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Have You Found The One? 10 Signs You've Found Your Life Partner

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How do you know that you’ve found the one? Chances are it’s because you’re dating someone completely different from any of your ex’s or they’ve gotten you to care less about Netflix binging and more about spending quality time with them.

But how do you know you want to marry someone? Usually, it’s when we find someone who makes us ditch our bad habits and become better at being in a relationship than just being solo. That’s when you start to realize that your partner is someone you could, and should, spend the rest of your life with.

That’s what these 10 people below share as they open up about the signs that let them know they had found the one and why they realized their partner was marriage material.

1. They Make Me Less Stubborn

“My girlfriend is the only person in the world who accepts how stubborn I am but also has a way of getting me to stop being stubborn. I realized she was marriage material when I found myself giving into her suggestions without putting up a fight. I think she’s definitely smarter than I am so when I got to know her I just decided to trust her opinions instead of being so hard headed. Rarely has it been a bad decision.” —Troy G.,29

2. They Pay Attention to Me in Bed

“So many of the women I slept with only cared about themselves in bed. Everything was about them. The first time I slept with my wife, she asked what she could do to make me feel good. It was a question that lit this lightbulb in my head and made me think, ‘Oh, I think I’ve found the one.’” —Eric E., 31

3. I Never Grow Tired of Them

“Every guy I’ve ever dated made me bored by month three. It was like clockwork. We’d be having fun and then I’d start to grow tired of them. Everything they did, all their quirks, would make me start to grow tired of them. I’d break things off before we hit month four. As I was dating my now husband, I got really nervous when we hit three months together. But I felt different for him than I’ve ever felt. He kept things interesting. The next thing I knew, we were dating for 9 months and then two years. We’ve been married now for three years.” —Slyvia P., 33

4. They Treat Me Like My Mother

“Is there a saying that you should find a girl who takes care of you like your mom does? Because that’s how my girlfriend treats me and it’s making me put a ring on her finger. I never dated someone who took care of me, who made sure that life was easy, which is what my mom does for me. It sounds weird to say I’m dating a girl like my mom. But I am and I’m asking her to marry me next month.” —Sal W., 28

5. They Have Substance

“I got used to dating these women who were so basic. They’d talk about surface level things like their job, things they saw on social media, or the bars around town they spent time at. I seriously dated one person for almost a year until I realized I knew nothing about her. My wife was the first person I dated where on date one, we talked about real stuff. I knew she had substance to her when she said she volunteered at a dog adoption spot, didn’t watch TV but read a lot of books, and had a strong political stance. Talking to her was fun and it made me care about new topics. I knew she was different from most women out there and I felt lucky to have her in my life. It was an easy choice to propose and make her my wife.” —Greg P., 31

6. They Don’t Put Out and Leave

“I felt like most guys I dated would hook up with me and then leave. When I started dating my boyfriend, he said he wanted to wait to even have sex until we knew each other well. We waited for two months to finally do it. What I liked about that was that he proved to me he was serious about this relationship and not just about getting some and then leaving. It made our relationship start off on a good foundation of respect and trust. I knew from the start he’s someone I want to spend my life with.”—Wendy S., 35

7. I Actually Cared About Them

“I can be pretty selfish and into my own ego. In most of my prior relationships, I didn’t care too much about the other person. It was almost like they were there to be my accessory. But seriously all of that changed two years ago when I met my girlfriend. When we started dating, at first, I didn’t care a lot about her or the relationship. But I swear, she has this magic spark or something where I fell hard for her and I find that I care about her more than me. Like when she’s sick or needs my help, I don’t lie and say I’m busy. I show up and do whatever I can to make her feel better or be happy. That’s true love.” —Rick G., 26

8. They Broke My Heart

“She dumped me and that’s when I knew she was the one I wanted to marry. Maybe I love the chase. Maybe I drama. Whatever it was, right after she dumped me, I campaigned hard to get her back. I bought a ring, showed up at her door, and told her I wanted her to be my wife. For some reason, the girl who dumped me and broke my heart, said yes, and became my wife. Ladies, break up with your man. They’ll come crawling back hard if they really think you’re marriage material!” —Joey S. 34

9. They Were Serious About Their Future

“I remember on like date three or four, my husband started talking about the future (not with me or anything but more so just what he wanted). He told me he’s working hard now to save money so he can start a family later. He laid out the plans he had and I found it sexy. It was a big change meeting someone who took family and finances seriously. From that date on I knew he could be the one I settled down with.” —Yvonne D., 31

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10. My Therapist Told Me

“I honestly didn’t know my girlfriend was marriage material. My therapist kept telling me to open my eyes and not let her go with my usual antics. I usually push people away and get scared of commitment. I’ve dated people before for years and never proposed. My therapist gets a major shoutout because now I’m engaged to the right person and it’s only because I got a little help in seeing that I was already dating the one I’m supposed to spend my life with.” — Ryan Y., 32

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6 Brides Share How They Incorporated CBD Into Their Wedding

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One of the biggest trends taking over industries from food and drink to beauty and skin care is the introduction of CBD-infused products.

People are looking into items with CBD oil in them because, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which causes the sensation of getting high, CBD is not psychoactive at all. Those using it are flocking to it for it for other reasons since it’s said to help with pain, stress, and anxiety.

Which is why some brides are finding new and unique ways to bring CBD to their wedding, without scaring away guests if they don’t want to give it a try.

Check out these six brides who incorporated CBD into their wedding.

CBD Coffee

“We are big CBD users and we wanted to incorporate CBD into our wedding. We figured if we had the caterer use it in food or sauces that some of our guests would be weirded out. We decided to have a table where people could drink late-night CBD lattes. We figured it would calm people down, make them feel a little sleepy, and be a great way to end the night. Out of 115 guests, at least 75 people tried the CBD latte station. It was a huge hit.” —Reese G., 34


“We live on the East Coast and got married in California (where my husband’s family lives). When we got there, I noticed my skin was so dry and that my usual moisturizer was failing me. His sister gave me this moisturizer with CBD oil in it. At first, I was like what is this and should I use it? She swore by it. I used it every day for a week leading up to my wedding and used it on my wedding day. Honestly, it worked better than my usual moisturizer. I didn’t want my family to know so I hid the bottle. There’s a weird stigma around CBD and I don’t want people to know I used it on my face.” —Marianne D., 28

CBD Lube

“We’ve been CBD lube users for the past few months. Maybe it’s just in my head but I think it helps me orgasm a lot faster and it makes sex feel better overall. As we were packing to head to the bridal suite, I literally asked my fiancé to make sure he packed the lube so that we had it with us on that night!” —Sharon E., 32

CBD Stress Relief

“I’ve never used CBD or even smoked weed before. I think that’s important to know because, before my wedding, I was new to this world. But as I was planning my wedding, I became the ultimate stressed-out bridezilla. Everything launched me into a having a major meltdown. My friend was like, ‘I have a stress reliever spray. Let me spray it on your tongue.’ So I said yes. It ended up being a CBD spray for stress. I don’t know how or why but it worked like magic. I started using it three times a day and had it close by with me on my wedding day.” —Tory P., 27

CBD Snacks

“My husband and I use CBD oil a lot when we cook. We decided to bake our own late-night snack for our wedding and made double-chocolate CBD cookies. We packaged each one and had them displayed on a table with a sign that explained what CBD is and why it’s something guests should try. The cookies were gone in seconds. We didn’t even get to try them. It was a great idea for a late-night snack.” —Melissa R., 28

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CBD Cocktail

“Before my wedding started, Instead of doing a champagne toast, I had the whole wedding party cheers with a CBD-infused cocktail. I wanted everyone to feel less anxious and stressed walking down the aisle and this is how I thought people could do that. It did make some of my bridesmaids super sleepy and some act a little too drunk.” —Serena W., 31

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8 Tweets That Sum Up The Feeling of Giving a Best Man or Maid of Honor Toast


As you’re sorting through your responsibilities as the bride or the groom’s leader of the wedding party, you’ll notice there are a few big tasks that you have to conquer. One of those might be planning pre-wedding activities, like a bachelor or bachelorette party, and the other will be writing a memorable, funny, and emotional wedding toast.

If you’re someone who dreads public speaking, flirts with writer’s block, or just doesn’t even know where to start when it comes to putting together a toast, the idea of giving a speech on the couple’s wedding day can seem daunting and overwhelming.

To help get you started, and make you laugh, here are eight tweets that sum up what giving a best man or maid of honor toast is really like.

1. You’re Going to Have to Control Your Emotions

Even if the main goal of your speech is to make the newlywed couple all warm and fuzzy inside, don’t think that you’re exempt from feeling those emotions too. Practice your speech over and over, and insert pauses throughout, just in case you burst out into happy tears. If that does happen, keep tissues close by and hand a copy of the speech to the couple after, so they can read over the parts that might have come out jumbled from too much emotion pouring out of you.

2. You Want It to Sound #Adult

If you’re not an avid speech giver, chances are, this wedding toast will be the first public talk you’ve given in a while. When deciding what format and style to go with, keep the speech mature and leave out the urge to do one long rhyming poem.

