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These Are Most Sustainable Cities You Can Visit Right Now

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Making a commitment sustainability means more than just recycling, it’s about living in a way that will give future generations the opportunity to thrive. What better way to get inspired than by looking to trailblazers? We’ve rounded up a list of the most eco-conscious and socially responsible cities on the planet. Think: Bicycle infrastructure, access to public transportation, electric vehicle incentives, etc.

From Singapore to Stockholm, these progressive destinations are doing their part.

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Hong Kong

Hong Kong snags the top spot in the Sustainable Cities Index. Its achievements include world-class framework and a first-rate transit system that supports increased connectivity. Its high ranking is also due to adoption of green specifications and ambitious carbon reduction plan.

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Zurich is a hub of banking and finance with superb transport that folks actually use! Local leadership has its finger on the pulse of environmental issues and ensures the populous remains informed. Economic sustainability and quality of life are certainly selling points too.

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Beyond its famous landmarks and legendary culinary scene, Paris has exemplary infrastructure and a stellar metro network, renowned for its density of stops and annual ridership. La Ville Lumière also performs well when it comes to urban projects and eco-friendly stays.

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Buddhist temples, skyscrapers, botanical gardens—Seoul has it all. This metropolis is home to Google’s first Asian campus. And rider connectivity is threw the roof thanks to high-tech subways (that carry upwards of seven million people a day), electric buses, and a great bike rental system.

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The Czech capital sets the standard with 15.68 square miles of gorgeous, national parks. Environmental efforts aren’t just limited to the city. Václav Havel Airport Prague is steadfast in its goal to reduce greenhouse emissions from takeoffs, landings, ground transport, and other operations.

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Vienna is recognized as an early adopter electric-powered buses, which decreased the carbon footprint and improved commuting efficiency. It houses the world’s first zero energy balance lodging, Boutiquehotel Stadthalle. Plus, there are plenty of ethical stores, sustainable coffee shops, and slow eateries to explore.

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London has more than 35,000 acres of verdant spaces. It leads the charge in its commitment to funding transport needs through revenues. In 2003, the government introduced a transit tax to discourage reliance on private cars. So, what happens to the collected tolls? It goes towards transit and infrastructure. Genius!

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Singapore has demonstrated its dedication to self-driving technology, ride sharing, green living standards, and conservation. It also has excellent saltwater desalination, rain catchment, and H20 recycling systems. And with the population expected to reach 6 million by 2030, additional measures are in place to improve connectivity.

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When you think of Stockholm, images of sleek design likely come to mind. But that’s only the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Organic food consumption and walkability are high too. The Swedish capital also boasts one of the most iconic eco-urban development projects, Hammarby Sjöstad.

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Frankfurt has terrific public transport and bicycle paths, which alleviates reliance on private cars and cuts down on greenhouse gases. Over 52% of the city is covered by nature. Furthermore, the local government has plans to be 100% dependent on renewable energy sources by 2050.

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The Most Beautiful Hotel Bathrooms in the World


Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the sexiest of them all? The Philippe Starck-conceived salle de bains at Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris are a mesmerizing melange of glass, metal, and steel. TOTO toilets, freestanding tubs, and steam showers round out the effect.

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9 Ridiculously Romantic Hotels for Your Parisian Honeymoon

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Since opening in August, Hôtel de Berri has established itself as a top-tier stay. Situated just two blocks off the world-renowned Champs Elysees, it’s easily accessible to everything—stores, restaurants, and monuments. It serves up cool factor with a boutique vibe. Rooms are large and well appointed. Splurge-worthy suites are set up like authentic Parisian apartments with living areas and marble baths. The staff is warm, welcoming, and professional. And the attentive concierge is always on hand to make dinner reservations, coordinate tours, and more.

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6 of the Most Romantic Restaurants in Paris


Doing date night in Paris? You’re already at an advantage. But if you really want to step up your, we suggest setting your sights on one of the many amour-inducing restaurants in in the City of Love. Of course, there are certain things that are inherently seductive, such as views of the Eiffel Tower and desserts to be shared. Although romance, much like beauty, really is in the eye of the beholder. So with that in mind, we’ve compiled a collection of eateries that reflects the breadth and depth of this culinary capital.

From atmospheric newcomers to famed fine dining destinations, these are the most romantic spots to grab a bite in Paris.

