Soil erosion taken of the gems of Maldives

There was a research made years back finding the exact reason of soil erosion of the beauitiful and calm lands of Fuvahmulah, I belong to Hoadhadu ward of Fuvahmulah and i’ve played and enjoyed on the north side beaches, Even though from Hoadhadu I was brought up in Maadhadu with my grand parents and uncle, used to go to the beaches of maadhadu on north side and there was an amazing beach, but i haven’t seen those in last 15 years or more, It’s bieng about 20 or 25 years since the government of Maldives built traditional harbors for every ward, its not 2 or 3 its more then 8, That was the exact demand of the peoples of Fuvahmulah, The government being careless researching about the envirnment has taken us here, i don’t blame the peoples of Fuvahmulah for this believing that they might have asked for it with…

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