For me, Maldives was one of my moments that I have been waiting for because it came during the perfect time (or moment) in my life where I needed quiet. I looked for quiet everywhere before this trip, so I can focus on a point in my career that can either break it or make it and then, came Maldives trip and I was exactly where I needed to be.

As a water and beach lover, Maldives sounded like the perfect plan. Deciding on the ‘best’ hotel was obviously difficult, especially with a child. It is the Mary Poppins of paradise. We decided to book a hotel that was 15 minutes away from Male for 3 nights at Adaraan Prestige Vadoo, then head out to Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

I had spent days in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island and after, wondering how to ever write a story about a beautiful hotel in Maldives without having the main selling point of my article to be on the beautiful property itself, because with no doubt, the pictures on the website looks identical to real life.


Traditionally, a luxury denotes something that is enjoyed by certain people and not by others. It speaks of the privilege and exclusivity enjoyed by an elite and unattainable few. I find this concept to be incredibly boring. I know I am not the only one.

Luxury could be a sunset, a song, a moment of peace and satisfaction, a perfect cup of tea, a wonderful book or a simple reminder of how we are living and not only existing.

Which brings me to my point.Conrad Maldives Rangali Island prioritized what luxury is and invested in its people and reminded us how we should never let go of our existence. The humble existence of loyal people that call their job their home where they allow you to see everything the way they see it because they are treated that way. Luxury. To be treated with luxury, only encourages others to give back luxury and everyone enjoying.

What I wanted to take back with me, are the names of the people that welcomed me on their island. The name of the doctor and nurse who took care of my daughter when she was sick with the flu. What I wanted everyone to know was how on an island, where 150 rooms were at full capacity with honeymooners, families, couples celebrating birthdays and anniversaries and even baby moon holiday makers, how 400 of the staff living on the island, knew everything they needed to know about us. Nothing was far fetched or impossible. Conversations about life and football even would strike up and it would last for so long. They were educated, trained men and women that maintained their grounds and became friends rather than just ‘the hotel staff’.

They also, live on an island and yearn for conversation with strangers. The conversations were always genuine.


Luxury is any jolt of beauty or wonder that reminds us to love the life we’re living, and to not simply live it, but to devour it gleefully and scoop up any crumbs that are left over–to not let a second of this fantastic existence go to waste.

With their passion for working at Conrad, their love for their job and their proof of loyalty, made us certain that this will not be the last time we ever visit Conrad Maldives Rangali Island.

If we refocus our senses to what the new meaning of luxury is, then less people will be worrying about buying the richest car, the most expensive handbag or watch and will focus more on training, maintaining, educating, loving, treating others with respect, and that, is what luxury is all about in hospitality.

Here are my moments on the island. I really hope you enjoy the journey and make moments of your own soon there.

My choice of cameras –  Canon Powershot D30 underwater/water proof and Canon G1x.

A Review of Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Travel Junkie Diary

Location 25 minutes away from Male International Airport. That means, you’ve got 2 choices to get to the island, either take a boat for 3 hours or have one of the best experiences of your lives and let the hotel book you a seat on the seaplane that takes you directly to Rangali Island in 25 minutes. So really, you have just one option and take it! It’s even smoother than an A380. Do it, make sure you have a fully charged camera because what you will see from up above is somewhat close to a miracle of life and how from above, building and resorts take on a more toy like appearance, while over water bungalows appear to be floating on the turquoise water beneath them.

Restaurants and Food  Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has 12 restaurants on the island. Perfect for foodies and those who enjoy fine dining or the simple buffet style. The Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, is the first and only all glass undersea dining experience on the planet. A restaurant with an aquarium, only in reverse, the fish are free and you are happily contained. It seats 14 guests and has a 4 set course menu for lunch at $195 set per person and 7 set course menu for dinner. I preferred to book during the day but on one night though, 15 stingrays turned up at once and completely covered the restaurant so that the only thing seen by the diners inside where the undersides of the stingrays. Atoll is the main restaurant where you have your breakfast and dinner. One of our favorites was Mandhoo Restaurant, an open air over-water restaurants that served organic and bio-dynamic gourmet cuisine and organic wines in accordance with the Spa Retreat’s five elements philosophy. 12 different restaurants  you can dine in, for 12 nights including the famous Ufaa by Jeremy Leong and 2 meters underground, the country’s first underground wine cellar, this is a dining experience crafted for wine lovers and foodies!