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6 Superfood-Infused Skincare Products for Your Healthiest Skin Yet


Elemis Superfood Facial Wash

If you ask us, a daily cleanser should do more than just wash away dirt, gunk, and grime. Clearly, Elemis agrees, because this good-for-you formula doesn’t just remove nasties, it improves skin health thanks to a nourishing supergreen complex, mineral-rich kale, and resilience-boosting prebiotics.

SHOP NOW: Dermstore, $25

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Anti-Pollution Skincare Products That Should Be a Part of Your Daily Routine


You already know that UV rays can harm your complexion, but have you ever considered the effect of pollutants such as smog, dirt, exhaust, and pollen? They can also seriously wreak havoc on your skin—which is why anti-pollution skincare products need to be a part of your daily pre-wedding routine.

“The stratum corneum acts as armor, protecting the deeper layers of the skin. When this is compromised by environmental aggressors, it can result in hyperpigmentation, inflammation, dryness, dullness, and fine lines,” explains Dendy Engelman, a board certified dermatologist in New York City.

“It’s relatively easy for these harmful particles to penetrate your skin without any line of defense,” notes Engelman. That’s why it’s so important to find products that not only neutralize free radical damage, but help to minimize exposure in the first place.

From antioxidant serums to oxygenated cleansers, these anti-pollution picks should be part of your daily regimen.

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Beauty Tricks You Should Totally Steal From Wellness Gurus

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While the roots of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine are centuries old, it’s over the past few years that holistic health has gone from a niche concept to a mass market cornerstone. Far from a trend, this focus on caring for the whole self is a movement. So, with that in mind, we asked wellness gurus to share their top beauty-boosting tricks (beyond eating pretty) that you can easily incorporate into your everyday routine, especially if you were considering giving it a bit of a boost ahead of your wedding.

Bonus: Many of these practices are undeniably relaxing—just the thing to combat that pre-wedding stress!

Use a jade roller.

“I’ve used a jade roller for almost three years now—ever since I started using a face oil instead of a standard moisturizer,” reveals Sara Panton, co-founder and CEO of Vitruvi. “It helps decrease puffiness and increases circulation to the face, which helps stimulate regeneration and gives skin that natural glow.”

Courtesy of Sephora

SHOP NOW: Sephora, $30

Make oil pulling part of you morning regimen.

“I’m a huuuuge advocate of oil pulling,” says Jaya Jaya Myra, author and natural lifestyle expert. “I do it every morning, using unrefined sesame oil, for at least 10 minutes before eating or drinking anything. It’s a great way to naturally whiten teeth, minimize sensitivity, rid the mouth of harmful bacteria, and improve gum health.” Coconut oil is also great for this ancient Ayurvedic practice. Kopari makes peppermint-infused oil pulling packets that are perfect for use at home and on the go.

Courtesy of Nordstrom

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Get a massage.

“You want to be as relaxed and present as possible on your special day. Therapeutic touch can really help with combatting stress. “Massage is so calming for the nervous system, which is likely to feel a little frazzled at times during the wedding planning process,” explains Lisa Levine MS LAc, founder of Maha Rose. “The mind and emotions will be more at ease as the physical body is taken care of.”

Stock up on Chrysalis Water.

“Chrysalis Water is my all-time favorite all-purpose everything,” declares Sophie Jaffe, Los Angeles-based health and wellness expert. “This refreshing mist—infused with witch hazel and essential oils—is the ultimate first aid for skin, space, linens, and more. I use at as an air freshener, energy reset, natural toner, irritation soother, and hydrating hair reviver.”

Courtesy of Philosophie

SHOP NOW: Philosophie, $20

Take a magnesium supplement.

“I’m all about beauty from the inside out and the right supplement routine can make a world of difference,” says Lily Kunin, founder of Clean Market. “I always take magnesium before bed. Nature’s anxiety remedy, it helps promote restful zzzs, improves digestion, and relieves painful cramps.”

Courtesy of Walmart

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Dedicate time to dry brushing.

“I’ve been dry brushing for many years,” notes Amanda Chantal Bacon, founder of Moon Juice. (She even did it the morning of her wedding!) “It’s a great way to stimulate lymphatic drainage and blood flow. Beyond that, it exfoliates skin and leaves it ready to drink in moisture. I also find it very invigorating—it gives me a boost of energy.” Pro tip: Remember to always brush towards the heart.

Courtesy of Nordstrom

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Best Skincare Products for Reducing Redness


Every bride wants a flawless complexion for her wedding, but if you’re battling the constant burden of redness and inflammation, that’s easier said than done. But, with the right arsenal of products, you can come out victorious.

