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9 Fall Home Decor Pieces You Need

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When it comes to cozying up for fall, many of us instinctually start cold-weather nesting. Fall is the “get ready because it’s about to get very cold” time, meaning you’re switching out the linen pillows for velvet, and the lightweight bedspread for a heavier duvet.

Besides switching out fabrics and blanket weights, we’re all for some subtle color swapping of home accessories and linens to get into that moodier, (dare we say sexier?) palette that fall inspires. Instead of your crisp whites and brighter pops of greens that we associate with summer, try to work in some mustard, navy, and gray for fall: all colors that can be easily translated independently into other seasonal palettes with some clever accessory swapping. Instead of golds, try working in some little hints of copper, which feels warmer and more harvest-y than gold. For your unexpected accent color, we firmly believe that a good dusty pink can work year round.

Here are 9 our favorite fall home decor pieces—grab ’em quick and get to nesting!

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8 Cozy Fall Throw Blankets from Etsy

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One thing you can never have too many of is a good throw blanket. Everything from Sunday afternoon Netflix binges, reading in your favorite book nook, to hanging out on the balcony having a glass of wine pretty much requires a cozy throw blanket. And although we’re especially into doubling up on the throws once the weather starts getting nippy, we’re firm believers in keeping (at least your lightweight) throws around all the dang time, regardless of the season. And when you’re not using ’em, keep the pretty ones out on display draped along the back of a chair or couch, or in a pretty basket (or a storage ottoman if they’re super cozy but not super chic).

Not only are throws the easiest way to feel cozy and comfy literally anywhere around your home (even in your bed if you’re not in the mood to fully unmake it), they also are also one of the quickest and cost-effective ways update your decor. With fall upon us, you may be in the mood to change up the look of a room or two (new temperatures and new wardrobe make us crave fresh starts), so why not grab a cozy new throw (or two…or three…) to mix things up in your living room or bedroom this autumn? Here are some of our favorite handmade throw blankets from Etsy.

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The Coolest Wedding Flower Inspo from New York Fashion Week

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Want to do something fresh and new for your wedding flowers and decor? Something aside from the same old centerpieces and garlands running down long tables (which are still gorgeous, don’t get us wrong)? Well we’ve got you C-O-V-E-R-E-D. Whenever a fashion week comes around, there’s something besides the new collections that we’re falling over ourselves to see. Season after season, the genius set designers and florists manage to amaze and inspire us with their over-the-top, fantastical runway designs (see: the iconic Dior Autumn/Winter 2012 Couture show). And of course, all we can see when we look at said runways are ways you could take these whimsical ideas and turn them into something unique for your wedding! From floral pillars to “rambling rose hedges,” prepare to get inspired.

Getty Images // Jason Wu SS19

Slaven Vlasic

Calling this a “lush urban dreamland”, The Putnams (at this point NYFW floral royalty) created this sweeping display—a juxtaposition between manmade industrial grit and delicately winding natural beauty for the Jason Wu Spring/Summer 2019 presentation. Have your floral designer create little areas of life amongst your reception space if you’re getting married in an indoor urban space that feels a little “old factory from the turn of the century that’s been abandoned for years but now has been revived and is cool” (the whole flowers growing in concrete deal). You know, that vibe.

Getty Images // Zimmermann SS19


This monochrome aisle of mod, 70’s inspired florals (to match the tone of the Zimmermann SS19 show) makes us want all shades of white (no greenery here!) flowers all year long, not just in the winter which is usually when people choose to use them. Besides the tone-on-tone, the anthuriums help to keep these arrangements fresh and cool (as they’re one of the flowers du jour amongst the cool kid florists).

Getty Images // Rodarte SS19

Slaven Vlasic

Although the Rodarte SS19 show did have a garden-like set design, we would be remiss to not mention the abundance of florals that were on the actual models gracing the runway. Just as baby’s breath began popping up everywhere after Rodarte’s incredible SS18 show, we expect brides to be inspired to get a little more heavy-handed and incorporating roses (and plenty of ’em) into their looks. And we’re not talking flower crowns here, we’re talking a tumbling cascade of buds.

Getty Images // Mara Hoffman SS19


There’s something that’s become very cool, in the past couple of years, about what were once considered tacky, or low-brow florals. For instance these red roses and white lilies—a few years ago these would have been scoffed at as “bodega” flowers, or “basic” (are we still using that word?). Put into play correctly, however, and suddenly they are effortlessly cool and the opposite of what used to feel fussy and trite. Tips: show your florist this photo (the stems must feel un-arranged and yet very much arranged), and make sure your venue is one that will play to the it-girl, effortless (and possibly blank), space.

Getty Images // Savage x Fenty SS19

Brian Ach

Don’t we all secretly want to exchange vows under a dense jungle canopy? Even if you’re getting married indoors, with a big enough space the forest can come to you, like in the Savage x Fenty SS19 show. And honestly that geometric jungle gym/Bio-Dome vibe (yeah, we said it) is something we can get on board with too.

Getty Images // AW18

Peter White

The Putnam’s never cease to amaze us with their crazy-creative, lush, modern designs and this is no exception. Try using simple square pillars as aisle markers and having your florist create much smaller versions of these down the aisle. Bonus points for color-blocking as shown here.

