to visit from October to April when the migrant species have arrived.

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