Whether it’s from sensitivity to a new skincare product, too much time in the sun, or even rosacea, redness flare-ups can happen at anytime—especially during times of stress (hello, wedding planning). The trick is to avoid sun exposure and skincare products that contain common irritants, like harsh cleansers containing sulfates and toners containing alcohols. But even if you follow the rules, blotches of redness can still make their oh-so unwelcome appearance, so we talked to the pros and rounded up the top formulas specifically aimed at counteracting and concealing.

Thanks to these holy-grail redness reducers, you can face the day looking calm and cool.

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Trend Alert: Roadside Motels Turned Hip Boutique Hotels


Located just a few blocks from the main drag, Hotel Carmel is a love letter to California. The 27-key retreat draws inspiration from the stunning landscape, storybook cottages, and skilled artisans of the central coast. The result is a community-oriented outpost that recalls simpler times (e.g., splashing in the surf, climbing trees, cozying up with a good book). The nostalgia extends from check-in to Brophy’s Tavern, which is decked with vintage beer cans and novelty collectibles. But the most seductive spot has got to be the intimate outdoor courtyard with a fire pit and jacuzzi.

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New Beauty Products Every Bride Should Try This Fall


Tula Acne Clearing + Tone Correcting Gel

Acne sufferers know that there’s far more to worry about than just flare ups; perhaps most confidence crushing are the haunting reminders of pimples past. Powered by a trio of acids (azelaic, salicylic, and hyaluronic), probiotics, and willowherb, this game-changing gel does triple duty—clearing up breakouts, preventing future bumps, and fading stubborn marks.

SHOP NOW: Tula, $36

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Jackson Hole Bachelorette Party: 8 Reasons to Stay at Amangiri

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Want to step out of the traditional bachelorette box? Trade the bright lights of Las Vegas for fresh mountain air and jaw-dropping views in Jackson Hole. Set your sights on Amangani, where white water rafting and horseback riding replace raucous pool parties and instead of tequila shots, you can indulge in pampering pursuits. Sounds pretty awesome, right? And that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. No matter what time of year you visit, this bucket-list resort will steal your heart. Here are eight reasons to your host your bachelorette party at Amangani.

Courtesy of Aman

Stunning Views

Perched at an elevation of 7,000 feet, Amangani serves up major wow factor. Whether you’re sitting in the lounge watching the sunset over the Teton Range or sitting on your private terrace staring up at the starry sky, unspoiled panormas make you stop and slow down for a while. And that sense of calm is exactly what you want, err need, on vacation—especially during wedding planning.

Stellar Service

True to form, this Aman outpost promises an incredible experience from start to finish. And hospitality is a big part of that. The staff goes above and beyond in every way with personalized, detail-oriented service. Plus, the knowledgeable concierges can organize any activity you desire. But more on that in a minute…

Courtesy of Aman

Cozy Accommodations

From architecture to decor, the entire resort seamlessly integrates the area’s heritage and five-star luxury. Rooms and suite radiate full on Jackson Hole vibes with soaking tubs and fireplaces. Sumptuous carpeting flows throughout the guest quarters and communal spaces.

Farm-to-Table Fare

Like everything else at Amangani, the cuisine exudes a sense of place. Think: sustainable meats from regional ranches and seasonal produce. And where you eat is just as special as what you eat. Chow down in the dining room or library. If the weather permits, savor lunch on the sun deck or by the infinity pool. And if you’re too tired to get out of your jammies, the staff will deliver dinner to your suite.

Courtesy of Aman

Outdoor Adventure

Mesmerizing mountains, verdant meadows, crystalline rivers, sprawling forests, and wildlife refuges—there’s no doubt Jackson Hole corners the market on natural beauty. And how you experience all this majesty is totally up to you. Amangani has so many spellbinding excursions, you’ll want to come back every season just to try ‘em all.

Visiting in the summer? Animal enthusiasts won’t want to miss the chance see bison, elk, mooses, bald eagles, and wolves on a wildlife sighting expedition led by an in-house naturalist.

Yes, your Insta feed will def get a boost on your bachelorette—that’s never been up for debate—but visitors with a true passion for the art of taking pics and those who are doing it for the gram can sign up for photography tours.

The property is within driving distance of Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks, home to some of the most scenic hiking, well, anywhere. (Pro tip: Pack a water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, and bear spray.) In terms of logistics, you can book transportation through the resort. Alternately, as part of the BMW Test Drive program, guests can hit the open road in either a X6 or 7 Series. This is a great option because it gives you tons of scheduling flexibility.