Getty Images // Tory Burch AW18


Absolutely dreamy, this runway was created by Miranda Brooks (a contributing editor at Vogue), using thousands of pink carnations. We don’t want to say we told you so…but…we told y’all carnations are cool now! Not only that, they’re one of the most cost-effective flowers you can use, and make an impact when used en masse. Translate this to your wedding by having your florist create a mini garden of carnations (not by planting, but by placing in foam) as a ceremony “structure,” with an empty circle in the middle for you and your partner to stand and exchange vows.

Getty Images // Mansur Gavriel AW18


Having potted trees at your wedding is nothing new, but we love how these are clustered in a very modern space, and the sheer volume makes you feel like you’re in a chic enchanted forest. Try bringing orange trees en masse (if you can afford it!) into a blank, white loft venue for that fun juxtaposition of modern and traditional. To make the trees pop even more, try having all-white everything else in the space (linens, plates, flowers, chairs).

Getty Images // Brandon Maxwell AW18

Peter White

Another amazing Putnam installation—but who’s surprised? They’re masters of their craft! We like to think of this as the new, cooler, and more organic way to pull off a flower wall—and it doesn’t have to be something that’s created by a florist necessarily. Find a venue that already has a cascading and climbing variation of flowers against one of their walls, and use it for your formal portraits—or even set up a photo booth and use it as the background!

Getty Images // Raf Simons AW18


Raf Simons always kills it with the set-design game (too many amazing Dior shows to count), so we weren’t surprised to see another magical runway. Like an abandoned dinner party of our dreams, this dreamy runway incorporated fruit, flowers, and wine bottles to create an atmosphere worthy of the Old Dutch Masters (and maybe even a little Hieronymus Bosch?!). Create a similar vibe by having your florist incorporate grapes, pomegranates, and even veggies like artichokes into lush, romantic flower arrangements.

Oh, and in case you were wondering what happened to those 14,000 carnations in the Tory Burch show, the amazing Lewis Miller used them in one of his Flower Flashes (beautiful flash-installations he does on the streets of NYC, usually in trash cans).

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8 Bridal Suite Essentials From Etsy

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Your bridal suite isn’t just a place for you and your ‘maids to get ready; it’s also a space that should be primed for your photographer to get some great day-of shots. They’ll not only take snaps of emotional moments pre-walk down the aisle, but will also take staged photos of some of your most important day-of essentials. The perfume you were wearing, the vintage pearl necklace your mother passed down to you, your engagement and wedding rings, and whatever other important details that you’ll want to remember in years from now will be centerpieces for your bridal suite. Thus, it’s important to make sure your bridal suite is stocked with cute extras that your photographer can use to make your photos all the more pretty!

Of course, it’s great if those props also provide a function as something you can use post-wedding. Think: a robe for getting ready for date night, a ring dish you can put on your bedside table, or pretty papers or fabrics you can use later for wrapping a special gift. This way you’ll also feel a little less guilty about spending money on things that will only be seen in photos. To give you some inspiration, we’ve pulled a few of our favorite pieces from Etsy that would be perfect for your bridal suite!

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Moving In Together? Here's Where to Splurge and Save When Decorating


The moment you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived—you’re moving into a cozy little love-nest with your significant other. Congrats! As exciting as this time is, you will soon come to find out (if you haven’t already) that cohabiting comes with a whole new set of challenges. Not to burst your bubble or anything—yes, letting go of the logistical nightmare of planning ahead constantly will be such a welcome relief when you combine households.

But what about the challenges you face with this exciting new phase? For instance, when you do a quick inventory of your assets together, and there are bound to be multiples, who’s stuff do you keep and who’s do you toss? How do you gently convince your partner that the…erm…unattractive clunky dresser they’ve had since college has gotta go? And that all of your beautiful linen bedding is to stay, and their weird jersey sheets need to be put to rest, once and for all?

Sadly, we wish we could give individual advice to each and every couple, but since every relationship is a unique snowflake, we are going to do you the next best thing. After you purge your combined belongings and re-assess, we’ve rounded up exactly what to splurge and save on for your new place! Because although your vintage vanity may be staying (forever as far as your concerned), some items will need to be replaced.

See more: You’re Moving in Together—So, Whose Stuff Stays?

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How To Make Your Dog Feel Comfortable In A New Home

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If you are the proud owner of a pup, you know how hard it can be for both you and your dog when it comes time to move homes. Dogs are very sensitive, and a change in environment can be a huge stressor for them. If you and your partner are in the early stages of moving in together and one of you has a dog, it’s important that you know how to ease your pet into a new home so that their anxiety doesn’t skyrocket.

If you’ve just moved in with your S.O. and you’ve decided to bring a new pup home together, there’s just as much (if not more!) chance of anxiety on the dog’s part when it comes to getting acclimated. Lucky for us (and you!) Wayfair dug up some helpful tips on how to ease a dog into your (or their) new home based on their breed!

Whether you’re moving into a new place or bringing a furry friend home for the first time, acclimating a pup to a new environment takes time and patience. Each breed has a distinct personality, which requires a different approach to help them adjust in their furever home.

Check out the tips below to ensure the experience is pawfect for you and your four-legged friend!

