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9 Valentine’s Day Inspired Registry Picks

Wedding in the Maldives islands, Its celebration of happiness in the middle of ocean with World class Accomodation and Food on your Holiday package, Photo by Asad

We’ve rounded up some of our favorite Valentine’s Day inspired wedding registry pieces to add to your wishlist, ASAP.

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New Year’s Eve Wedding (and Party!) Decor You Can Buy Now

Wedding in the Maldives islands, Its celebration of happiness in the middle of ocean with World class Accomodation and Food on your Holiday package, Photo by Asad

Whether you’re throwing a New Year’s Eve wedding or just a New Year’s Eve party, here’s all the decor you can buy now.

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How to Throw a Christmas Wedding

Wedding in the Maldives islands, Its celebration of happiness in the middle of ocean with World class Accomodation and Food on your Holiday package, Photo by Asad

From decorations to favors, here are 10 festive ideas that’ll make your Christmas wedding Insta-worthy, not cheesy.

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10 Cozy Throws to Add to Your Wedding Registry This Winter

Wedding in the Maldives islands, Its celebration of happiness in the middle of ocean with World class Accomodation and Food on your Holiday package, Photo by Asad

‘Cause baby it’s cold outside! Snuggle up with these plush throws and blankets perfect for winter and your wedding registry.

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7 Home Decor Pieces in Pantone's 2019 Color of the Year to Add to Your Registry


The Pantone Color Institute just released its Color of the Year for 2019 and it’s a beautiful, vibrant shade of coral aptly-named “Living Coral.” Is it too soon to say that we already want to live in house full of Living Coral home decor?!

Every year for the past twenty years, the Institute conducts careful trend analysis to uncover what and where the strongest color influences lie. From the Institute: “Living Coral emits the desired, familiar, and energizing aspects of color found in nature. In its glorious, yet unfortunately more elusive, display beneath the sea, this vivifying and effervescent color mesmerizes the eye and mind. Lying at the center of our naturally vivid and chromatic ecosystem, PANTONE Living Coral is evocative of how coral reefs provide shelter to a diverse kaleidoscope of color.”

They also noted that because of “the onslaught of digital technology and social media increasingly embedding into daily life, we are seeking authentic and immersive experiences that enable connection and intimacy.” We can definitely get on board for that!

Because the color is just so dang pretty, we’re all about throwing some of this vibrant hue on your registry—and even buying some pieces for yourself, asap! Especially if you have a particularly neutral decorating scheme, adding in pops of Living Coral could be just the right way to experiment with a little playfulness in your palette.

Here are some of our favorite decor and registry pieces in Living Coral to snag STAT!

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9 Wedding Cake Trends That Will Be Huge In 2019


When looking ahead to the next year (we can’t believe it’s almost December!) there are lots of trend forecasts we’re interested in. From wedding dress trends we saw during New York Bridal Fashion Week to the latest in interiors (to help beef up those registry lists!) to the prettiest new flower ideas , there’s so much to look forward to in 2019.

And one trend we’re always excited about is all the newest creative options for wedding cakes! Long gone are the days that the ubiquitous all-white cake reigned supreme; these days, cake designers are having fun reinventing the wheel and incorporating all kinds of new shapes, colors, patterns, and materials that would have never been dreamt of in wedding cake trends past.

Ready to get inspired with our favorite wedding cake trends for 2019? Read on!

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10 Perfect Joint Gifts for Couples


As the holidays get closer and our bank account dwindles, we’re always trying to find clever ways to cut down on the number of gifts we have give—not necessarily to save money, but more to have fewer loose ends to tie up while we make our way through our other to-do lists in preparation for the holidays. If you’re traveling, you have to deal with all sorts of transportation logistics—should you pack your gifts or ship them? If you’re hosting, you’ve got more important things to worry about than gifts—grocery shopping! Cleaning! Arranging!

So when it comes to the never-ending list of gifts you have to buy for the holidays, why not combine the couples in your life and give them a gift that’s just as meaningful as individual gifts? And let’s be honest, we probably all need less stuff, so giving them one gift will probably be something they’re thankful for (especially if they’re traveling afterward!).

