Maldives, Maldives Awards

Tina, TUI’s Best tour guide World Wide from Kuredu Maldives

Tina Zündorff is TUIs representative on Kuredu for the past 5 years. After their holidays, TUI guests receive a questionnaire from the company which they send back with their feedback. Last year for the first time, TUI compared all the forms that were collected from all over the world. The out come was that a single tour guide stood out from the rest and we are proud to say that Tina is TUI’s best tour guide in the world. When Tina was asked what her secret was, she replied; “There is no secret, I think what is most important is to do everything with heart and soul. This feeling carries over to the guest. As the saying goes: W   hat goes around, comes around. “ She added “Remain true to oneself, always be authentic and never lose enthusiasm for the profession.” We are very proud and lucky to have Tina on…

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Environment, Fuvahmulah

The most vulnerable island of sinking nation – Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah is comparatively one of the largest islands in Maldives. Similarly, the environmental threats facing this island are comparatively large too. Recently, the troubles has taken a new twist with reports of severe erosion filling the big headlines in newspapers and with government officials having forced to answer questions relating to the huge devastation facing this island with a vibrant population of about 10,000. No matter how critical the condition is, how urgent it is to make a start now, no real action is seen in progress as yet, but the usual spin and constant lies of relevant authorities. These incidents did not start instantaneously. It was predicted much earlier and is now predicted to see worse circumstances in the coming days. During September 2007, a big portion of soil adjacent to the lagoon broke off from the mainland and collapsed into the sea from four different areas near the…

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Soil erosion taken of the gems of Maldives

There was a research made years back finding the exact reason of soil erosion of the beauitiful and calm lands of Fuvahmulah, I belong to Hoadhadu ward of Fuvahmulah and i’ve played and enjoyed on the north side beaches, Even though from Hoadhadu I was brought up in Maadhadu with my grand parents and uncle, used to go to the beaches of maadhadu on north side and there was an amazing beach, but i haven’t seen those in last 15 years or more, It’s bieng about 20 or 25 years since the government of Maldives built traditional harbors for every ward, its not 2 or 3 its more then 8, That was the exact demand of the peoples of Fuvahmulah, The government being careless researching about the envirnment has taken us here, i don’t blame the peoples of Fuvahmulah for this believing that they might have asked for it with…

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