Border Collie

Known for their agility and for being a farmer’s best friend, this breed loves perusing the great outdoors. Sociable and inquisitive, they enjoy exploring and introducing themselves to strangers with a kiss of the nose. Kelly Bove, parent of the famous Border Collies Envy, Zain and Trek from the Wayfair Pet Squad shares, “To get them acclimated to what’s outside, it’s imperative to continuously show them their surroundings to eliminate curiosity.”

Golden Retriever

Photo by Michelle Lange Photography

Known to be a great family dog, Golden Retrievers are playful, obedient, trustworthy and need a lot of space and exercise. Although they have a reputation of being easily trained, it’s important to understand if left alone for an extended period, they can develop chewing habits. Keep them distracted with balls, bones and gadgets. And to keep those chew toys organized, consider a few fabric bins or metal baskets to store them!

German Shepherd

Strong, courageous and intelligent, German Shepherds are recognized as loyal guardians. With that comes a confident companion that must adjust to unfamiliar faces. Warmly welcome family and friends into the home to meet the adorable new addition to build trust. But remember, keeping your furry friend on a leash is helpful when making intros! Spruce up your leash space by adding a decorative wall hook.

French Bulldog

One of the world’s most popular small breeds, Frenchies are even-tempered house dogs that love attention. Although affectionate, these pooches can be stubborn and may require extra steps (or treats!) in order to fully house train, so patience and consistency are key. Pet-proofing the new place and creating a similar set up to their previous home will help them adjust more easily. Try using gates or a colorful pet pens to keep your French Bulldog out of harm’s way until fully acclimated.

Shih Tzu

These tiny pups are excellent for families and notorious for getting along with other pets. Shih Tzus love to relax, therefore, it’s essential to build them a napping nook! To help them feel comfy and cozy in their new bungalow, choose plush, pillow-like bedding such as a multi-functional piece, from Wayfair’s all-new Archie & Oscar line, that functions as a bed and a side table for the paw-rents. Guests will never even know the difference!


Composed of 50% energy and 50% curiosity, Beagles require plenty of attention and frequent walks to prevent boredom. It’s wise to build an area that will keep them entertained. If you don’t have ample outdoor space, dedicate a corner in your home to your pooch where you can place their bed, toys and food bowl. To reward your well behaved Beagle, store delicious treats in an adorable canister!

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers are small and delicate, yet brave! No matter the size of the human or dog, they don’t hesitate when making friends, but they may bark at unfamiliar noises or fresh faces. To help your dog cope with new sounds, recreate common noises to decrease their sensitivity. Consider creating a safe haven with blankets and pillows as an easy solution for days when they’re feeling fearful.

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5 Expert Tips How To Organize Your Home As a Couple


If you’re anything like us, you live in a constant state of wishing that you were more organized, while living in some sort of delicately controlled chaos (think: your apartment looks put-together, but don’t open the second cabinet on the right…). You’ve tried trips to the Container Store, coming up with some Pinterest-fueled system of color-coding your clothes, and you even purchased a label maker (because that seems like something organized people have).

Yet, somehow, you just always end up giving up halfway through, overwhelmed and convinced you don’t have enough time to do it right. You know, you’ll do that closet purge in the dead of winter when you’re not missing out on valuable summer fun, or maybe next spring when “everyone else” is spring cleaning.

Here’s the thing: the more you keep putting off that closet purge or bathroom organization, the more it’s going to feel insurmountable. Which brings us to: moving in with your significant other. If you thought organizing for yourself was hard, how about trying to suddenly share closets (gasp!), combine cooking tools, linens, books, collections of knick knacks—the list is seemingly endless.

Before you have a total meltdown just thinking about the inevitable combining of living spaces (or even if you’re already living with your partner but still haven’t quite figured out a system), we have some great news for you! We talked to Jen Robin, the founder of Life in Jeneral (the amazing professional organizing company) about her favorite tips and tricks for streamlining your new home, plus some tips she has about organizing your life during the wedding planning process (because the planning of a wedding can unhinge even the most organized of us).

Robin used to be a celebrity executive assistant before she started Life in Jeneral, and said one of her favorite parts of her job came from moving one of her celebrity clients several times into new homes. “They were shocked that I actually enjoyed the process of packing them up and organizing them in their new home,” Robin says. Yeah we get it, no need to brag.

Hers first (and honestly, perhaps most important) piece of advice about combining your spaces? Compromise. “That’s a word you may hear a lot during this period in life, but for good reason,” she says. We couldn’t agree more! So without further ado, here are Robin’s 5 expert tips for organizing your home as a couple.

1. Create a wedding binder/area

“There are so many details and moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding, so it’s very important to keep everything in one place. Use tabs and sheet protectors to separate all vendor information, payment information, dates, guest list, details, and to-do lists so you know where everything is. Designate one area in your home to keep all wedding details so nothing gets misplaced.”

2. Discard duplicate items

Photo Courtesy of Life in Jeneral

“When moving in and/or combining spaces with your significant other, the probability of having duplicate items is pretty high. Go through all your items together, one space at a time and create bins labeled with Donate, Sell, or Toss. Start by pulling everything out of each space and combining like items so you have an idea as to how much you have of each item(s). This is also a great time to make a list as of what you want to replace so it can be added to your registry.”

