Huvadhoo Atoll – The worlds largest atoll hosted in Maldives

Travelling around the 200 islands of Huvadhoo atoll, Its amazing, cannot keep without expressing these beauty, I won’t be able to call a girl beautiful after travelling and exploring the beauty of our nation, Its incredible beaches, Its peaceful exterior, peoples of Maldives please pray loud saving our nation from erosion and the man made garbage from damaging our underwater gardens where fishes and sea creatures keep building their homes, Maldives is not a country to lose, Not worth losing, Its not worth living in these islands if our actions are damaging the clear beauty of our nature, The best quality mats of the Maldives are woven in this atoll, in the island of Gadhdhoo. The local grass ‘hau’ is dyed in two colors, black and yellow.Gaafu Alif Atoll (Ga.) is located between latitude 0° 55′ N and 0° 28′ N. Situated south of the One and a Half Degree…

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