3. It’s Tempting to Wait Until the Last Minute

If you’re fighting with writer’s block and a gnarly to-do list that’s keeping you away from putting the pen to the paper, you may find yourself waiting until the very last minute to write your speech. Try to piece together ideas and structure ahead of time, even if that means putting the final touches on the speech a few days before. That way, you won’t be looking at a blank piece of paper hours before the speech is supposed to be given.

4. You Face a Lot of Writer’s Block

While it might feel weird to be at a loss of words for a person that means so much to you, it’s completely normal. You have too much to say about this person who has stuck by you throughout your life and because of that, it’s hard to figure out where to start. Think about a memory that often replays in your head about them and consider starting with that story.

5. You’ll Wish You Had a Speech Writer to Hire

After spending many hours trying to piece together a memorable speech, you’ll start to wonder if it’s worth it to just fork over the cash to hire a speech writer. That way, your speech can be exactly how you want it to be and you can carry on with the rest of your wedding party duties.

6. You’ll Be Tempted to Keep It Short and Sweet

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like public speaking or writing speeches, you’ll want to keep your wedding toast short and sweet. But how short is too short? For best results, keep your speech under five minutes and over 90 seconds. You should have enough time to tell a few stories and give well wishes to the couple without sounding too generic.

7. You Feel Pressure to Make People Feel Things

Putting your own emotions aside about writing this speech, you’ll start to put a lot of pressure on yourself to write a speech that makes people feel something. At times, you’ll want them to be laughing, crying, happy, or just excited for the couple. All of those emotions will come through in the words you pick and also in the way you deliver the speech to the audience.

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8. You’ll Consider Just Winging It

After a lot of back and forth, and quality time spent with a blank piece of paper, you might just throw your hands in the air and decide to wing the speech. Even if you’ve decided to give minimal preparation for your speech, be sure to have talking points and practice too. You don’t want to ramble or run out of things to say too early.

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How to Return Wedding Gifts You Know You’ll Never Use

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When your wedding is all said and done, you’ll hopefully be left with a handful of good memories, a couple hundred photos, and a pile of gifts. As you’re ripping off the wrapping paper and uncovering the items that your guests have given you, you might notice that some of those gifts will never be used, cared for, or looked at again.

So what should you do with the gifts that you’re most likely going to bury underneath a pile of things you never use in your garage or shoved in the back of a closet? You should try to return them to get money or get something else from the store that you’ll actually use instead.

Here’s how you can return your unwanted wedding gifts. The best part is, the people who gave you the gift never have to know.

Sort Through Gifts ASAP

When the wedding ends, you’re going to feel tempted to want to sit back and relax, taking time off to recover from all things wedding. But before you kick your feet up and catch up on your favorite TV shows, the very first thing you should do is rip open the wrapping paper on your wedding gifts. Start sorting the items you received into two piles: a keep pile and a return pile.

If you received a lot of registry gifts at your bridal shower, be sure to separate them into piles right after as well.

After you’ve made your piles, start taking action. Examine the gifts in your return pile. Do you have a gift receipt for them? Do you know where they were purchased? To meet most store’s return policies, you want to bring items back within the month they were gifted to you. That way, you have a better chance at getting money back or a store credit.

Look Up the Store’s Return Policy

If you have a receipt for the gift, look up to see how long you have until you can no longer return it. Some stores give money back within 30 days and then after that, give store credit.

If you find that you don’t have a receipt for the gift, but you know exactly where it was purchased, it’s worth taking the item to the store, asking to speak with a manager, and explaining that it was given to you as a wedding gift. Stores like Nordstrom, Macy’s, Target, and TJ Maxx, have a reputation for being great with returns or working with customers who don’t have a receipt. Usually, they can scan the barcode on the item, see when it was purchased, and give you the amount that the item is valued at now (if it was purchased months or even years ago).

Ask the Gift Giver for More Information

Sometimes, after your wedding ends, you find that you are left with a pile of gifts that you have no idea where they were bought. If they end up in your return pile, strike up a conversation with the gift giver to inquire about more information. Casually ask them where they bought it from so that you can investigate the return policy.

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Swap It, Sell It, Store It to Regift

If you’re finding yourself eyeballing a dead end when trying to return a specific item that you just don’t want, you might want to resort to getting your money back or your money’s worth in other ways. If you’ve been given a gift card you know you’ll never use, you can swap it for another one using a website like Cardpool. You can also sell your gifts on Facebook Marketplace or using the website Tradsey. Or, if you’ve received a gift that you know you can’t use, but someone else would adore, you can store it away to regift for someone’s next birthday, holiday, or wedding gift.

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5 Ways to Solve Common Relationship Fights

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Within every relationship is a laundry list of memories, adventures, milestones, and of course, arguments that just won’t seem to go away. Most couples have those clingy fights that come out and interrupt the flow of the relationship and no matter how many times both people agree to put an end to the disagreement, it always seems to creep back into things, usually without much warning.

Figuring out ways to keep your relationship moving forward while there are lingering fights can be tough. If you’re finding yourself fuming with frustration over how to finally ditch the common fights that keep surfacing in your relationship, here are five ways to get rid of them for good.

1. Have Weekly Progress Check-ins

One of the biggest ways to help push past the most stubborn fights you and your partner are having is to spend time communicating about them. Even if you’ve made it through an entire week without that fight knocking on your front door, having weekly check-ins to talk about progress or steps each of you are taking to work through problems before they become big fights can be helpful. That way, there’s no secret build up of tension or resentment that comes out to play in a major blowout fight down the road.

2. Head to a Couple’s Therapist

Even if the idea of going to couple’s therapy makes you feel overwhelmed, it might be a good option if you and your partner are working through common fights that you just can’t resolve. If it seems like a big step to get professional help, start by going to therapy solo first and then propose the idea of going together. Come prepared with a list of topics and issues you want to work on so that during the first session, neither of you are caught off guard.

3. Set a Fighting Deadline

When the common fight that you two spar with in your relationship comes up, set a deadline for how much back and forth you two can have before you both agree to put an end to the arguing and move on for the time being. You can set a timer on your phone or pick an hour of the day that both of you will agree to come together and drop the topic so that it doesn’t consume all of your time together.

4. Hold Each Other Accountable

As you make progress in dealing with the common fights that spring up, hold each other accountable along the way. Create a list of things each of you are going to do to flip your behavior when you’re in the middle of that popular fight. Post that list somewhere visible or store it on your phone so that you can make sure that both of you are following those new rules. Maybe it’s an agreement to let the other person speak, try to see yourself in their shoes, or to leave past situations in the past.

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5. Get to the Bottom of the Fight

If there are a few common fights that keep on plaguing the relationship, work together to get to the bottom of why each of those disagreements won’t go away. Is it because of something bigger and deeper like a lack of trust or respect? Or is something that can be explored more, like miscommunication or a personal insecurity? Usually, there’s something else that’s fueling those common fights. Open up a dialogue so that both people in the relationship can express what’s really and truly bothering them.

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5 Women Break Down How They Spent Over $2,500 on Being a Bridesmaid

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One of the fastest ways to say a quick goodbye to the cash in your savings account is to take on the role of being a bridesmaid. Before you know it, you’ll be spending more money than you ever imagined on travel, gifts, decorations, and a dress that you’ll most likely never wear again. Even if you set a budget, you may be asked to fork over more cash for unexpected costs, like the bride’s bachelorette expenses, bridal shower decorations, or just pop-up wedding day items the bride forgot to buy.

Just take a look at these five bridesmaids, who each spent over $2,500 on being a bridesmaid, to see where all their money went.

1. I Spent too Much on a Dress

“I spent close to $800 on just the bridesmaid dress. The bride did let us pick any dress that we wanted and so I wanted to invest in a dress that I’d wear again. I picked one that was around $500 and then had to spend a couple of hundred dollars on alterations. I also spent close to $900 on the bride’s bachelorette party because there were only four of us that went and we covered all her expenses for a weekend in Nashville. Altogether, I spent $450 on gifts for the engagement party, wedding, and bridal shower. Finally, my hotel for the wedding weekend was $380 and I didn’t have anyone to share a room with so I paid for that on my own.” —Teresa P., 29

2. I Gave More Gifts Than Needed

“This was my first time being a bridesmaid and it drained me dry in the financial department! I didn’t realize I was going to need to spend close to $500 on gifts for the bride. I bought her an expensive bracelet for her engagement party because I knew she wanted to wear to the wedding so I bought it for her months before. I got her three things from her registry and spent close to $300. For the wedding, I wrote a check for $400 to cover myself and my plus one. That was just the money I spent on gifts! Then, I spent $1,500 on the wild bachelorette party in Miami where each bridesmaid paid $500 on a night of bottle service at a club. The last big expense was the dress. I spent a total of $350 on it. I seriously refuse to be a bridesmaid again for a long time.” —Marnie F., 25