3. Registry purge

“One of the many wonderful things about getting married is the gift registry! This is also a great time for purge #2. Once you receive all the new items, donate/toss the items that were meant to be replaced.”

4. Space plan ahead

“We create functional and efficient spaces for everyone in the home. Consider daily routines and efficiency when setting up rooms. For example, if you’re setting up a kitchen for a shorter person, keep daily use dishes on lower shelves for accessibility. Glassware and chemicals should be kept higher or in childproof areas. Spices should be in close proximity to the stove or prep area for chefs (even amateur ones). Consider each space and its functionality as the two of you adjust to cohabitation, and create systems and flows that work for everyone.

We also recommend using sticky notes to differentiate where things should go before you actually put them away. Now that you have gone through everything, you should have an idea of the total quantity of items, so you can plan how things will fit and where. This will save time and energy and help you create a good flow within your space.”

5. Keep things separate, but cohesive

Photo Courtesy of Life in Jeneral

“We are all for condensing and combining to create efficient systems, but we also believe in having your own space, especially when it comes to closets and dressers. Designate your own closets/sides but throughout the whole closet:

  • Use the same slim hangers
  • Use the same or matching bins
  • Color code clothing from light to dark
  • Shirts on top rack, pants/shorts on the bottom
  • Fold items the same way if exposed (tuck sleeves in, fold halfway)”
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11 Wedding Menus from Etsy We Love


When it comes to paper goods you have your essentials (invitations and save the dates) and your optionals (escort cards—not necessary if you’re not having assigned seating—and menus). Of course, we love escort or place cards regardless of whether you have assigned seating—after all, it’s the details that make your wedding all the more personalized and special! We feel the same way about menus; although they may not be a necessity, having a tablescape that has that extra touch (either individually on place settings or one larger one for each table) does make a difference, not just for your photos, but for your guests’ experience.

One great thing about menus is that you can have a little more fun with them than you may have been able to have with your invitations. Understandably, many couples choose to have their invitations be a little more classic and understated, but your menus can be whimsical, colorful, and louder. Menus are also a great way to insert a little color to your table if you’ve been a bit more conservative with the rest of your color palette. We love a good watercolor menu, for instance.

Plus, many menus can double as reception decor (double duty decor is a great budget saving tip!). Not into having menus at every place setting, or don’t have it in your budget? Try having your stationary designer (or perhaps an artsy friend) calligraph a large piece of plexiglass and put it on an easel near the front of your reception space. And don’t forget about bar menus—setting up a couple on your bars with fun illustrations next to each signature cocktail is a great way to insert you and your partner’s personality into the decor.

To get you inspired, we searched through Etsy and found some of our favorite menus of all different styles. Enjoy!

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8 Beauty Products We're Loving From Etsy


When you’re getting ready for your big day, (or even just for your day-to-day), and want to try out some new beauty products, the number of options out there can seem extremely overwhelming. What should you splurge on? What should you save on?

If you’re new to the beauty product world and have suddenly decided to up your game, the sheer amount of what goes into a “normal” beauty routine can be daunting at best. Toners, eye creams, exfoliators, face oils, night creams, masks, concealer, foundation, brow pencils, setting sprays, liquid vs pencil liners—the list goes on, and on, and on.

So when it comes to choosing the products you’re going to bring into your day-to-day beauty routine, it’s ok to look beyond the big name-brands for some of your picks (we are firm believers in having a mix of brands in your beauty bag). And what better place to look for the more under-the-radar companies than Etsy? There are some amazing vendors on Etsy creating small batch, handmade, and organic products out there with lots of TLC, and of course we wanted to share some of our top picks! Read on and check out these shops, ASAP.

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12 Celestial Decor Pieces to Buy For Your Home (and Wedding Day!)


If there’s one trend that we’ve seen touch pretty much every facet of design in the past few years (particularly home decor, fashion, and wedding decor), it’s the “Starry Night” celestial one. There’s something about this trend that feels both old-world and modern, especially when the designs use new materials and mediums to create that moody, celestial look. For instance: we love seeing deep blue ceramics with a fine gold splattered finish to mimic the stars.

If you’re thinking about trying this starry theme for your wedding, it’s important to make sure they you use design elements that feel sophisticated, and don’t veer into juvenile territory (no glow-in-the-dark stars from your childhood). The trick here is to stick to blues that feel ultra deep and dusty; and don’t feel you need to bring in too much blue—just add touches here and there. Then, bring in some accents of metallics (we think coppers and gold work the best) and nods to celestial (you can go more literal with some of your paper goods).

You can essentially apply the same rules when using this celestial theme in your home decor. We’re into framed vintage night-sky maps, modern moon-phase china (see below, it’s awesome), and a superbly crafted celestial quilt (again, pictured below—you’ll have to see it to believe it).

So, here are 12 pieces of celestial decor for your home or wedding you can buy ASAP.

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The 35 Best Places to Register for Kitchen Appliances


Creating your wedding registry is one of the most fun activities to check off your wedding planning list (right up there with dress shopping!). But given that you can register for just about anything, just about anywhere, figuring out where to register for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled all of the best brands, small and large, across all categories. Next up: kitchen appliances! We’re talking everything from stand mixers to sous vide machines to toasters. So sit back, relax, and start adding these pretty products to your registry.

