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Maahefun or Maahifun Celebration marks the beginning of the Ramadan, Where the Muslims in Maldives celebrate the taking of their last meal before beginning the month-long fasting. It is a traditional celebration where everybody gathered to have their last meal before fasting and thereafter the peoples of Maldives began to throw any living thing that moves into nearest beach, Fuvahmulah Thundi is one of the most visited places of Fuvahmulah on this Festival, People from Male and other islands of Maldives visit the closest uninhabited island on this occasion. Accommodation   Food Places in Fuvahmulah Royal Restaurent Mango Activities     Maahifun 2015 at Fuvahmulah thundi by Asad’s Photography | Ibrahim Asad | http://asad.photo   Maahifun 2011 at Fuvahmulah thundi by Asad’s Photography | Ibrahim Asad | http://asad.photo      

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Fuvahmulah Trip – The natural beauty of the Maldives

It was long back until last month when I last went to Fuvahmulah in 2009 on a vacation. That previous trip wasn’t that good as we had to stay at home most of the time which was specially organized for the circumcision of my son. We stayed for 16 days, could hardly visit to any friends or go anywhere but could only make my motor bike license which made that trip worth having gone. This time it was for a short holiday of 10 days, we enjoyed a lot though. The shortest holiday but the awesomest, I must say. I met many of my schoolmates and classmates plus my friends and childhood friends which was the best part of our vacation. It seemed that everything was special about the island trip that I made from 29th May till 10th June, felt like home unlike other times and willing to go…

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