3. I Paid for the Bridal Shower

“I have an event planning background so the bride asked me to plan her bridal shower. Of course I said yes but that was before I realized I would have to front the bill for it. The bride’s family said they couldn’t afford to pay for it and the other bridesmaids said no too. I ended up planning it and spending $1,500 just at the party. That was what I counted as her wedding gift. I spent another $400 on her ‘local’ bachelorette to a winery and $250 on a bridesmaid dress. My hotel for the wedding was $300. It was an expensive ordeal!” —Erin S., 31

4. The Bachelorette Party Was International

“I spent $3,500 just on the bride’s bachelorette party to Costa Rica. We went for five days. It was more than I wanted to spend but I felt like I had to because everyone else was going and I couldn’t be the only one to say no. I then spent an additional $1,500 on everything else (dress, shoes, gifts, hotel for the wedding, flights to the wedding). The worst part was the bride never even acknowledged how much this cost me or said thank you.” —Ashley B., 29

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5. It All Just Added Up

“By the end of the wedding, I spent a total of $2,575 on the whole thing. The dress alone was $500 and that wasn’t my choice. That’s the dress the bride picked out! I spent another $150 on alterations and another $200 on these gold shoes the bride demanded we wear. The bachelorette party was a weekend in Vegas and that cost me $950 (and that’s only because I was stingy with food and drink. I also didn’t gamble). The wedding gifts cost over $200 and with all my travel and hotel stays, I was well over $2,500.” —Elise G., 27

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7 Tweets That Sum Up How Crazy Expensive Weddings Can Be

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When you’re planning out your dream wedding, one very important detail that you tend to skip right over is how much this whole ordeal is going to cost you. Your dream wedding might be lined with beautiful flowers, live music, and a cake with so many tiers that it practically reaches the ceiling. But when you start to budget every single thing out, you begin to realize that planning a wedding pulls the cash out of all of the savings accounts you’ve worked so hard to grow.

Where does all the money go? Here are seven tweets that perfectly sum up just how crazy expensive weddings can be.

1. Hiring Vendors

One of the fastest ways you’ll start to see your money disappear is when it comes to hiring wedding vendors. As you research and find yourself sitting face-to-face with florists, DJs, caterers, and venues, you’ll notice that you’re spending more cash than you ever imagined to hire each and every one of them.

2. Your Guests Will Never Be Impressed

As your planning your wedding, remember that the things you spend the most money on should be the things that you and your fiancé care about having. Most likely, your guests won’t even notice all of the details you include to impress them. They just want good music, delicious food, and an open bar.

3. Wedding Dress Expense

The dress of your dreams might come with quite the hefty price tag. Often times, your wedding dress will be the most expensive item of clothing you ever buy, which might feel a little odd since you only wear it for just one day.

4. It’s Just Getting More and More Expensive

The price of a wedding is getting more expensive as each year passes. That’s not only because we are all trying to make our weddings more unique than everyone else’s wedding but because some wedding vendors know that if they keep raising their prices, brides will keep coming because they need that Instagram-worthy flower or donut wall.

5. Open Bar Means Open Your Wallet

One of your top must-haves might be having an open bar at your wedding. While your guests will love you for having one, your wallet won’t. Open bars are pricey especially if you’re paying per guest or by the hour.

6. Always One-Upping Each Other

With social media and photos from celebrity weddings posted all over the internet, figuring out ways to make your wedding stand out and be talked about for months to come can make your wedding bill more expensive than you planned for.

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7. You’re Making the Wedding Bigger Than You Think

Set a budget for your wedding and make sure that everything, from the number of people you invite to the venue you pick, falls within it. Or else, you’ll be spending more than you ever wanted to on a party that only lasts 8 hours.

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5 Podcasts to Binge When Your Stress Levels are Rising During Wedding Planning


With all the wedding stress, endless to-do lists, and quick decisions you need to make for your big day, it’s important to have an outlet to turn to for an escape. As you get deeper and deeper into the planning process, you might notice that your friends are exhausted hearing about all your wedding details, your vendors are too busy to spend extra time with you, and the internet just seems overwhelming.

That’s where wedding podcasts come into play. Consider them your wedding savior and a place to go when you just want to plug your ears and fill your mind with fun wedding advice. Here are the best five podcasts to binge when you start to notice your wedding stress levels rising during the wedding planning process.

Think about that loyal, honest, and deeply funny friend that you have an imagine them dishing advice to you on a podcast. That’s exactly what Aleisha of Bridechilla does week after week on this wedding planning show that covers the ins and outs of wedding must-have details, pop-up drama that you want to avoid on your big day, and the trends you should skip versus the ones you should splurge on for your big day. If you’re finding yourself feeling lonely, anxious, and overwhelmed during the planning process, even having this podcast on in the background will give you a handful of reasons to laugh off pre-wedding stress.

One of the major things that can happen to you while you’re deep in the wedding planning blues is feeling like there’s no more fun left in planning your big day. From Ring to Veil podcast should be your go-to show when you’ve just given in to too much stress and need a way to have your pre-wedding questions answered. Hosts Shannon Palmer and Kim Mills cover topics like how to write your own vows, whether or not you should just elope, and the meaning behind all the wedding traditions you feel forced to include.

When you start to feel like you’re the only one in the world who is dealing with 99 problems before your wedding, you’re going to need an outlet to help you remember that all brides have their own laundry lists of drama, challenges, and family members they wish they didn’t have to invite. The Big Wedding Planning Podcast, hosted by Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez, share stories from real weddings so that you can learn from the mistakes of other brides and also steal some of their best wedding ideas for your own day.

As you’re doing all your pre-wedding research, one helpful spot to get advice is from a podcast that dishes interviews and tips from wedding vendors. Hey Bride, a show hosted by Susana Rodríguez, gives brides tips and tricks from wedding industry experts and former brides. It’s a great podcast to binge during your commute or before heading to a vendor meeting so you know the right questions to ask.

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If you’re looking to take your mind off your wedding to-do list by listening to a show that’ll keep you engaged and laughing in the same way that your favorite reality show does, Wedding Confessionals is the podcast for you. Hosts Pam and Brooke talk about the things that nobody else is talking about: Should you change your name after your wedding? What if you show up late to a wedding? Who can you leave off your guest list? You’ll get all your taboo wedding questions answered with this show.

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50 Unique Wedding Gift Ideas for Every Budget


Looking for unique wedding gift ideas that will make the happy couple even happier? We’ve compiled a list of 50 thoughtful and creative gifts, complete with insights from real brides and wedding experts! Read on to discover amazing gifts in every price range for the bride and groom!

50 Wedding Gift Ideas

1. Amazon Echo

Courtesy of Amazon

The couple will have an on-demand, at-home personal assistant to check the weather, play music, read a recipe, set an alarm, and anything else they might need to manage their ever-growing to-do list. They’ll be amazed at just how much they’ll be able to do with the Amazon Echo!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $99.99

2. Old Havana Dinner Plate

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Spruce up their everyday plates with some splashes of color to brighten up their kitchen. They’ll love busting these out during meal times (and the fact that they’re dishwasher and microwave friendly).

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $18

3. Away Suitcase Set of Two

Courtesy of Away

A set of luggage is a perfect gift for the couple with wanderlust. Plus, they’ll think of you every time they’re packing up! For an added touch, get some custom luggage tags with their names and the “I Do” date.

SHOP NOW: Away, $450

4. Samsung – 55″ Class – LED – NU7100 Series

Courtesy of Samsung

This is on the pricier side of wedding gifts, of course, but it’s something that the bride and groom will definitely appreciate. You can even round up a group of friends to go in on the present together. Elya, 23, received a flat screen as a wedding gift and loves it! “The gorgeous flat screen TV was something we would never have bought ourselves but we use it daily!” she says.

SHOP NOW: Best Buy, $549.99

5. Genius Recipes

Courtesy of Ten Speed Press

With a name like Genius Recipes, the newlyweds are guaranteed a completely ingenious and practical addition to their kitchen repertoire. With over 100 recipes from culinary experts, including Julia Child, you can rest assured that this New York Times bestseller will leave them in good hands. Bon appétit!

SHOP NOW: Food 52, $35

6. KitchenAid Design Series Stand Mixer

Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

“The best gift has to be My KitchenAid stand mixer…it’s a workhorse, and I can make everything from baked goods to ice cream and pasta with it. The possibilities are limitless! And six and a half years later, it runs like a charm!” says Jennifer, 38.

SHOP NOW: Sur La Table, $429.95

7. Hamilton Beach Belgian Waffle Maker

Courtesy of Hamilton Beach

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so ensure that they kick their mornings off on the right foot with a kitchenware essential. Frequent use is absolutely guaranteed, especially with the ability to select your shade of waffle crispiness. They can say goodbye to frozen waffles and never look back.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $24.99

8. Fresh Flower Delivery Subscription

Photo by Anna Marks Photography

Nothing, and we mean nothing, makes your home feel more entertaining-ready and polished like fresh flowers. The Bouqs Company makes it super easy to customize your subscription: You choose a frequency of delivery (weekly, monthly, or quarterly), and it gives you options on size and style. (Roses or farmer’s-market styles are two examples.)

