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Top tips for plane sleep with Sleeper Seat

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March is national bed month and what better way to celebrate than launching our brand new Sleeper Seat.

What’s a Sleeper Seat, you say?  It’s a row of three seats that are all yours. Once airborne our cabin crew will transform them into your bed in the sky.


Taking a night flight? Here are our top tips for a great night’s sleep

Block out light, noise and disturbance

  • Use your sleep mask and earplugs from the amenity kit provided.
  • If you prefer to listen to music, bring some good quality noise-cancelling headphones.
  • Put your seat belt on over the top of your blanket you are not disturbed by cabin crew to check it.
  • Clear your mind with a guided mindfulness audiobook.

Stay warm and comfortable

  • Wear comfortable loose clothes like leggings and jumpers and bring an extra layer or two just in case it’s cold.
  • Take off your shoes and put comfortable warm socks on or flight socks if you’re concerned about DVT (deep vein thrombosis).



Avoid alcohol and caffeine

The same rules apply on a plane when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Drinking alcohol can make you fall asleep faster, but also reduces your sleep quality – this can lead to you waking up earlier and then not falling asleep again.

When it comes to caffeine, try and avoid it altogether if you are hoping to get a good night’s sleep – if you must drink it,  leave at least two hours before you plan on falling asleep.


Stay hydrated


Avoid screens

The blue light from devices such as tablets and smartphones simulate the brain and trick it into thinking it’s daytime. Avoid looking at your tablet or smartphone 30 minutes before you settle down to have a nice long sleep.

Try natural sleeping aids

There’s an extensive range of herbal and natural sleeping aids to choose from if you need that bit of extra help to get to sleep.

You’ll find Sleeper Seat on most long-haul routes, on our A330s, in Economy Class*.

Buckle up as usual in your seat for take-off and landing. Once airborne just ask our cabin crew to set up Sleeper Seat for you. If you’ve booked a meal, please ask the crew to set the mattress up after the meal service.  If you’re sleeping, we won’t disturb you (unless the plane is getting ready to land). And just fold the headrest up if you’d like to stretch your legs.

*Subject to availability in economy classes except for Economy Light. Not on flights to/from Cuba.

Find out more about Sleeper Seat here


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