5 Best Universal Registries for Kitchen Appliances

1. Amazon

With Amazon’s universal registry, you can add items to your list that aren’t found on their site. And with Prime shipping, you can get that blender you’ve had your eye on within a day or two.

2. Zola

With a Zola registry, you can register for more than 50,000 gifts, experiences, and funds, all in one place. You can also add gifts from any other store onto your Zola registry. But you can grab lots of good kitchen appliances and gadgets without ever leaving their site.

3. NewlyWish

NewlyWish is a registry aggregate that combines their curated list of stylish products, experiences, and honeymoon excursions with offsite products. That means you can pick and choose items from different retailers and still register for the funds to go on your dream getaway. That means you can grab that KitchenAid stand mixer from one site and that pretty Smeg toaster you’ve had your eye on and compile them onto one easy list!

4. MyRegistry

Prefer to pick and choose one-of-a-kind gifts so you can get that specialty sous vide machine you’ve been lusting after (to make the most succulent ribs this side of the Mississippi) and the tried-and-true toaster oven from a big box store? Luckily, with MyRegistry, you can do just that, plus even register for nontangibles, such as skydiving sessions.

5. Blueprint Registry

This unique online registry lets you add products to one list from big box retailers or from your favorite local store. You can search for and add gifts by room (just click on the kitchen to check out all the small appliances you can register for), designate more expensive items as a group gift (yes, that aforementioned stand mixer ain’t cheap), or even register for cash-based gifts like a honeymoon fun, date nights, or a fund for your favorite charity.

15 Best Specialty Registries for kitchen appliances:

1. Smeg

With some of the cutest dang appliances around (thing retro designs with modern capabilities), we never tire of the pastel colored toasters, juicers, stand mixers, and more.

2. KitchenAid

Yes, we know we’ve mentioned stand mixers at least 3 times already, but hey–they’re a registry classic! Especially the KitchenAid stand mixers–you won’t see many registries that aren’t graced with one of them!

3. Cuisinart

We personally love their food processors, but there are tons of other appliances to check out from this classic kitchen brand.

4. Keurig

A no-brainer and another registry go-to, making coffee is never easier than with a Keurig.

5. Soda Stream

If you love seltzer (and flavored seltzer) as much as we do, get a Soda Stream stat. In fact, get one for your office, your kitchen, your living room…

6. OXO

From hand-held veggie choppers to coffee makers and toasters, OXO’s reliable products have something for every kitchen need.

7. Breville

Their toaster oven is at the top of every “best of kitchen” list (and we know why: we’ve tested it and it could basically replace your oven) plus so many of their other appliances are just top-notch (we also are fond of their stand mixer).

8. Vitamix

People rave about their Vitamix blenders–and usually it’s one of the first brands that you think of when you think of high-end blenders!

9. DeLonghi

Known for their high-performing coffee and espresso makers, DeLonghi also produces other kinds of kitchen appliances; we especially like their indoor grill (for those of us who don’t have space for a grill).

10. T-Fal

From fryers to bread makers, T-Fal does the heavy lifting in the kitchen for you. We’re especially into their air fryers (which are the big to-do in appliances of late).

11. Wolf Gourmet

This high-end brand does more than appliances, they also make some incredible cutlery and cookware.

12. Nespresso

With sleek espresso machines, Nespresso is synonymous with the serious caffeine customer–so put one on your registry if you’re an espresso nut.

13. All-Clad

Usually known for their cookware, All-Clad also makes a wide range of other kitchen appliances, like multi-cookers, immersions blenders, and sous vide.

14. Miele

They don’t just make vacuum cleaners and dishwashers, Miele also makes great coffee machines!

15. Ninja

Register for their Intelli-Sense food system (we’ve tested it, it’s awesome) and you’ll have knocked out a ton of appliances in one (includes attachments for blending, spiralizing, food processing, and more!).

15 Best Big-Box Registries for kitchen appliances:

You know ’em, you love ’em! Here are the top big box stores to register for kitchen appliances.

1. Williams-Sonoma

2. Barneys New York

3. Crate and Barrel

4. Pottery Barn

5. Bed Bath and Beyond

6. Nordstrom

7. Macy’s

8. Bloomingdale’s

9. Kohl’s

10. West Elm

11. Ikea

12. CB2

13. Target

14. Anthropologie

15. Sur La Table

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Our 14 Favorite Engagement Rings on Etsy


So, you’re on the road to (or dreaming about it!) getting engaged. Congrats! If you or your (soon to be) fiancé don’t have a family heirloom already on the docket and you’re looking for a little ring-spiration (sorry, we had to), we suggest perusing one of our go-to sources for, well, pretty much everything—Etsy! Although Etsy engagement rings might be the first thing that come to mind, there are some really amazing sources with qualified sellers and of course some really beautiful designs. In the market for something vintage inspired, like a signet style, perchance? Or how about something minimalist with a modern, clean design…or maybe you want something a little funkier, with an asymmetrical setting and (gasp!) colored stones? Or maybe you’re a classic solitaire kinda gal. Guess what? Etsy has all those styles, and more! And the best part is, most of these are under $2000.