SHOP NOW: The Bouqs Company

9. Gift Card for Somewhere the Couple Will Visit during the Honeymoon


“We received a gift card to the Disneyland Lego Store,” says Tahlia, 28. “This was an item on our honeymoon registry, so no surprise there, but the thoughtful gift giver also included a bride and groom Lego figure to accompany it. So if you open up our Lego Millennium Falcon, now you’ll see a bride and groom hanging out inside.”

10. Percale Venice Bedding Set

Courtesy of Parachute

Treat the newlyweds to gift the keeps on giving—a new set of cozy sheets. You can’t go wrong with a neutral color and 100 percent Egyptian cotton. Here’s to many good sleeps in their future.

SHOP NOW: Parachute, starting at $239

11. Crock-Pot 6 Qt. Programmable Cook & Carry Slow Cooker

Courtesy of Crock-Pot

Every couple needs this staple in their kitchen arsenal. With all the readily available easy one-pot recipes out there, this might just become their new go-to kitchen gadget. They can also take it on the go, from the in-law’s house to the next football game tailgate.

SHOP NOW: Target, $44.99

12. Winc Wine Club Membership

Getty Images

If wine is more exciting to the couple than coffee, you can also get a wine of the month subscription! Wine subscription club Winc is very well curated, and of course it doesn’t hurt that all of the bottles have gorgeous packaging (i.e., Instagrammable). The company’s goal is to “make wine approachable and accessible,” so it’s a perfect service for those who aren’t versed in wine but want to get introduced to some fail-proof go-to bottles.

SHOP NOW: Winc, starting at $13 per bottle

13. ClassPass

Getty Images

For the couple that’s all about that fit life, how about a membership to ClassPass? The studio-focused fitness membership has workouts based in nearly every major metropolitan area you can think of, and the newlyweds can get their sweat and endorphins on with various regimens to keep things entertaining. (Three-class membership, prices vary by location, ClassPass)

SHOP NOW: ClassPass, prices vary by location

14. Custom Loaf Bread Maker

Courtesy of Breville

Fresh bread, baked from scratch? Yes, please. It’s easier than you think with a bread maker. The couple will be able to whip up every kind of bread from wheat to sourdough to gluten-free!

SHOP NOW: Wayfair, $249.95

15. Edna Embellished Throw Blanket

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Ensure that their marriage includes many cozy moments with an ultra comfy new throw. The fun pattern and embellishments can liven up their couch, and there’s plenty of room for two underneath this blanket.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $128

16. Automatic Electric Corkscrew

Courtesy of Rabbit

Standard, unpredictable, time-consuming corkscrews are a thing of the past. Modernize their vino collection with an electric bottle opener that does the hard-hitting cork-popping work for you in one simple motion.

SHOP NOW: Bloomingdale’s, $49.99

17. Station Alarm Clock

Courtesy of Arne Jacobson

For design-savvy, non-morning people, revert to an old-school analog alarm clock. This gift will add an extra wow factor to their bedroom and ensure that they get out of bed on time (hopefully).

SHOP NOW: Designs Within Reach, $129

18. Tickets to An Event

Whether it’s a sports game, a comedy show or a musical, the couple surely has a favorite. If they love Phantom of the Opera and the Broadway cast is touring through, tickets to the show are a truly thoughtful idea!


19. Marshall Acton Wireless Speaker

Courtesy of Marshall

Pump up the jams with state-of-the-art blue tooth speakers (with a vintage spin) for the couple’s new nest.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $150

20. Chambord Copper French Press

Courtesy of Bodum

For coffee connoisseurs, there’s nothing quite like starting off the morning with coffee freshly made in a French press.

SHOP NOW: Sur La Table, $49.95

21. Keurig 2.0 K250 Plus Series Coffee Brewing System

Courtesy of Keurig

If, however, the bride and groom move at fast pace and want their java STAT, they might appreciate a Keurig machine more!

SHOP NOW: Bed Bath & Beyond, $169.99

22. Spa Day or Couple’s Massage

Courtesy of Four Seasons Hotel New York Downtown

Give the gift of R & R to the new Mr. and Mrs.! Who doesn’t love a day at the spa?

23. Set of 4 Love Letter Napkins

Courtesy of Food52

These charming Love Letter Napkins by Sir/Madam will add some character to your home without being over the top.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $54

24. Maid Service

Design by Savannah Grace Metcalf. Photo by Julia Robbs for Homepolish.

This is another purely practical choice, but a great idea nonetheless. A clean house goes a long way in keeping stress at bay, and the bride and groom will be extremely appreciative of a spotless home that they can simply enjoy.

25. Heart Neon Sign Table Lamp

Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

It’s pretty a much a given that they won’t already have a heart-shaped sign on hand, so treat the modern, decor-loving newlywed couple to this unique decorative lamp. You won’t have to worry about a gift repeat, and they’ll feel the love whenever they plug this in. Not to mention it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day!

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $129

26. Custom Star Map Poster

Courtesy of Finch and Cotter

Their love was obviously written in the stars, so reward the sentiment with a cool custom poster, featuring an authentic astrology map on any night and location of your choosing. Commemorate the evening of their first date, engagement, or wait until after the wedding to gift them a snippet of the night sky on their special day.

SHOP NOW: Finch and Cotter, starting at $30

27. MEE audio Connect Universal Dual-Headphone Bluetooth Audio Transmitter for TV

Courtesy of MEE audio

You’re sharing your lives, why not your tunes? This transmitter can stream crystal-clear audio to two sets of Bluetooth headphones from up to 30 feet away, and can also sync up to their TV.

SHOP NOW: Best Buy, $59.99

28. Trufort DoubleWide 20 Sleeping Bag

Courtesy of Kelty

Outdoorsy couples can snuggle under the stars in a sleeping bag built for two. This gift is perfect for avid hikers and campers!

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $179.95

29. Single-Speed City Bike

Courtesy of Americano One

More than just a charming prop for engagement shoots, a set of bikes is a great way for couples to get fit together!

SHOP NOW: Performance Bicycle, $179.97

30. Bali 13.5 Tandem Kayak

Courtesy of Sun Dolphin

For the couple who loves to get out on the water, a tandem kayak will give them endless opportunities for weekend trips to explore local lagoons, lakes, harbors, and even the wide open sea!

SHOP NOW: Walmart, $549

31. Vineyard wedding Personalized Art

Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

Especially perfect if they’re having a vineyard wedding, this personalized memento will forever celebrate their wedding day, while also doubling as new accent piece for their home. Cheers to scoring the perfect one-of-a-kind present.

SHOP NOW: Uncommon Goods, $300-$500

32. Ralph Lauren Greenwich Bath Towel

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren

A set of fresh towels and matching bath mats is something anyone will appreciate. Take it up a notch by getting the towels monogrammed.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $150

33. Vitamix E310 Series Blender

Courtesy of Vitamix

Take the couple’s blender game to the next level with a blender to beat all blenders. The Vitamix is a state-of-the-art professional grade blender that can make everything from standard blender fare (smoothies, juices, and batter) to nut butters, flour, and dough.

SHOP NOW: Vitamix, $349.95

34. Classic Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set

Courtesy of Macy’s

New pots and pans are another kitchen staple that the bride and groom will be thankful to have. Here’s to the many, many meals they’ll prepare together!

SHOP NOW: Macy’s, was $279.99, now $159.99

35. Modernica Case Study Small Bullet with Stand

Courtesy of Modernica

For a wedding-worthy gift that’s both unique and useful, make the Modernica case study stoneware planter your go-to. Choose from an assortment of shapes, sizes, and colors, each of which is high fired and comes with a steel stand.

SHOP NOW: Modernica, starting at $275

36. Pressed Glass Photo Frame

Courtesy of Anthropologie

Go beyond a standard picture frame with these modern and minimal pressed glass versions. Choose between three sizes and finishes (brass, nickel, or copper), then order a few of your fave pictures of the bride and groom to personalize the gift.

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, starting at $18

37. City Field Guides

Courtesy of Wildsam

“We opened a small suitcase the night of our wedding and inside were the plane tickets, a hotel booking, a few guide books, and maps for Portland, Oregon. It was so sweet and thoughtful, and one of the most unique wedding shower gift ideas I’ve ever seen,” says Rachael, 31.

SHOP NOW: West Elm, $18

38. Boyd Board and Black Nickel Cheese Tools Set

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Whether they’re cheese connoisseurs or meat mavens, this modern board can showcase all their favorite hors d’oeuvres during parties or even quiet nights in.

SHOP NOW: Crate & Barrel, $49.9

39. Airbnb Gift Card

Give the gift of adventure with a gift card—they can pick their own adventure, whether it’s a nearby cabin or a loft in the heart of a big city.

SHOP NOW: Airbnb

40. Book of the Month Club Subscription Service

Courtesy of Book of the Month Club


What better way to unwind after the whirlwind of planning and stress than to read a few good books? This is a great fit for the literary, bookworm-y couple!

SHOP NOW: Book of the Month, starting at $44.97 for three months

41. MistoBox Coffee Subscription

Getty Images

For all the caffeine addicts out there, a coffee subscription box is an amazing gift that will be used daily. With more than 300 coffees in their artillery, the coffee curators at MistoBox select the best beans for you based on your preferences. Then it’s off to the artisan coffee roasters, where they roast the beans to order. Shortly thereafter, your beans arrive on your doorstep, ready to be brewed! Couldn’t be easier.