Even if you’re looking for a gift for a couple outside of the holiday season (i.e. a wedding gift, engagement gift, etc.), figuring out something that will be a good fit for both of them can be a bit of a conundrum—which is why we’re here to help!

Here are 10 of our favorite ideas for joint couple gifts.

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11 Winter Bachelorette Party Products from Etsy


Often times when you think of your bachelorette party, tropical beaches and oversized flamingo floats with your gals come to mind. However, having your bachelorette in the winter can be just as festive and fun! Trade in breezy summer dresses for fur and flannel, and the frozen margaritas for spiked hot cider and Hot Toddies.

To make things wintery (in a tasteful way, of course), consider iridescent decor elements and metallic accents. Instead of wearing a “bride-to-be” sash, wear an embroidered beanie! And y’all can still have fun in the water—just opt for somewhere with a hot tub. And while a make-your-own Bloody Mary bar is fun, it feels a little more appropriate to have a build-your-own hot chocolate station, complete with toppings and flavored whipped creams (and liquor options to spike it, wink wink!).

To help you get in the winter spirit, we handpicked 11 of our favorite winter bachelorette party products on Etsy.

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11 Best Advent Calendars for 2018

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As December creeps closer and closer, the allure of the holidays (and time off of work) feels so close and yet so far away. And yet, if you think about this time of year when you were a child, the days seemed to creep by, the torturous time seeming never ending between you and a tree* filled with all the gifts you’ve been dreaming of all year**. (*If you celebrate Christmas!) (**Yes, we know this perpetuates some culturally instituted consumer mentality, but kids do enjoy toys!). At any rate, as adults we now stare longingly at the calendar for days off and, of course, being with loved ones, and the days still seem to tick by rather slowly (although, holiday parties break up the monotony!).

One thing that helped us get through December as kids was the beloved advent calendar. Every year, we would wait in anticipation for that chocolate filled miracle calendar to appear, guaranteeing at least one piece of chocolate a day (and in one case, an editor who recalls taking the entire thing under her bed and eating every piece of chocolate at the beginning of the month, much to her mother’s—and stomach’s—dismay).

And now as adults, why not continue the tradition? As you may have noticed, advent calendars for adults have increased heavily in popularity recently and we’re totally on board. There’s an advent calendar for everyone, from fancy chocolates to tea to sex toys. Here are the best advent calendars for 2018 to buy now!

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12 Holiday Cards To Impress All Your Friends and Family

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Whether you’re newly married, recently engaged, or have been together for years, once the holiday season rolls around, the pressure is on to get your act together and send out holiday cards to your nearest and dearest. Although options used to be quite limited in the personalized holiday card market (we can all remember the cards printed on glossy photo paper with a seasonal border around your family portrait), these days your options are wide open. There are now all shapes, sizes and styles of cards for you to choose from!

If you’re in the market for something modern and minimalist, there’s a card for that. If you’re more of a traditionalist and want something that feels classic, there’s a card for that. Maybe you want something loud, colorful and fun? You guessed it: there’s a card for that! Since the holidays are fast approaching, and there’s no time like the present to get your holiday cards sent out!

We’ve found some of our favorite holiday cards (and cards celebrating the end of one year and beginning of another, which is equally as important) so you can get to ordering ASAP!

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Make Your Home Oh So Welcoming For the Holidays With THIS Popular Pinterest Trend

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With Thanksgiving approaching, it’s officially the holiday season…and we couldn’t be more excited! Not only are we gearing up for holiday parties and spending some quality time with loved ones, but we’re also starting to do some serious Pinterest research to check out how we should decorate our homes. Now, to be clear, we aren’t talking a giant inflatable Santa or red and green everything—in fact, some of our favorite trends are subtle enough that they blend in with the rest of your decorating scheme (or at least don’t scream “I am seasonal decor!”).

One of our favorite of such trends has seen a +2,869% (!) jump in popularity on Pinterest in the past year—layered door mats! It’s easy to execute and certainly affordable, and there are so many fun options to mix and match. You could even keep this trend going all year round and just switch up what mats you use depending on the season (or your mood). It’s an inexpensive way to update your entryway, and you can get on this Pinterest trend whether you live in an apartment with a stoop (or even just an inside landing) or a home with a large porch.

