Fans Think Travis Scott’s Massive Flower Delivery to Kylie Jenner Was a Proposal

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On Tuesday night, Kylie Jenner took to social media to show off extravagant and opulent gift her boyfriend Travis Scott had surprised her with: decorating her home with an almost obscene number red roses and candles. While the sheer decadence of the gesture shouldn’t surprise us (this is a 21-year-old billionaire we’re talking about) fans were still suspicious about the timing and romantic nature of it all. Could this have been a proposal?

“Hell of a way to end the night,” Jenner captioned the video, referencing Scott’s song lyrics to make sure everyone knows who’s responsible for the incredible display. The video, which plays the actual song “Hell of a Night” in the background, shows Jenner’s entire entryway, living room and dining room covered in bouquets and candles. The display continued up the staircase and beyond.

In another video on Instagram stories the couple’s daughter’s foot can be spotted, confirming that yes, the little one knows just how romantic her dad can be. Even Kylie’s big sis Kendall was wow’ed by the set-up, commenting “JESUS” on the video. But none of this answers the big WHY question.

While yesterday was no average Tuesday—being the midterm elections and Jenner announcing the sale of Kylie Cosmetics in Ulta stores—it wasn’t a buy all the red roses in a 100 mile radius and fill your girlfriend’s home with them kind of Tuesday either. Fans took to the comments of the video to share their theories, many surrounding the idea that Scott finally proposed.

“So like, did she get engaged or was this just a typical Tuesday?” one commenter wrote.

Another tagged Scott in the comments asking where the engagement ring is. “@travisscott you really love Kylie where’s the ring for Kylie,” the user said.

Others speculated that baby number two might be on the way or Scott was just really proud of his girl for voting. Anything is possible, but given Scott’s track record, grand gestures are kind of his thing. Less than a month ago he surprised Jenner with another beautiful display of flowers, which the lip kit queen shared on Instagram thanking her “hubby.” She captioned the video, “Just because flowers are the best kind thank u hubby.”

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The way these two move, a proposal and wedding could have already happened. They hid their pregnancy until after Stormi was already born, so we wouldn’t put a secret marriage past them. Until there’s some kind of confirmation just try to not go green with jealousy over these random acts of romantic kindness.

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