SHOP NOW: MistoBox, starting at $20 for one month

42. Areaware Table Tiles

Courtesy of Areaware

You can truly never have enough drink coasters, especially if you’re a frequent party host. Kick the newlywed’s coffee table up a notch with this modern geometric set that can be arranged into a pyramid shape.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $24.90

43. Wine Bottle and Glass Caddy

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

For a unique wedding present that’s a million steps above a generic bottle of wine, they’ll love revamping their vino game with a one-of-a kind maple wine caddy. This genius invention ensures that all their wine-drinking necessities are always grouped together for instant consumption, while looking wonderfully aesthetically pleasing.

SHOP NOW: Crate & Barrel, $99.95

44. Vellabox Candle Subscription

Courtesy of Vellabox

Who could say no to a fresh new scent!? Choose between a three, six, or twelve month subscription, and the newlyweds will receive a fragrant, all-natural candle every 30 days delivered straight to their doorstep.

SHOP NOW: Vellabox, starting at $10 a month

45. Marble Chess Game

Courtesy of CB2

If the couple loves a good challenge, a stack of classic games like Monopoly, Scrabble, and Clue will be much appreciated. Or, treat them to a luxe, modern version of their favorite game set, whether it’s chess or checkers. Game nights lay straight ahead!

SHOP NOW: CB2, $99.95

46. Hotel Collection Waffle Weave Robe, 100% Turkish Cotton

Courtesy of Hotel Collection

Give them the five-star hotel treatment from the comfort of their home with matching couple’s robes, and the newlyweds can also sport these matching fuzzies wherever their honeymoon takes them.

SHOP NOW: Macy’s, was $160, now $84.99

47. Philips Noodle Maker

Courtesy of Philips

Freshly made pasta whenever you want? Yes, please. With a pasta maker, the couple can make amazing Italian dinners from scratch.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $220

48. Cash


Let’s not forget cold, hard cash. It might not be creative or cute, but it’s always appreciated. You can’t go wrong with a Benjamin or two. To make it personal, however, write a thoughtful, sincere card to go along with the practical gift! It will definitely be appreciated.

49. Hard Alcohol

Photo by Callie Hobbs Photography

“My brother gave me a card with cash and clarified that he was also ‘buying all the hard liquor for the wedding.’ He’s a good big brother and I thought that was so so sweet,” says Alyssa, 32.

See more: Editor’s Picks: Etsy Finds for Thoughtful and Unique Wedding Gifts

50. The Venue

Photo by Chellise Michael Photography

“My parents definitely gave us the best wedding gift. I wasn’t expecting anyone to pay for our wedding; we had developed a pretty intense savings plan with monthly contributions to a joint bank account where we would pay for things. My parents sat us down when we began looking for venues and dropped the most amazing news that an engaged couple would want to hear. They graciously offered to pay for our venue, which is by far the most expensive aspect of the wedding. Of course we had some strict guidelines and a budget, but this took such a weight off our shoulders. We are so thankful that now the gifts we receive at our wedding will allow us to save for a down payment on our first house together rather than having to pay off a bunch of wedding debt. Thanks, Mom and Dad!” says Tiffany, 29.

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9 Women Share Why They Wear Fake Engagement Rings


The jewelry we put on every single day usually has meaning behind it. Sometimes we get dressed up and wear a string of pearls that’s been passed down to us from a family member. Other times we pull out our favorite costume jewelry for a night on the town with our friends. But for some women, one specific piece of jewelry can be something they put on for reasons that, at first, can seem a bit crazy.

Here, nine women open up about the reasons they wear a fake engagement ring.

It Keeps the Creeps Away

“I have a $15 fake engagement looking ring that I bought at a cheap fashion store in the mall. I pull it out when I’m at clubs, bars, or on vacation with my friends so that the creeps stay away. It’s funny because with the ring on, the number of people who hit on my goes down significantly. Yes, some guys still hit on me even with the ring on. It’s a sick world for women to live in—even ones who are perceived to be married or engaged.” —Susan R., 36

It Lets Me Focus When I’m Out

“I’m a bit of a flirt, so when I go out I wear a fake engagement ring—it serves as a guy repellant. That way, I can focus on my friends without having a line of guys waiting to talk to me or asking for my number. I don’t wear it for any other reason than I just sometimes want to have fun with my friends without attracting attention. It works!” —Rochelle F., 25

I Don’t Want to Ever Be Married

“I have zero intentions of ever getting married or engaged, that’s for sure. I don’t even believe in marriage. When I used to tell people at my old job that, or even friends back at home, they’d question me and annoy me to give them reasons. When I moved across the country, I bought a fake ring and wear it around people who I’m acquaintances with. Keeping the appearance that I’m in a committed relationship on the track toward marriage, makes people back off from questioning my personal life.” —Yael W., 32

I Hope It Gives My Partner a Hint

“I (no joke) am struggling because I should have gotten engaged like yesterday. All my friends are already married with kids. My boyfriend is procrastinating asking me so I bought a fake engagement ring and I wear it around him. He noticed it and was wondering why I bought it. I told him it’s to keep my finger warm until he finally makes the move. So far, it isn’t working, but I’m hopeful.” —Shelby R., 27

I Feel It Makes Me Look More Professional

“I’m a senior executive at a very corporate and well-known company. Most of my co-workers are male. The few females on my floor are all married with kids. I’m the only super single one. I felt like if I pretended all was going well in my love life (even though that’s a lie) then I’d be more well-respected. I don’t know if that’s true but I can say in the last year of pretending to be engaged, I got a huge promotion.” —Teresa G., 38

I Just Really Dig the Ring

“I saw fake engagement rings on sale at this store and I honestly didn’t even realize it was an engagement ring. It just looked like a cool piece of jewelry. I bought it and started wearing it and that’s when everyone around me freaked out!” —Erin W., 28

It’s a Good Conversation Starter

“I’ve always been a little odd and out there. I use my fake engagement ring as a conversation starter. When I go to networking events and people ask me about being engaged, I say, ‘Nope! This ring is fake news.’ They are super confused at first but then it makes me very memorable later on.” —Gina C., 34

I Haven’t Told Anyone the Wedding is Called Off

“Technically my ring is real. It’s worth about $5,000 and was bought by my ex-fiancé. We called off the wedding a month ago. I haven’t told anyone. I still wear the ring. I kept it. I have no intention of getting back together with my ex or giving the ring back. I do plan to take it off and stop wearing it eventually. But for now, it’s just easy to keep on and not let anyone know that we broke up until I’m ready to tell them.” —Wendy F., 35

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It Keeps My Male Co-Workers Focused

“I’m the only female employee at my company. I work with a bunch of dudes. They are so inappropriate and hit on me like crazy. Last year, I lied and said I had a big and strong boyfriend named Jack. They believed me and I kept the lie going and then got myself a fake ring. I’m single, by the way. But this lie has helped make them back off and treat me like a fellow employee and not a piece of meat.” —Parissa C., 27

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7 Brides Share Their Weird (But Cool) Wedding day Must-Haves


Making your wedding stand out in people’s minds can be quite the difficult task in 2018. From donut walls to live mariachi bands, it seems like people are truly upping the ante when it comes to finding ways to make their wedding feel unique, fun, and extra memorable.

Some couples decide to ditch traditions (like wearing a white dress or having a sit-down dinner) and instead infuse their personality into every single wedding decision.

Just look at these seven brides who have found a way to make their wedding a little bit weirder, or rather a little bit cooler (!) than the average celebration, with their one big wedding must-have.

A Petting Zoo

“My fiancé and I are extreme animal lovers. We have five dogs, three cats, two hamsters, twelve fish, and a horse. We decided that a cool thing to do at our wedding, during cocktail hour, was to have a zoo. It’s going to be a good way for guests to relax and take some awesome photos. We’re also paying a local petting zoo to come do this at our wedding and all that money we give them helps them out, too.” —Kelly T., 26

Five Different Outfit Changes

“I work in fashion and I’m a designer. What does that mean for my wedding? It means I’m having not one, not two, but five outfit changes. I already bought three of the five dresses. I’m going to change once an hour until midnight. It solves all of my fashion needs and also my indecisive personally. It’s also cool because where else can I wear five extravagant dresses to?” —Diana G. 28

Old-School Arcade Games

“On my first date with my fiancé, we went to a bar that was also an arcade. We fell in love that night while getting to know each other and playing games like air hockey, Pac-Man, and Dance Dance Revolution. We spent a big chunk of our wedding budget on getting ten different arcade games rented for the night. We want our wedding to be fun, interactive, and reflective of our love story.” —Rebecca Y., 28

An Area of Mattresses

“We want guests to be comfortable at our wedding and sitting in a stuffy chair at a round table beside guests they don’t know is lame. We’re scrapping the table idea, doing a buffet, and having mattresses brought in and covered with cool fabric. That way our wedding has a cool South Beach vibe and our guests can feel comfortable and at home when they are chilling during the reception.” —Laurel D., 31