Jackson Hole gets approximately 400 inches of fresh powder annually. Amangani offers guests access to over 2,470 acres of slopes. Winter is prime time for skiing and snowboarding. Dog sledding is another seasonal standout. And daredevils looking for an adrenaline rush can try heli-skiing.

Courtesy of Aman


Amangani means “peaceful home.” And this sense of serenity comes to life not only through the scenery but also the wellness programming. With the big day on the horizon, maintaining a workout regimen is a must. And that certainly won’t be a problem here. The redwood-paneled exercise room features state-of-the-art cardio and weightlifting equipment along with motivating mountain vistas. Across the hall is a fitness studio with mats, bolsters and blocks. There are also on-site personal trainers. And you can even book private yoga and pilates classes. We love the idea of an early morning sweat session before an afternoon sightseeing.


Sure, you could jet off to some European retreat or simply head to the Aman Spa. After hours of exploration, your gals will be stoked to unwind with a steam followed by a restorative ritual such as a hot stone massage with rocks from the nearby Snake River or an alpine glow salt scrub. And did we mention there’s a heated outdoor pool and jacuzzi?

Courtesy of Aman

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You already know that Amangani is surrounded by pristine beauty. But it’s also conveniently located less than 15 minutes from the town of Jackson. For a little retail therapy, check out the quaint western-themed shops. (Pop over to Mountain Dandy to pick up a present for your hubby-to-be.) You’ll also find an array of restaurants and bars. Beer enthusiasts should make a beeline to Roadhouse Brewing Co. for a tasting at the newly-opened tap room.

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The Coolest Yoga Classes Around the World

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Yoga seeks to unite the body, mind, and spirit. It’s also one of the best stress-busting workouts for brides. As the popularity of this ancient practice grows, innovative offerings are popping up at hotels around the world. Even if you aren’t into traditional asana, you’ve got to admit that Aroma Flow and Aqua Vida sounds pretty awesome.

In celebration of National Yoga Month, we are rounding up the coolest classes from Arizona to the Maldives.

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The Sexiest Outdoor Bathtubs for Some Good Clean Fun

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Find Local Wedding Vendors

Browse the best wedding vendors in your area — from venues and photographers, to wedding planners, caterers, florists and more.

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6 Stunning Pacific Coast Highway Hotels

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The Surfrider has a warm, laid-back atmosphere that makes you never want to leave. And after spending hours in the car, nothing could be better than hanging on the guests-only roof deck and sipping a cocktail. We recommend the “Endless Summer,” a vacation-in-your-mouth coconut margarita. If you’re feeling peckish, the fresh ceviche and market board are delicious options. Perhaps, active pursuits are more your speed? There are complimentary surfboards and stand up paddleboards to get you into the Malibu spirit. Then again, we wouldn’t blame for you wanting to chill in the hammock on your balcony and watch folks frocklicking in the water.

23033 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, CA 90265

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8 Surf Hotels for a Surf-Centric Honeymoon

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Located within walking distance of downtown and the ocean, Laguna Beach House channels a laid-back SoCal sensibility with a palette of airy neutrals, coastal décor, and vintage surf keepsakes. Think: boards above the beds, knotted rope lamps, and 1940s pin-up artwork. The owner, a former World Surf Kayaking champion, even offers private and group lessons. If relaxation is more your speed, sunbathing on the pool deck is always a great option.

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​The Best Products to Help You Sleep


Moon Juice Dream Dust

Before bed, stir this ingestible powder into any hot or cold beverage. With a blend of herbs that includes chamomile flower, jujube seeds, and ashwagandha root, it will reduce stress and anxiety and promote a deeper sleep.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $35

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The Best Nail Polish Colors to Try for Fall 2018

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Hair and makeup may take center stage while prepping for your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect your digits. A mani is another opportunity to show off your sense of bridal style, after all. And while we love moody florals and lunar designs, you can’t go wrong with a stunning wash of color. With that in mind, there are a few nail polishes that should be on your radar for fall weddings, bridal showers, and engagement ring selfies this season.

From harvest hues to natural nudes, these are the hottest shades we’ll be rocking all autumn long.

