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Maldives population rises above 400,000, census 2014 shows

The population of Maldives has increased above 400,000. According to the official census results released Tuesday, the total amount of locals and expatriates in the Maldives numbers 402,071. Male population > Female population The total population of locals in the Maldives in 338,434, of which the male population numbers 171,962 and the female is 166,472. While the number of Maldivians living abroad were not included in the census, the National Bureau of Statistics stated the numbers would be above 5,000. “President Mohamed Nasheed has said that experts estimate the population of Maldives to reach 400,000 by the year 2025. President Nasheed urged everyone to work in unity in sustaining achievements in improvement of primary health of elderly, the reduction in the rate of mortality due to illness, and the technological advancements achieved in the recent years.” 28 October 2011, Ref: 2011-733 Its 2015 yet? We have reached and crossed 400,000, http://www.presidencymaldives.gov.mv/?lid=11&dcid=6201 MALE’,…

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