Want to snag a few and try this out yourself? Well great news, we found a ton of door mats that can be easily incorporated into all kinds of decor schemes. Even better? You can buy them all now in anticipation of the holidays!

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16 Best Holiday Hostess Gift Ideas for the Entertainers in Your Life

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When it comes to brainstorming the best holiday hostess gift ideas, the pressure is on. Whether you’re going to your in-laws for the holidays (maybe as newly engaged, maybe for the first time as a married couple) or repaying your maid of honor for hosting your bridal shower, you certainly should be prepared to bring a stellar gift. Even if you’re already the world’s most gracious guest (helping with the cooking, refraining from political talk, etc.), showing up empty-handed to any seasonal festivities, wedding related or not, is a major faux pas (manners, people!). It is the season of giving, let’s not forget.

With all the holiday soirées on your docket this year, earn major party points and set the tone by mapping out your hostess (or host) gift(s) well in advance. When it comes to festivities with your own parents (don’t leave mom hanging), you know best. Perhaps a luxe candle for mother dearest will solidify your hostess-gifting MVP status. Your bridesmaids deserve a little extra love, too, say for inviting you and the crew over for a Friendsgiving dinner or a pre-wedding bonding-night-in. As for the ultimate challenge—the in-laws—you can’t go wrong with a little something in the cuisine department. And if asking your partner what they think you should bring is an exercise in futility (as it usually is) it’s all good, because we—as usual—have got you covered, with the 16 best holiday hostess gift ideas.

Bring any of these on their own (don’t forget to make the packaging/presentation chic in that case—wrapping in a pretty paper or adorning with a hand-dyed silk ribbon for extra oomph), or really impress her and put any in a French-style market tote, et voilà!

Anthropologie Monette Monogram Cheese Board

Courtesy of Anthropologie

For the woman who loves nothing more than filling her house with loved ones and somehow is able to whip up a cheese and charcuterie board (complete with nuts and fancy jams) at a moment’s notice, impress with a modern monogram rendition. A cheese board isn’t the most original holiday hostess gift in the world, but these certainly are!

SHOP NOW: Anthropologie, $68

Plymouth Artisan Cheese 6-Piece Set in Vintage Wooden Gift Crate

Courtesy of Plymouth Cheese

That appetizer spread won’t fill itself. What better to liven up the selection than a bunch of artisan cheese goodies (packaged in a keepsake crate, mind you)?

SHOP NOW: Sur La Table, $100

Cire Trudon Abd El Kader Gold Classic Candle

Courtesy of Cire Trudon

There’s not a soul alive who doesn’t enjoy a good candle, especially when it gets chilly outside and all you want is to be tucked inside your home with loved ones. A candle that’s sophisticated in scent and has such nice packaging that it doesn’t need to be hidden away when not being used is a must for a hostess gift.

SHOP NOW: Barney’s New York, $105

The Citizenry Saludo Serving Spoons – Set of 2

Courtesy of The Citizenry

For the hostess who will be more than thrilled and not intimidated with a brand-new kitchen toy (spiralizer? sure! multicooker? bring it on!), make sure you get her something fun and new that maybe she hasn’t even seen before. Enter handcrafted, uber modern serving utensils.

SHOP NOW: The Citizenry, $95

ILĀ Olive Oil

Courtesy of ILĀ

In our opinion, having a quality olive oil is pretty much the definition of indulgence. High-quality, hand-picked olives pressed in a 100-year-old mill make this the cream of the cooking crop.

SHOP NOW: Need Supply Co., $24

Olympia Provisions Salami Bouquet

Courtesy of Food52

It’s a salami bouquet. Just do it.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $50-$85

Xenia Taler Set of 4 Porcelain Coasters

Courtesy of Xenia Taler

Classic black-and-white design meets a home decor essential. Because you best not put that Manhattan on bare wood or marble. Tsk tsk.