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The Best Natural Shampoos for the Healthiest, Shiniest Strands of Your Life

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Lustrous locks are just the thing to complement your sparkling smile and so-in-love glow on your wedding day. But the key to shiny, healthy hair isn’t in an ingredients list a mile long. In fact, chemical-laden shampoos can actually be the culprit that causes frizz and dullness, as sulfates and other ingredients strip hair of the moisture it desperately needs to be smooth and glossy. Cue natural shampoos and organic cleansing formulas.

With pure, often plant-based ingredients, natural shampoos have everything you need (and nothing you don’t) to cleanse your hair without harmful chemicals or stripping it of necessary oils. The result? The healthiest, shiniest strands of your life.

Luckily, holistic haircare is now mainstream and making the switch to a natural shampoo has never been easier. “With people becoming more sensitive to what they are eating, the awareness of what we use topically is shifting too,” explains Stefani Padilla, founder of La Tierra Sagrada.

With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best natural shampoos for each hair type. Find yours below!

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These Charcoal Skincare Products Will Detoxify Your Skin

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In the world of earthy purifying wonders, charcoal is right up there with clay and mud. This holy-grail ingredient has been purging impurities since ancient times, thanks to its ability to attach to and absorb toxins. (Emergency rooms will even use it to treat overdoses and poisonings!) But in the past few years, charcoal has also been trending in the world of skincare with promises of removing blackheads, minimizing pores, and zapping zits. How, you ask? As cosmetic chemist Ni’Kita Wilson explained to Allure: “When dirt and oil in your pores come in contact with the carbon, they stick to it and then get washed away when you rinse.” So if you want a clear, glowy complexion on your big day (and who doesn’t?), charcoal skincare products could just be your ticket.

We expect the purifying formulas ahead to become a staple in your pre-wedding skincare routine.

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Why You Need to Visit Santa Rosa Right Now


California wine country conjures images of sprawling estates and verdant vineyards. And, while that’s certainly true, it’s not the whole picture. Nestled within Sonoma County is an under-the-radar gem that offers a mix of classic viticulture activities and more eclectic pursuits.

Santa Rosa is artsy, hip and still has a bit of grit, which is appealing to many travelers. Beyond that, there’s great food, world-class vino, cool accommodations, and unique attractions that make a solid case for visiting this up-and-coming destination ASAP.

Courtesy of The Astro

The Astro is an uber-hip, redesigned motel. Bathrooms flaunt retro tile and updated appliances. What’s not in there? A sink. The basin sits just outside the door in the main area. Overall, the use of space is quite brilliant. You won’t find a closet. Instead, there’s a rainbow hanging rack and a wood bench that doubles as storage and seating. Mid-century furnishings and art are all available for purchase. If the rooms don’t scratch your itch for nostalgia, the exterior will. It really looks like an old-school motor lodge with a two-floor setup, centered around an outdoor courtyard plus alternating turquoise and orange doors.

For a more traditional stay, check out Vintners Inn. It’s super charming with manicured grounds and on-site gardens. In the mood for fine dining? John Ash & Co. is an excellent option. Glasses from nearby vineyards are the perfect complement to the farm-fresh tasting menu.

Courtesy of Bob Stender

Around the corner from The Astro is a dynamite eatery called The Spinster Sisters, helmed by chef/owner Liza Hinman. The menu is a shining example of Sonoma County cuisine, while the wine list reflects the breadth of the local viticulture talent with under-the-radar makers you won’t find anywhere else. (Order any bottle from Martha Stoumen; you won’t be disappointed!) Speaking of sips, the city is home to tons of urban tasting rooms. You can sample stellar vino and yummy bites at Santa Rosa Vintners Square. The mountain-top Belden Barns and Matanzas Creek Winery are also scenic, fan favorites.

In the heart of downtown, just past Historic Railroad Square—where you can enjoy live music and an artisanal market every Wednesday evening—is Russian River Brewing Company. This is the place to go for craft beer! Get your java fix at one of the funky, neighborhood coffee shops. And to work off all that indulgence? How about a bike tour.

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Courtesy of DJ-Ashton/Charles-M.-Schulz-Museum

In need of a little retail therapy? Head to Montgomery Village for shops like Sonoma Outfitters and Urban Garden. Fans of the Peanuts will want to make time for the Charles M. Schulz Museum.

Last but certainly not least, no trip to this locale is complete without a visit to the Osmosis Day Spa Sanctuary. (OK, technically it’s in Freestone not Santa Rosa, but the 25-minute drive is totally worth it.) Distance aside, this oasis is exactly what its name asserts. After a cedar enzyme bath and aromatherapy massage in a private pagoda, you’ll leave about as zen as can be.

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