Hired Performers

“We went to ten weddings last year. They were all the same. When we started planning our wedding, we vowed to spice things up. We hired a magician, professional party dancers, acrobats, and a stand-up comedian. We want our guests to have fun and interact with performers so that their night feels a little bit goofy but also extra memorable.” —Ashley D., 31

A Different Kind of Meal

“We’ve been to twelve weddings in the last two years and the only thing I can tell you about all of them was that the food sucked. It just wasn’t good. We wanted to bring in food from our favorite spots. We are doing a Papa John’s pizza bar, an Olive Garden breadstick bar, a Taco Bell Taco Table, and a McDonald’s Big Mac station. We put that on the invitation so guests know what to expect and the RSVP’s back so far have people saying they can’t wait for the food at our wedding.” —Rose E., 28

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A Castle Bounce House

“I saw on Facebook that a new trend for weddings were bounce houses. I immediately turned to my fiancé and said, ‘We are totally doing this!’ We hired a bounce house company and we’re going to have a bouncy castle at the wedding. Guests will go nuts!” —Sharon F., 28

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6 Brides Who Canceled Their Wedding Share What They Did On Their Wedding Day Instead


When you’re pouring your brainpower, your savings account, and your free time into planning a wedding, you never plan for your wedding to be called off. But it happens. When it does, navigating the headaches of reaching out to vendors and asking for refunds, and having to alert guests and return their gifts, are just some of the things you’ll have to push through. Another is making alternative plans for what would have been your wedding day so that you can survive a tough 24 hours.

Ever wondered how in the world you’d be able to get through your wedding day if your wedding was called off? Read on to hear from six brides who canceled their wedding and what they did instead.

I Took a Very Long Nap

“Not only was it my wedding day, but we decided to get married on Valentine’s Day. Horrible idea. We called the wedding off three months before it was supposed to happen. I wondered what I was supposed to do on the most romantic day of the year that was supposed to also be my wedding day: a double whammy of misery. I ended up crawling into my bed around lunchtime, calling in sick to work and just sleeping through the whole day. It was the most relaxing way to spend the worst day of my life.” —Rosi R., 31

I Threw My Cellphone in a Lake

“I called my wedding off just two weeks before it was supposed to happen. I caught my fiancé cheating on me with someone he worked with. How wonderful is that? I called it off and we lost thousands of dollars to vendors we couldn’t get a refund from. I was so depressed on the day. Every single person I ever knew called or texted me asking me how I was doing. I wasn’t doing well and every time my phone buzzed I got angry. I ended up throwing my phone into the lake.” —Sarah W., 29

I Went on a Date

“I know it’s crazy, but on my wedding day, I went on a date with someone else. I was only engaged for 60 days before calling it off. I just panicked and realized it wasn’t the right thing to do and it was the very wrong guy. The wedding was set for a year and a half later, so by the time it happened, it wasn’t that big of a deal to be out on a date. I ended up dating that person for a few months and finally told them that our first date was my old wedding day. They were weirded out.” —Victoria F., 27

I Threw a Party With All the Booze

“I bought all the booze for the wedding so even though we called it off (three weeks before) I still had a ton of alcohol that I had paid for. I invited over my guest list from the wedding to my house (that I kicked my lying fiancé out of) and had a giant party. People, including me, got wasted. It wasn’t such a bad day after all. I still got to party with my favorite people.” —Jenny P., 29

I Went on a Solo Honeymoon

“The worst part about calling off a wedding two months before it happens is that a lot of the money you spend planning it is money you can’t get back. I couldn’t cancel our honeymoon to Ireland so I just went solo. I paid to go an extra day early, on our planned wedding day, and then spent a week there doing all the things we thought we were going to do as a pair. My fiancé was the one who broke things off. I bet he regretted it when he saw my trip pictures. But we haven’t spoken since we split up.” —Rachel E., 31

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Therapy for the Win

“I spent the wedding day at my therapist’s office and then I hid in my house.” —Claudia F., 30

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8 Things That Will Probably Go Wrong While Planning Your Wedding


If planning your wedding has started to take over your life, you’re not alone. For many brides, making key wedding decisions, figuring out what belongs on the ultimate to-do list, and counting the cash that can go toward the big day, can feel like a time crunch that’s equivalent to working a part-time job.

You might start to enlist the help of close friends, family members, your financé, or free resources, only to feel overwhelmed and like no matter how many plans you make, pop-up problems knock on your door on a weekly basis.

To help make sure you’re prepared for it all, here are the top 8 things that will go wrong while planning your wedding, and how to stop them from happening.

1. You’ll Spend too Much Cash

Even if you have the best intentions to keep an eye on how much you’re spending, without committing to a budget and checking in weekly to make sure you’re spot on with how much cash is leaving your savings account, you’ll surely overspend. If you want to make sure that you have control over the finances for your wedding, set a budget early on, factor in additional fees (like taxes, vendor service charges, and tips) and leave yourself an “emergency fund” for last-minute expenses.

2. You’ll Have Objections

Know the phrase, “Too many cooks in the kitchen”? likely that will start to be how planning your wedding feels. You’ll have opinions flying in from every direction (from your family and friends to your fiancés) about what you must have at your wedding, what’s tacky to have, and who has to be included on the guest list—even if they have hardly been included in your life. Sit down with your fiancé early on to make key wedding decisions and make a list of the five things you want outside opinions on. That way, you won’t be bombarded with commentary on wedding things you’ve already made decisions about.

3. You’ll Lose Perspective

With all the wedding planning, the decision making, and the dollars spent on the big day, it’s easy to lose perspective as to why you’re getting married in the first place. When you start to veer off the trail, you might crowd your wedding to-do list with items you hardly care about, are doing for the wrong reasons, or are taking away from the main reason your guests are coming to celebrate your special day, which is for you.

4. You’ll Have a Vendor Disagreement

Working with wedding vendors can be a bit tricky. Sometimes you might ask for something they don’t provide or they might over promise and under deliver. Have a contract that documents, in detail, exactly what the expectations are, the deadline is, and how much it will cost (so that no hidden fees can suddenly pop-up). Have terms in there that disclose what the plan will be if the vendor doesn’t deliver as promised or they don’t get back to you in a timely manner.

5. You’ll Forget to Add to Your To-Do List

If your wedding to-do list looks short and sweet, chances are you missed a few things. Double check your wedding to-do list with other bride’s lists so that you can make sure that you’ve thought of every single thing you need to think about and do before your big day.

6. You’ll Save too Much for the Last Minute

The week before your wedding should be a week of rest and relaxation. But if you’re saving a big chunk of your to-do list to take care of during the days before your wedding, you might find yourself extra stressed and pressed for time, leaving things undone that need to be done before the big day. Plan ahead. Pretend your wedding is a week or two before it really is. Then, your deadlines will be easier to hit and your last-minute list will be empty.

7. You’ll Forget About the Weather

There are things about your wedding you can control and things, of course, you just cannot. One of those things is the weather. Months before your wedding date, start thinking of a weather backup plan, especially if your wedding or the areas you want to take photos are outdoors. If you’re getting married in a season that has messy weather (like hurricanes, snow storms, or flash floods) plan ahead to make sure that if on your wedding day the skies are creating chaos, you are able to push key events back so that people can make it to your wedding, even if the roads are a little backed up or closed.

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8. You’ll Have Pop-Up Fights With Your Fiancé

Wedding planning can be stressful on both you and your fiancé, which can lead to pop-up fights between the two of you. While it’s going to be very hard to agree on every wedding decision and challenge, it’s important that you work together, take days-off from wedding planning to focus on doing other fun things together, and to have a plan in place in case the wedding stress starts to impede on your relationship.

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Bridesmaids Wedding Packing List

no thumb

Hair and Makeup Must-Haves

Inspiration Photos

If you’re getting your hair and makeup done on the day of the wedding, try not to come empty handed. Bring along photos of looks you love or ideas you have.

A Button-Down Shirt or Bridesmaid Robe

Slip on a button-down shirt or bridesmaid robe before you do your hair and makeup, so that it’s easy to get changed without messing up your fresh look.

Your Own Makeup

Even if you’re getting your makeup done by a makeup artist, bring along your favorite beauty items in case you want to touch up your makeup later on in the night.

A Travel Mirror

Mirrors will be a hot commodity if the entire bridal party is getting ready in one room. Bring your own!

Hairstyling Tools

Although a professional will bring her own tools to style your tresses, pack a curling iron in case someone needs to borrow it or you want to touch up your ‘do later in the night.

Extra Hair Ties

You’ll want some of these handy for the end of the night when you’re sweating it out on the dance floor and just want to pull your hair back.

Hairspray & Makeup Setting Spray

Keep your look on lock down with setting sprays for your hair and makeup.

Dry Shampoo

Are the newlyweds hosting a next-day brunch? Refresh your wedding ‘do with some dry shampoo.

Bobby Pins

Keep a handful of bobby pins close by in case any loose strands of hair begin to fall.


A rollerball perfume is a great travel-friendly option that’ll have you smelling sweet as you walk down the aisle.


You’ll start to feel sweaty as the day goes on, so keep your deodorant stick close by.