If you’re not in the market for an engagement ring, or maybe you’re already engaged or married and want a little something extra as, say, an anniversary present, a lot of these would make perfect stacking rings! Either with your current duo on your ring finger or separately if you feel like starting a new stack. We love the idea of your SO giving you an addition to your stack for momentous occasions (big job promotions, milestone anniversaries, etc)–so feel free to peruse our picks and save some to Pinterest for future use and future hints to your partner when the occasion rolls around.

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Your Mattress Buying Guide: Everything You Need to Know


When it comes to moving in together as a couple, you’re going to want a mattress buying guide. Because one of the first things couples moving in together should be investing in is a new mattress. Unless one of you very recently bought one that is perfectly suited to both of your sleep styles (more on that below), chances are you’ve probably either bought a mattress as a single person willy-nilly (i.e. finding something easy and inexpensive for a quick fix) or with only yourself in mind.

Since we all spend quite a lot of time in bed, it goes without saying that finding the mattress that will serve both you and your partner’s sleep preferences is pretty important. To help us (and you) get to the bottom of how to choose the best mattress for you both (and why it’s so pertinent to your new home together) we turned to Arlyn Davich, the president of Allswell, one of our favorite modern mattress companies. Allswell is a mattress in a box that not only offers both a firmer and softer mattress option (more options = optimized sleep success and comfort), but also curated bedding sets with sheets, throw pillows, blankets, and all the “accessories” you need to dress your bed. Two birds, one stone. Here’s what Davich had to say about choosing the perfect mattress as a couple.

How to choose a mattress as a couple

In general, the more people (and pets) who will be in a bed, the more support you’ll need. Firmer mattresses help prevent motion transfer so couples can sleep more soundly.

If you’re a stomach sleeper, choose a firmer mattress; if you’re a side sleeper, it’s generally recommended to go a little softer. If you and your partner don’t sleep in the same position, opt for something a little bit on the firmer side of the middle. In the case of a tie—i.e., argument—go for something a little firmer with a plush topper (which Allswell offers). Someone who’s used to sleeping on a softer mattress might not love a firmer one for the first one or two nights, but most get used to it quickly and wind up very happy they switched to a firm mattress—plus, many are surprised at how much better their body feels.

How to get your best sleep as a couple

The biggest debate between couples is about temperature. No one likes to sleep hot. The key to conquering that issue and having your best sleep as a couple? Layers. Just like layering an outfit keeps you comfortable through your day, layering linens will keep you both comfortable at night.

Start with a great all-season sheet (like ours at Allswell, which is cool to the touch and prevents you from sleeping hot), then add a top sheet, blanket or coverlet, duvet, and decorative throw on top. Having lots of options to add or remove layers will ensure that you can stay comfortable as your body and room temperatures change throughout the night.

How to pick out the perfect mattress

First of all: Get one. A new home is a fresh start to your life together, so start fresh in your new space with a new mattress. If you’ve each been sleeping on your mattress alone, they’re probably indented. When choosing your new one, don’t pick one you’ll be stuck with if it’s not what you wanted. So many mattresses—including Allswell’s—now have a 100-night free trial (or close). That’s a crucial feature: No matter how much you “test a mattress out” in the store, it’s not the same as sleeping on it for several months to see how it truly works for you. If you’re searching for a mattress to put on your wedding registry (such as MyRegistry, which features Allswell mattresses), make sure the trial period terms are clearly listed.

Last up: the queen-vs-king conundrum. My recommendation is to get a king as long as you can fit it comfortably in the room. A king ensures some extra space for both of you. (And who doesn’t need a little space?)

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11 Products To Make Your Small Outdoor Space an Oasis


If you’re like many of us that live in urban areas without much in the way of private outdoor spaces, you know how much of a struggle it is to make your teeny patch of patio or roof or modest balcony feel like a blissful place to relax or entertain. If you’re lucky enough to live in a big city and have any sort of outdoor space (parks notwithstanding) you should consider yourself very fortunate, and treat that space with love. Outfit it in a way that makes you proud! Who knows, the next place you live could be without such a luxury!

Although you most likely don’t have the space for say a bocce court or an above-ground pool, you can still make your small outdoor space feel personal and dreamy without spending too much money or time! Even if you already have the building blocks (seating, a surface for food or drinks), there are easy ways to add color and texture to add personality and style to your space.

Here are 10 products add charm to your small outdoor space without breaking the bank!

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16 Kitchen Basics You Need For Your Newlywed Home


We know it can be slightly overwhelming to know where to start when it comes to completely furnishing your kitchen, especially if you’re doing a newlywed overhaul and beginning at square one. If we were to get rid of all of our kitchen gear and start all over again, would we even know where to begin? Flatware and plates aside (let’s assume those as more tabletop rather than kitchen gear), we think there a solid 16 essential pieces a cook needs around the kitchen for most baseline recipes and cooking methods. We’re not talking those who what to sous vide and flambé; rather, we’re talking to those who just want to chop and sauté and roast, no extra-special tools or techniques needed.

Even if you aren’t starting from scratch, ask yourself: “Is it time to give some of my basic kitchen tools an upgrade?”