SHOP NOW: Nordstrom, $40

Fresh Fresh Life Oval Soap

Courtesy of Fresh

Proper presentation is the name of the game, and this soap’s packaging takes the cake (check out that semi-precious stone tied within the wire). Throw in some bath salts and a candle and you’ve got the perfect pampering gift. Plus, a blend of nourishing ingredients ensure much-needed moisture just in time for winter.

SHOP NOW: Neiman Marcus, $15

Corkcicle Air

Courtesy of Crate & Barrel

Wine, meet your chilling best friend. Replace the overly-gifted wine cooler with a two-in-one aerator and temperature controller. And, let’s be honest, it just looks really cool.

SHOP NOW: Crate & Barrel, $24.95

Ticket Chocolate Hot Chocolate on a Stick

Courtesy of Food52

One thing always holds true once the holidays roll around—calories don’t count (right?). Indulge even the most discerning sweet tooth thanks to an ingenious take on winter’s arguably best (non-alcoholic) beverage.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $24-$64

Le Creuset Cookbook: A Collection of Recipes from Our French Table

Courtesy of Le Creuset

We recently got our hands on this beautiful cookbook, and we love it. It’s bursting with beautiful imagery and really yummy recipes—and Le Creuset certainly is the perfect resource to trust when it comes to recipes!

SHOP NOW: Le Creuset, $35

Parachute Home Linen Napkins

Isn’t it always the practical things we end up waiting years to replace because it just seems like an unnecessary expense? Gift your mother, mother-in-law, or BFF these beautifully patterned linen napkins so she can upgrade her tablescape just in time for Thanksgiving.

SHOP NOW: Parachute, $29 for 2

Nordic Ware Elegant Party Bundt Pan

Courtesy of Food52

This pan is an easy way for your hostess to impress her guests next time she makes a bundt cake (and heck, if they were all this pretty we’d all be making a lot more bundt cakes). Tip: Package this with ingredients for a bundt cake and wrap it all in a pretty tablecloth for a more rounded-out gift.

SHOP NOW: Food52, $40

Prowl Gold Cocktail Stirrers Set of 4

Courtesy of CB2

Come equipped with a few cool cocktail additives to gift your hostess, and you’ll transform into the life of the party. They’re especially fitting as a thank-you gift for your bridal shower or bachelorette planner.

SHOP NOW: CB2, $24.95

The Bouqs Company Flower Subscription

Courtesy of The Bouqs

Nothing livens up a room more than fresh flowers, and it certainly is a worthy indulgence to have them around as much as possible! Bring your mom or MIL a bouquet when you arrive, and then gift her a subscription of a couple of weeks or months worth of flower deliveries from The Bouqs.

SHOP NOW: The Bouqs Company, prices vary

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Floral Botanicals Kitchen Towel

Courtesy of World Market

Speaking of blooms, add a few dainty pops of color to your hostess with the mostess’ kitchen.

SHOP NOW: World Market, was $7.99, now $5.59

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11 Home Scents Perfect for Fall and Winter


With fall upon us and winter just around the corner, the season of hibernating and shacking up with your S.O. on the couch is imminent. Spring and summer are the seasons for opening all the windows and doors, sweeping out the cobwebs and spending most of your free time outside and with friends. Fall and winter mean more time at home which means making your place feel as cozy as possible!

Ways you can achieve the highest level of coziness? Firstly, stash blankets in every room so that any lounge time includes a blanket of some sort (we keep at least two to three throw blankets of different weights in our living room space—you can never be too safe!). Next, make sure you invest in some quality comfy clothes to change into the minute you walk through the door…no one likes to feel constricted when they’re doing some serious Netflix binging.

One of the most important parts of having that cozy ambiance, though, is having just the right amount of dim lighting. And you know what kind of dim lighting we like the best? Candlelight! Preferably scented candles to fill you home with warm, wintery smells. If you’re more of a string lights for your low lighting type, you can still get delicious scents with diffusers of many kinds that you won’t be embarrassed to leave out for guests to see (they’re cute now!). So here’s a roundup of our favorite fall and winter home scents for the coziest home ever!