Oil Blotting Sheets

Use these as a quick, last-minute way to freshen up before walking down the aisle, without ruining your makeup.

Makeup Remover Wipes

In case the tears start spilling or your lipstick starts to feather, bring along makeup remover wipes to keep your face looking fresh.

Q-Tips or Cotton Swaps

If you need to touch-up your makeup after the ceremony, Q-tips come in handy—especially for around your eyes.

Clear Nail Polish

Not only is this a great go-to item to help fix chipped nails, but it can also be a quick fix for runs in stockings or buttons that are about to pop off.

Nail File

You’ll come to the rescue when someone (inevitably) breaks a nail before walking down the aisle.


This is a great little tool to have by your side for any last-minute alterations on clothing or to address any errant hairs.


Keep your breath fresh without having to chomp down on gum while the couple exchanges their vows.

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8 Women on How Their Partner Made Them A Better Person


Whether or not you believe that opposites attract or you believe that you’re destined to find someone who is just like you, the best partner is the one who helps you become the best version of yourself. If you’re going to spend your life with someone, they might as well be the kind of person that helps you open your eyes, kick your bad habits, and maybe even get you standing up for a cause you never would have fought for before.

Just like these eight women who found partners that helped transform them into the people they are today.

My Husband Made Me a Feminist

“My husband is the only male feminist I know. He was a big feminist before we met because his mom was a leader in a local feminist group. Growing up, he’d go to meetings with her and help with events. Before I met him, I didn’t know much about feminism, which sounds crazy because I’m a woman. But now I’m so involved and have a better understanding of what feminism actually is.” —Victoria W., 30

I Stopped Being a Shopaholic

“I met my husband when I had over $50,000 in credit card debt. I remember when I finally admitted that to him on like date five. He almost spit his drink out on the table. I also told him that I have a big shopping problem. He works in finance so I knew that he could help dig me out of his hole. I didn’t let him look at my finances until we were dating for about six months. At that point, he sat down and did an entire evaluation of my debt and my shopping problem and helped me change. I managed to pay off my debt in two years and I also started going to a therapy to help me with my shopaholic problems.” —Ada P., 34

I Became More Open to Kids

“I’m not a kids person and I never wanted to have them. It just wasn’t something on my bucket list at all. But I’ve been dating my girlfriend for two years and we have recently started talking about maybe having kids and I’m growing closer to giving into the idea because I know it means a lot to her and because she’s shown me that we can be great parents together. We also have a ton of friends with kids and spending time babysitting them for our friends (which at first sounded horrible) has been a lot of fun and has shown me that having kids is special and an adventure that maybe we really could do too.” — Tammy Z., 32

I Got More Romantic Than I Ever Used to Be

“I leave my husband love notes in his lunch bag, I say mushy things to him when he gets home from work, and I actually plan a really big surprise for him on Valentine’s Day. Are you thinking so what? What’s the big deal? Well, the big deal is that before we met, I would never do any of this stuff. I was such a non-romantic. I didn’t even believe in marriage. I came from a household of divorced parents. My husband and I dated seven years before I agreed to get married to him. During that time, we built trust and we communicated when times were tough. He was always so romantic so I think over the years that’s completely just rubbed off on me. I have to say that I like the way I am now!” —Barbara W., 38

I Stopped Being So Late

“My nickname is June the One That’s Never in Tune With Time. I am always so late. If the dinner starts at 7 pm, I’ll be there at 8 pm. I don’t do it on purpose, it’s just I’m terrible at time management. My girlfriend completely made me change this. She started to lie about the time we needed to be somewhere, so at first, I was tricked into showing up on time. But after dating her for four years, I’ve gotten so much better. I sometimes only show up 10 minutes late, which is really a big deal.” —Sam P., 31

I Became Way Less Selfish

“I was single for almost five years before dating my boyfriend. I became so selfish. I did everything I wanted to do when I wanted to do it. There was no reason to care about anyone else. Then things got serious with the guy and we moved in together. I started doing things for him and putting him before myself sometimes. I became way less selfish. I once spent an entire weekend in the hospital with him when he was sick. This was big because before him if a friend needed me to do that, I acted miserable because it meant I was missing out on doing things I wanted (like going to the gym or cooking). But now I do things for him, no questions asked.” —Cindy E., 28

I Started Becoming an Activist

“My husband works in the entertainment industry and a lot of his friends are huge activists for women’s rights and the #MeToo movement. We’ve spent about 12 weekends this year going to protests or doing walk-outs. He’s made me an activist. It feels great to fight for something. I’ve never done that before.” —Laurel S., 38

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I Took On a More Positive Outlook at Life

“I’ve always been negative. I always think everything is going to explode or get ruined. My fiancé is the complete opposite. When I met him, I was like oh, wow, this person is way too positive for me. But I’ve found over the years that he balances me out. He helps me see the world in a way more positive way. I walk into situations now without the dread of how they are going to be ruined or how I’m going to fail. That’s a big thing for me.” —Debra J., 32

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7 Hilarious Tweets That Sum Up What Married Life is Really Like

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After walking down the aisle and vowing to spend the rest of your life beside your partner, you hope that the act of marriage won’t change much about your relationship. You hope that you’ll still have those honeymoon sparks bursting throughout your relationship and your time in bed together won’t be interrupted by silence, social media, or just a lack of desire to get up close and personal. Whether you want to admit it or not, marriage does shake things up between the two people, sometimes for the good, the bad, and the funny.

Just like these seven people whose laugh-out-loud worthy tweets sum up what married life is really like.

1. Your Love Can Be Hot and Cold

When you’re cohabiting with someone else for a while, you will find that a lot of the habits they have can either make you adore them even more or make you wish you never met them, depending on the moment or on your mood.

2. Listening Can Be a Hard Thing to Do

You’d think after being married for a few years that you’d know the key to any solid foundation is communication, respect, and of course, listening to your partner when they ask you to do something or to go to the store and shop for the groceries this week. But sometimes that’s not always the case.

3. Your Go-to Flirting Methods Have Changed

If you used to spend quite the pretty penny buying sexy lingerie, after marriage you may be spending your time just looking for something without a stain on it. Times in your relationship have changed and so have your flirting methods.

4. Your Needs Become a Bit More Realistic

Perhaps when you were uttering off your vows to each other they were based on hypothetical things like always being the life of party together or each other’s partner in crime. But now, after getting married, they are based on far more practical things like:

5. You Really Start to Get to Know a Person

After settling into your marriage, people’s true colors really start to show. As new challenges arrive, from the funny ones to the frustrating ones, you start to really indulge in the person that you said I do to.

6. You Find Creative Things to Argue About

Because you and your partner are spending so much time together, marriage starts to get real interesting when the things you argue about reach a new level of absurdity.

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7. You Realize Love Means One-Upping Each Other

Without even realizing it you might start to see that you and your partner are one-upping each other, especially over little things that hardly matter. It seems as if figuring out who is worse off in the moment is just another way of showing your love for each other.

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6 Things Couples Can Do to Stay in Touch Instead of Texting

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It can become a bit anticlimactic to spend your day away from your partner sending text messages back and forth. Not only that, but plenty of mishaps, miscommunications, and mistaken emotions can be exchanged every time you both write each other a little something and press the send button on your phone.

Keeping your relationship alive and well throughout the workweek takes creativity, a bit of planning, and a whole lot of heart. Check out six unique things these couples have started doing to keep the fire alive in their relationship instead of just texting back and forth every day.

We Video Chat During Lunch

“We take our lunch break at the same time every day, so we both go outside and FaceTime each other. It’s a nice way to spend an hour catching up and venting about the workday. It’s also better than spending the day texting, which can look unprofessional and also feel anything but personal. The video chats help us get our midday fix of each other. It’s just enough.” —Jessica L., 31

We Leave Each Other Secret Love Notes

“A tradition my boyfriend and I have had from the very start of our relationship is that we leave each other love notes and hide them in each other’s bags. Every day, we both hide them and then throughout the day as we search for our phone chargers, notebooks, or wallets, we find the notes. It’s a really nice touch to remind one another how strong our love is and to do it in an old-school way.” —Alexis Q., 29

We Commute Together

“We work within 10 minutes of each other, so we commute to and from work every day. What’s nice is we use that time to talk, so we keep the radio off and we keep our phones away. It allows us to have 40 minutes of uninterrupted chat time that’s face to face. It also makes going to work fun when it would feel dreadful otherwise.” —Colleen P., 35

We Fill Each Other’s Inboxes With Pictures

“My wife and I both get, on average, like 120 emails a day. It’s overwhelming and annoying. But one thing we do to keep in touch, since neither of us can have our phones out at work, is we send each other funny pictures from the Internet through email. It’s exciting because I’ll be sorting through my inbox and see her name pop up and get excited. Plus, if anyone sees my screen at work, they think I’m just laughing at a funny work email (as if there is such a thing), and I can’t get in trouble for flirting with my wife at 2 p.m. on a Tuesday.” —Rosi F., 29

We Play Each Other in Games

“We used to text a lot, but it always caused us to fight because you can’t truly understand the other person’s emotions via text. Instead, we have a no-texting rule throughout the day and we keep in touch by playing each other in Words With Friends, Checkers, and Uno on our phone apps. It brings out both of our competitive sides and it also gives us something to do to help pass time at work without arguing over text message.” —Raquel V., 24

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We Send Surprise Food Over Once a Week

“My husband and I both work 12- to 14-hour days. We hardly see each other during the week. But we are both big foodies. Once a week, on a random day, we each send each other a food delivery. Some weeks he sends me cookies or cupcakes and others it’s a full-on meal, like Chinese food or a salad from my favorite place. It’s a fun thing that makes us both smile and makes our stomachs thrilled when we are stuck in the office for long periods of time.” —Shelby R., 33

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8 Guys on How Their Partners Made Them Better People

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We owe a lot to the people in our lives that spend good old quality time with us. Our family helped shape the way we are, our friends keep us afloat when the hard times enter our front doors, and our partners are the usually the ones that help us become the best version of ourselves. Whether it’s because their good qualities rub off on us or because we strive to be a great partner back to them, usually the one we love is the one who has us transforming in ways we rebelled against years before we ever met them.