Then ask: Are the marks on your measuring cups worn down to the point where you can’t tell how much you’re measuring? Is your once-favorite knife so dull that you basically have to saw through even the rarest steak? Are your plastic mixing bowls so warped from the dishwasher that they’ve morphed into ovals? Is your can opener so rusted that opening a can takes about five times as long as it should? If the answer to a single one of these questions is yes, it’s time you throw in the (kitchen) towel and restock your shelves, stat.

Here are those 16 basic kitchen essentials you need to get your kitchen into tip-top shape! Adds all to cart.

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7 Subscription Boxes Couples Need to Sign Up For NOW!


If there’s one thing we truly love, it’s getting mail. And although the frequency of actual, handwritten snail-mail has pretty much become archaic (sadly), getting a package on your doorstep is still as exciting as ever. Maybe that’s part of the reason why online shopping is satisfying—knowing that you’ll be receiving something and can take pleasure in the anticipation.

One way to ensure you’ll always have a package to look forward to is to try out a subscription box service! Once limited to wine-of-the-month clubs (which technically do come in a box), subscription offerings (some weekly, some monthly, depending on the service) have really taken off in more recent years.

From food to flowers to wine to beauty products, here are some of our favorite subscription boxes perfect for couples!


Photo Courtesy of MM.LaFleur

Not technically a subscription service (as in, you’re not committed to continuing it once you start), MM.LaFleur provides hand-picked professional clothes for women and sends them to you (in a “bento box”) based on your style. Returns are super easy, and we love how this takes the guess work out of dressing for work!

SHOP NOW: MM.LaFleur, prices vary

Book of the Month

Photo Courtesy of Book of the Month

What better way to unwind after the whirlwind of planning and stress than to focus some of your newfound free time into reading a few good books? If you’re feeling ambitious, you can add additional books for $9.99 each. Bonus points if you and your partner start a book club.

SHOP NOW: Book of the Month, starting at $44.97 for three months

The Bouqs

Photo Courtesy of The Bouqs

Nothing, and we mean nothing, makes your home feel more entertaining-ready and polished like fresh flowers. The Bouqs Company makes it super easy to customize your subscription: You choose a frequency of delivery (weekly, monthly, or quarterly), and it gives you options on size and style. (Roses or farmer’s-market styles are two examples.)

SHOP NOW: The Bouqs Company, starting at $40

Frank & Oak

Photo Courtesy of Frank and Oak

Opposed to MM.LaFleur, Frank and Oak does have more of a traditional subscription system (although you can take a break whenever you want), and is geared more toward your whole wardrobe. It also has styles for men and women, and you can easily send back anything in your box that you don’t like—there’s a $25 stylist fee per month, but that goes towards a credit for anything you decide to keep.

SHOP NOW: Frank and Oak, $25 stylist fee/month (plus the price of anything you keep)


Photo Courtesy of Plated

One of our favorite meal deliver subscriptions, Plated gives you 20 yummy options a week of meals to choose from, and also allows you to skip weeks. Being able to take some of the meal planning out of your week is a true luxury, plus gives you and your partner the opportunity to cook together from time to time instead of just relying on takeout!

SHOP NOW: Plated, starting at $35.85

See More: The Best Meal Kit Delivery Services for Busy As Hell Couples

Misto Box

Photo Courtesy of Misto Box

For all our caffeine addicts out there, here’s the perfect subscription box for you. With more than 300 coffees in their artillery, the coffee curators at MistoBox select the best beans for you based on your preferences. Then it’s off to the artisan coffee roasters, where they roast the beans to order. Shortly thereafter, your beans arrive on your doorstep, ready to be brewed! Couldn’t be easier.

SHOP NOW: Misto Box, starting at $20 for one month


Photo Courtesy of Winc

Of course, we had to include a wine-of-the-month club! Winc is very well curated, and of course it doesn’t hurt that all of the bottles have gorgeous packaging (i.e., Instagrammable). The company’s goal is to “make wine approachable and accessible,” so it’s a perfect service for those who aren’t versed in wine but want to get introduced to some foolproof go-to bottles.

SHOP NOW: Winc, starting at $13 per bottle

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31 Rehearsal Dinner Songs to Get the Party Started


Unlike the flow of a reception, a rehearsal dinner (depending on the vibe of the rehearsal dinner you’re going for) goes a little different. And unlike your reception, which will have a certain musical vibe for cocktail hour, then dinner, then followed by early evening dancing and then into the late night and after-party music, your rehearsal dinner playlist will most likely have a chiller feel.

If you’re choosing to have speeches or dancing at your rehearsal dinner there may be a bit of a musical up and down, but since most couples will choose to have it be essentially an extended dinner party with their nearest and dearest, you’ll naturally want music playing that you’d want at the dinner party of your dreams. Think some good jazz (Dave Brubeck, Sonny Clark), a little throwback (Nancy Sinatra), some classics (Rolling Stones), a couple of “Oh! Interesting choice, didn’t see that coming but it somehow works…” (Pavement, Beck).

So, yes, we created this wonderful rehearsal dinner playlist just for you. Enjoy it at your rehearsal dinner, your next dinner party, a Tuesday night cooking dinner—you do you.

