Economy Light: 4 rules of travelling light

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This month Thomas Cook Airlines launched its new Economy Light fare for long-haul flights, offering you a chance to get a lower price flight without any hold baggage included.

Commercial director, Henry Sunley said, “What we’ve noticed is that our customers might go to New York for two or three nights. They like having the 23kg luggage, but if there’s a chance of a reduced fare, they’ll take it.”

To celebrate, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to packing light:

The rules of travelling light

  1. Get a smaller bag

This one might seem obvious, but many people still buy the maximum size bag that they can carry on. Buying a smaller one will reduce the temptation to keep adding more stuff that you don’t need.


  1. Create lists

To fit everything you need in your hand luggage, you need to create a list.  It’s easy to forget the essentials without one, so make sure you plan and have it ready before you start packing.


  1. Think like a traveller, not a tourist

Tourists don’t travel light. To make to the most out of your hand luggage, you have to think like a traveller.

  • Evaluate each item and only pack the must-haves. Items such as books can be downloaded to phones or e-reader, wear your jewellery and any additional gadgets that aren’t essential can be left at home.
  • Clean old receipts out of your purse or handbag as it’ll create extra room.
  • If you’re staying in a hotel, remember that towels will be provided for you.



  1. If it doesn’t fit, wear it

Make sure you wear a pair of shoes that go with every outfit and can be worn throughout your trip.

If you’re travelling on a city break where it’s a bit colder, wear a coat with a jumper underneath. Going somewhere warmer? Wear an extra t-shirt; you can always take it off when you reach your destination.


  1. Buy it later

Depending on where you’re going, there are very few places in the world where you won’t be able to purchase the essential toiletries. Just remember to buy travel size, so you don’t have to bring anything back.

Alternatively, depending on where you’re staying, plenty of hotels offer all wash bag essentials in your room, so make use of them!


  1. Versatile clothes

Merino wool and cotton clothes are perfect for travelling light; they are lightweight and suitable for both warm and cold weather. It’s also great for multiple wears, and merino wool, in particular, doesn’t tend to smell when worn numerous times.


The NEW Economy Light fare

The streamlined way to travel long haul is the new Economy Light fare, which enables you to travel ultra-light and pay less than the standard economy fare. There’s no hold baggage included, just a small carry on of 6kg and all Economy Light passengers must check-in online 24-hours before flying. As part of this new way to travel, you’ll still get a James Martin in-flight meal and seat back entertainment.


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