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13 Unique Housewarming Gifts Under $150

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You’re friends have just moved into a new home together—congrats to them! We know it can sometimes feel like there is a gift needed for every occasion (bridal showers, engagement parties, weddings, baby showers…the list goes on). Do you really need to buy yet another for a housewarming gift?

It’s important to give your friends a thoughtful housewarming gift when they move into a new place (even if it’s just flowers or a bottle of wine), because moving is stressful, especially if they’ve just gone through the process of buying a home rather than renting. Plus, if they’re having a housewarming party, presumably other people will be bringing gifts and you certainly don’t want to show up empty-handed.

Waiting until the last minute to decide what to bring is never a good idea, but, yes it does happen sometimes. But if you’ve been invited well in advance and want to get creative with your housewarming present, we’ve rounded up 13 of our favorite housewarming gifts so you can walk into your pals’ new abode knowing you brought something that they’re really going to love and appreciate.

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Wedding Cakes by You Zodiac Sign


Find Local Wedding Vendors

Browse the best wedding vendors in your area — from venues and photographers, to wedding planners, caterers, florists and more.

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15 Ideas For Hosting a Chic Halloween Dinner Party


So, you love Halloween but aren’t so much into the whole “go to a crowded bar, pay to get in, end up getting annoyed with all of the drunk people bumping into you with their costumes, end up leaving after 20 minutes, go to another bar and the cycle continues” thing. We get it. Sure, it’s fun in college but can’t we do Halloween in a semi-adult way at some point? For those who want to embrace the spooky and dark, but not in a bar or at house party, there is, in fact, an alternative. Why not have a Halloween dinner party for a handful (or more, depending on how ambitious you are) of friends? You can even have people come in costume, and if the mood strikes you can check out a bar after a nice civilized meal.

Having a Halloween dinner party that ends up chic while still fun and in the spirit of all things Halloween is just as much about knowing what to leave out as it is about what you should put in. If you’re looking for a Pinterest-fueled, spiderwebs everywhere, black lights vibe, this isn’t your scene. In fact, in the list of things we would leave out of a chic Halloween dinner party, fake, cottony spiderwebs would be top of list.

Also, use real dinnerware, don’t incorporate any orange, and for goodness sake don’t get theme-y on the food. A theme-y drink? Cool. But no adult is hoping for a carrot that looks like a witch’s finger as an appetizer. Want some ideas on what you should do? Keep reading!

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10 Companies That Make Framing Your Wedding Photos Oh So Easy


There are any number of ways you can go about commemorating your wedding after the big day (we’ve written about some new ideas, here) but one thing is certain: you’re going to need some quick and easy (and chic) way of framing your wedding photos. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite companies who make framing not only simple (so you have one less headache after all the work you already had to do planning!) but also fun, with tons of pretty options.

Framing Services

Artifact Uprising

One of our all-time favorite companies for wedding photos (they have beautifully designed calendars, custom photo books with linen covers, and other great giftables, too) Artifact Uprising has some beautiful framing options. Our favorite are their new float frames whose brass bolts and modern design would be the perfect way to frame your most treasured wedding photo. Choose their largest size (42×30”) and have a photo of your wedding venue printed and put somewhere central as a statement piece.


Framebridge is also a snap, and they have tons of frames and matting options. Our favorite frames are the Cairo (a burl wood frame) and the Carson (a clean gold frame). They also provide a free Designer’s Choice option — customers can work with a team of trained designers to select the perfect frame and treatment for their artwork (especially helpful when you’re sick of making decisions post-wedding planning!).

Simply Framed

Simply Framed is a great company to use if you have artwork or invitations from your wedding that you want to have framed. They handle all artwork with extreme care, and specialize in creating the right options for you, touting no more than five steps to make your decision making process that much easier. We love their Luxe silver frame, which puts a new spin on the clean metallic frame — silver feels both fresh and classic.


This company has an interesting origin story. It started as a frame shop in NYC in 1986, and the founders created Frameology in 2015 as they couldn’t find quite the right frames online anywhere else. Their frames are perfect for more traditional options and great for gifting to parents and other relatives, too.