Wine Cellar is the setting for dégustation dinners hosted by a chef and sommelier, who skillfully match a five-course gourmet menu with up to eight hand-picked wines. 12 guests sit around the table next to the sommelier and participate in an interactive journey around the best of the old and new world wine regions, presented on personal video screens.

Spa Unfortunately, I was not able to try any treatments featured on the spa menu. I knew I was going to regret it but time really did pass by so fast, funny enough, even though they were open till late. This is def on my to do list for the next trip but I did visit the spa villas and found out that they even had mani/pedi station with a view. The funniest thing I saw was the ‘loo with the view’ in the spa rooms! The hotel offers the largest spa treatments choices and have two spas on both islands. The over-water spa and the spa retreat. You will need another 12 days to go through them all giving you lots of options and things to do on the islands.

Family Friendly You have to know, family friendly should NOT only mean that kids are allowed or you will find a bucket and a shovel on the beach. On the island, there is a villa dedicated to children, a playground, skilled and trained personnel working with the best training program to make sure the kids are well entertained from 8:30 am to 7:00pm. Entertainment such as crafting, kite flying, cookie and pizza making,  puppet show, football, water activities, yoga, puzzles and a kids pool and provide nanny services. We met lovely families with children and Chloe was known as the ginger girl because she was addicted to eating so much ginger! Everything felt safe.

As parents, we notice everything the caretakers do, they left no room for errors or mistakes and all eyes where on the children. It was obvious by the way the other kids were acting towards some of the teachers there. They high-fived each other, some ran to them for hugs and I remember one instructor hugged the children and carried them just like they were playing pirates on a flying ship.

Rooms & Property It can be very overwhelming picking a room. There are standard rooms if you’re looking for a room with your own beach, which is really perfect even if you have a child. Villas on the beach are always safer for kids. Water villas are only recommended if your baby does not walk yet or is old enough to know what danger is and not to fall over. A Spa water villa is a two room villa on the water where the second room could be converted into a children’s room or kept the way it is with 2 spa tables and the massages could be done right there. There’s no room on the island you could go wrong with. Choose your budget wise and go with all your heart.


The Quiet Zone  Yes, a quiet zone. Conrad Maldives Rangali Island consists of 2 islands. One island where you have the activities and another called the quiet zone. You will need another 4 days to explore the quiet zone’s dining, infinity pool, bar and the beautiful spa. You can cross from one island to another by a connecting bridge by walking or a dhow by water.

Few things to mention There are few things in the room that I loved. The music choice on the ipod deck, the colors of the water villa blended so well with the sea. The complimentary branded beach bag is a great touch and the range of soaps and shampoos. If you are traveling with children, the hotel provides cots and nannies are available too. Cinema under the stars, the lucky dolphin trip, picnic on a deserted island, most of all take a pedalo and cross the islands. It will take longer than usual, but a beautiful way to enjoy the water and watch the fish from above.

Highly Recommended For Honeymooners, Families with children, Water Sports activities, Friends, Bachelors, Traveling solo and Traveling with Elderly

Preferred Restaurant  Mandhoo Restaurant

Least Preferred Restaurant Dinner at Atoll

Would we return? Absolutely!

Best time to go? All year round. If you are trying to grab great offers, go off peak season like we did in  Sept/October. You might encounter a little rain but even in Maldives rain is magical and only lasts a little while.

My choice of cameras –  Canon Powershot D30 underwater/water proof and Canon G1x. Highly recommended. Easy to use and read the review of the camera here by Tamara Clarke.

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