So we asked eight real mean to share how their partners made them better people, even when they resisted in the past.

I Was the Biggest Flake

“Marriage has been good for me because it’s made me less flakey. My wife is very honest…I no longer make plans and cancel. I no longer don’t call people back. I’ve just become the kind of person that people want to be around and I owe that to my lady.” —Wes Y., 29

I Used to Be Mr. Negative

“My glass was always half empty. I viewed every situation as a negative one. My wife is the most positive person you could ever meet. Every challenge that falls into her lap she just punches away. She’s made me no longer such a Mr. Negative Nancy and instead into a person who wakes up in the morning and finds the courage to say, ‘This is going to be a good day.’” —Xavier F., 34

I’m Cool With Showing Off My Emotions

“My partner has made me a more well-rounded person. I’m no longer a straight-shooter or the kind of person who has a straight face all of the time. I don’t have a problem crying in front of her or expressing my emotions, even if that seems like a taboo thing for a guy to do. She’s opened up the floodgates for me to just be myself and not worry about getting judged. I’m completely more vulnerable. I like it.” —Ben W., 27

I’m No Longer Afraid of PDA

“I was so anti-PDA (public displays of affection) before I met Chris. But he was all about hugging and kissing out in public. At first, I was like please stop. Now, I’m all about it. He got me to press the pause button on caring what other people thought of me and now just lets me live in the moment. If I want to kiss him while shopping for groceries, I just do.” —Peter M., 30

I Enjoy Getting to Know a Different Opinion

“I’ll put it this way—my wife voted for Clinton and I voted for Trump. I’m not saying that her political view has made me a better person, but listening to her reasoning, her opinions, and what matters to her has allowed me to open my mind up to different viewpoints. It’s made me less selfish and made me start to understand the other side a lot better. I’m now patient when I engage in conversations with people who have different political beliefs than I do, which makes it easier to connect with people who are different than I am.” —Rick W., 28

I Spend My Sundays Volunteering

“One of the main reasons I fell for my wife was because she made it a big point of her life to give back to others. She’s an executive at a Fortune 500 company and I’m a lawyer so we make a lot of money. Instead of just writing checks to organizations or charities, she’s always made it a part of her monthly routine to be hands-on and volunteer. That’s something I never did, or wanted to do, before meeting her. We’ve been married for five years (and we dated for three before we got married). I’ve volunteered at over 50 nonprofits in that time frame all because of her.” —Greg E., 36

I Skip the Fast Food

“My husband is my all-star personal trainer, unofficially. He cares about health and fitness. I care about Netflix and McDonalds. Under his influence, I’ve lost ten pounds in half a year. He actually got me to enjoy going to the gym and eating kale. I’d never thought I’d say such a thing!” —Troy S., 29

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I’ve Learned to Say ‘I Love You’

“I grew up with parents who avoided saying ‘I love you’ like the plague. It just wasn’t what we did. We showed love in odd ways (like yelling at each other and throwing insults at each other across a dinner table). When I started dating my wife, she had to be the first person to say ‘I love you.’ When she said it, I sort of hugged her and said ‘thanks.’ She took it entirely the wrong way but from that moment on, I’ve gotten better at saying ‘I love you’ and letting her know I mean it, even though it just wasn’t part of my childhood at all.” —Jordan F., 32

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5 Tweets That Get Real About Being a Best Man

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Being the best man can feel like you’re responsible for being the life of the party, making sure the entire crew of wedding guests are having the time of their lives, and, of course, being there for the groom when he needs a pump-up session or just a few seconds to chill out. But being a best man comes with a lot of extra responsibilities and emotions that people hardly talk about. The nerves that go into writing and giving a best man speech are enough to make you glare at a blank piece of paper for months before piecing together your toast. Having to research bachelor party locations and activities can make you feel like you signed up for a second full-time job. Making sure you keep the wedding bands near and dear to your pockets before the ceremony might seem like an easy task but often it’s just another thing to forget about.

Read on to relate to six tweets that get real about what it’s like to take on the role of being the best man.

1. Writing a Hilarious Speech is Extra Hard

Nobody will believe you’ve spent hours eyeballing a piece of paper, thinking of the best kind of jokes to incorporate, the most heartfelt moments to recall, and the well wishes you have for the couple when you find yourself with a blank piece of paper and a speech that’s hardly been written. When writer’s block is hitting you hard, just get started by outlining speech ideas and jotting down all that you think you want to say. You can wordsmith it later on.

2. You Want to Make a Scene Without Making the Bride Mad

As the best man, you want to make sure your friend has the best night of his life. You want to be the party starter on the dance floor, the one at the open bar organizing the group fireball shots, and the one who is making sure the guests are having fun. Just make sure your attempts at being the life of the party don’t make the bride mad, offended, or overwhelmed.

3. Figuring Out What to Say & What Not to Say

When it comes to giving a speech, greeting guests, or even complimenting the bride, it’s important to have guidelines as to what is OK to say and what you should keep hush hush. Whether it’s the groom’s second wedding (and your second time being a best man) or you don’t fancy the bride all that much, save the drama or the negative comments for another night.

4. Learning How to Be a Best Man Takes Practice

Think being a best man is just planning a wild bachelor party and putting on a tuxedo? There’s more on your to-do list than you think. You’ll be in charge of holding onto the rings, keeping the groom calm, and pinning the boutonnieres on yourself and the groomsmen—which might require some pre-wedding tutorials.

5. Controlling Your Nerves Can Be Tough

On the day of the wedding, you might feel like you’re a ball of nerves, acting as if it is your own wedding day. It’s not. But it is your greatest pals big day and so you might take on the tension, the nerves, and the stress that he feels and find yourself pacing back and forth until the open bar finally starts serving drinks.

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7 Tweets About Single Life When Everyone's Engaged


Being the single one in your group of friends can mean that all eyeballs are on you when it comes to figuring out when you’re going to meet your “person,” settle down, and get married.

But as you’re buying present after present for your friends’ weddings, searching high and low for a plus one, and even trying to figure out how to fill your social calendar with events other than baby and bridal showers, you might find your head nodding to some of the tweets below which sum up exactly what it feels like to be single when all of your friends are #married or #engaged.

1. You Can Set Up a Registry With Your Eyes Closed

Even though you’ve never had the luxury to prance around a store and select hundreds of items for other people to buy you, you’ve been there enough time to help your bride friends out or to buy gifts for them. The people at the store practically know you by your first name or you know the item numbers that your friends want the most by their SKU number.

2. You’re Always Looking for a Plus One

Forget the quest of looking for love, you’re more in the market for a plus one to be your arm candy to all of the weddings you’re invited to this year.

3. You’re Constantly Being Told “You’re Next”

Whether or not you’re any good at catching the bouquet, the people in your life (at weddings or at brunches) like to tell you that your soulmate is just around the corner and you’re going to be next one to meet someone and get engaged.

4. You’re Used to Being the Solo One

There’s no engagement party, bachelorette party, or night out on the town that you can’t handle being the only single one in the group anymore. You’re used to being the only one who is eyeing the crowd for a potential suitor and having to get set up with every single one of your married friend’s friends.

5. Your Social Calendar Has Been Deleted

Gone are the nights of going out dancing until 2am or spending Sundays hungover having movie marathons with your girlfriends. Now, a typical weekend is spent at a friend’s kids birthday party or solo binge watching a TV show because all of your pals are with their significant others.

6. You’re Playing the Name Game

As your friends couple up and get married, you start to notice that a lot of things change about them. Not only are your plans with them completely different (and sometimes less fun than they used to be) but their last names are now different. It can sometimes be hard to remember what last name to type in when you’re stalking them on social media.

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7. You’re Figuring Out This Solo Life

Life’s different now. Being one of the only single people you know can be tough and it can be confusing. When people aren’t asking you, “Why are you still single?” you’re trying to navigate the online dating world and also the fact that all of your closest pals are living a different life than you are. But that’s OK. It’s never a good idea to compare and contrast your life to theirs. Enjoy what you have and go after what you want.

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