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  1. A good point Graham. However everyone has an oopniin and not all of them are correct, helpful or even given in good faith. And every oopniin cannot be equally valid to one’s work. Royce’s link above is a good reference to understanding criticism. I believe growing as an artist is about know when to take on board advice and at other times knowing when to stick to your vision. That is the most important point to my article here.

  2. Hello Deej…wow that beach shot has me just yearning for hlaidoy time. I am so in need of some sun (as has been well documented on my blog!). These do scream ‘weekend’ and thank goodness as I sit here with a cuppa tea, it’s Saturday morning and there is nowhere that we need to be! As ever your pictures raise up my heart; such beauty and your curation is perfect! Lou x

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