31 Rehearsal Dinner Songs

1. “Tú Sí Sabes Quererme” – Natalia Lafourcade, Los Macorinos

2. “Talkin’ Bout A Revolution” – Tracy Chapman

3. “Friday I’m In Love” – Yo La Tengo

4. “Champale” – Macbeth the Great

5. “Love of No Return” – Peter Sivo Band

6. “Can’t Nobody Love You” – The Zombies

7. “Ojos Del Sol” – Y La Bamba

8. “One Down” – Barry Harris

9. “Sugar Town” – Nancy Sinatra

10. “Oogum Boogum Song” – Brenton Wood

11. “Tropicalia” – Beck

12. “Gloria’s Step” – Take 1, interrupted – Bill Evans Trio

13. “A Ballad” – Randy Weston

14. “Point of Being Right” – Shannon and The Clams

15. “Woojamacooja” – Helen Humes and Her Orchestra

16. “Bam Bam” – Sister Nancy

17. “Fruit Salad” – Don Byas

18. “She Smiled Sweetly” – The Rolling Stones

19. “Saudade Songbook” – BROOKZILL!, Count Bass D

20. “Unsquare Dance” – Dave Brubeck

21. “‘S Nice” – Al Caiola

22. “Junka (Alternative Version)” – Sonny Clark

23. “Sleep Easy” – Sam Evian

24. “Come On Home” – Lijadu Sisters

25. “Take Five” – The Dave Brubeck Quartet

26. “Good Lovin'” – Grateful Dead, Lowell George

27. “Meet Me in the City” – Junior Kimbrough

28. “Cosoco” – Juana Molina

29. “Water No Get Enemy” – Edit – Fela Kuti

30. “Bossa Nova U.S.A.” – Dave Brubeck

31. “5-4=Unity” – Pavement

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8 Monogrammed Products We're Loving on Etsy

no thumb

Whether you’re newly engaged, married, or somewhere in-between, we can all get down with a little personalization—AKA a monogram. And no, this isn’t all about changing your last name once you get married, so time for a new monogram; we can totally get down with anyone who doesn’t change their names, or couples who come up with a new last name that they share! It’s 2018 y’all—live your truth.

But regardless of your last-name-changing status, there’s just something about a monogram that makes whatever it is you’re personalizing (a tote bag, a necklace, a pillow, etc.) a little more special. Plus, if you’re getting all of your bridesmaids the same gift but want to add that extra little pizzaz, a monogram is the perfect solution! Not to mention all the paper-good possibilities ahead of your wedding and day-of—there are some super talented stationers and artists out there that can create beautiful custom crests and logos that incorporate you and your partner’s monogram and put it on napkins, invitations, coasters…the list goes on and on!

We found eight of our favorite monogram-able products on Etsy (the go-to for all things customizable). Go forth!

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15 Classically Beautiful Blue and White Plates

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Shopping for plates can be a little daunting. With so many color options and patterns and styles, it becomes seemingly impossible to narrow down what kind of plates you want to add to your registry or buy as a couple. Besides the general indecision that comes with picking out anything that you’re going to have for a long time, there’s an added layer of imagining what kind of life those plates are going to have, and what you’ll be using them for.

Do you imagine lots of dinners with just you and your partner on weeknights, hosting your families for holidays, backyard BBQ’s in the summer, and casual, hours-long impromptu dinner parties with your closest friends? Since all of these occasions call for slightly different set-ups and perhaps different styles of plates, we’d like to propose a radical idea: Don’t stick to one pattern!. Yes, instead of buying 8-12 of the same plate, why not opt for a consistent color palette and get four different patterns (two plates of each) or six different patterns (two of each) if you’re feeling really crazy and adventurous!

In our opinion, no color combo works better, has the most diverse range of patterns and styles, and is innately as classic as blue and white. So, we’ve chosen 15 of our favorite blue and white plates, from subtle to loud patterns, boho to modern to classic to preppy, melamine to fine china, to give you a head-start on picking out your mix and match tableware.

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12 Amazon Prime Day 2018 Kitchen and Home Deals to Buy NOW!


It’s here! The long awaited, once a year, multi-day shopping event on the giant shopping site Amazon: Prime Day! From today at 3pm EST through Wednesday (the 18th) at 3pm EST, you can peruse Amazon for some of the best deals you’ll see anywhere, all year. So of course that means this is the time to do a little forward thinking, (and quickly, since time is of the essence!).

Ask yourself:

  1. Are there are any big-ticket items you’ve been waiting to buy (pricey appliances, expensive pieces of furniture)?

  2. Are you mentally prepared to do a little holiday shopping in July, months before you really have to (yes, we know, the temptation of procrastinating up until the week before the holidays is perhaps your MO) in order to save yourself some money (and a headache later)?

Since a lot of the Prime Day deals are quite significantly discounted, buying a mattress at 40% of, for instance, will most likely end up saving a few hundred dollars—why buying these big ticket items during Prime Day will definitely be worth your while! As far as holiday shopping, we know it’s a bit of a stretch this far out, but believe us—come December you’ll thank us.

After checking out all the kitchen and home deals across Amazon, we’ve chosen some of the our favorite items. And not just investment pieces that you’ll save majorly on, but some great basics that will fill out gaps you might have at home. Enjoy, and go forth and shop!

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