Framed & Matted

Framed & Matted is the perfect solution for you, especially if you’re new to framing and need an easy and foolproof way to get art on your wall without any hassle. What’s great about them is that not only are you walked through every part of the process with options (frame color and size, matting color and size, etc.) they also have an option to “view in room” so you can see how big the piece is and how it will look on an actual wall in a virtual room so there aren’t any surprises when your framed art arrives.

Where to Buy Frames

Not in need of framing services but on the hunt for cool frames that don’t break the bank? We get it! It can be surprisingly hard to find non-cheesy/non-clunky frames these days. Here are 5 of our favorite resources.


Photo Courtesy of CB2

Although it may not be the first place you think of when you’re on the hunt for a frame (that’s why we’re here!) CB2 is one of our go-tos for sleek and unique frames (they also have lots of sizes and shapes for most of their frames so you can buy multiple in different styles for a cohesive gallery wall). We love how these have a black mat (which we never see) and the thin walnut feels masculine but not too heavy.

SHOP NOW: CB2, $24.99+


Photo Courtesy of Wayfair

The great thing about Wayfair is that they pretty much have any style frame you could want. But to keep you from spending an hour scrolling, this particular frame, above, is one of the best we’ve found in our online searches. It may seem like nothing special from the photo, but the very thin metal edges of the frame are an unusually good find—even brands that advertise their frames as thin can still end up being bulkier than we’d want. If you want more sizes and colors of this frame, the company is called Framatic and the style is Fineline (Wayfair sells a ton on their site).

SHOP NOW: Wayfair, $45.99

Urban Outfitters

Photo Courtesy of Urban Outfitters

In case you didn’t already know, Urban Outfitters has great home products (they especially always have cool utilitarian products designed to be pretty—like toilet paper holders and other bathroom accessories) and their frames are no exception. They have a lot of options for displaying Instax photos and other Polaroid-esque variations (they even have some light-up options), as well frames made just for album covers and other unique and playful options.

SHOP NOW: Urban Outfitters, $39

Zara Home

Photo Courtesy of Zara Home

That’s right, Zara has a home section! It’s actually quite expansive, and they’ve got some great finds. Their frames are all quite unique (we found one that’s in the shape of a gold snake!) and span the style spectrum from feminine to modern to classic.

SHOP NOW: Zara Home, $25.90


Photo Courtesy of Amazon

OK, maybe you saw this one coming but come on! How could we not include Amazon? They have pretty much anything you could want, you just need to know how to look for it. The trick is: you have to have a specific style in mind. If you just type in “frame” you’ll be scrolling for the rest of your life. But say you want a frame like the above—type in “floating acrylic frame gold hardware” and ta-da! Options galore.

SHOP NOW: Amazon, $99.99

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10 Pieces of Wall Art You Can Buy On Etsy

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Thinking about how to fill those blank walls of your new home together? If you’ve attempting to start an art collection (however modest), we know how hard the curation process can be. Key word here being curation. It’s certainly tempting to want everything to be perfectly in order the moment you move in. However, sometimes if you buy ALL your wall art at the same time, your home could end up looking like a furniture showroom. And no one wants to feel like their living in a showroom!

So we’re here to advocate for slowly decorating—this will yield much more personality and depth to your home’s character. When you take the time to collect art and decor over time, each piece holds meaning and doesn’t feel rushed. And, here’s a good insider tip: your home will never actually be “done.” Just like you, it will evolve as your tastes change and your needs shift—and that’s ok!

If you’re looking for art that feels personal, handmade, and not like a mass-produced print that every blogger has, look no further than Etsy of course! Here are 10 of our favorite pieces to make your house feel like a home (and not a showroom).

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10 Dining Chairs for Every Budget

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If you’re lucky enough to have room for a dining table and chairs, you know that buying dining furniture can be quite the investment. If you’ve never looked for dining chairs before, the sticker shock can be real, especially when you realize that you’re going to need 4-8 of each of those chairs (what do you mean it’s $600 for one chair and not the set?!).

But don’t fret! If there’s one thing we’re good at, it’s scouring the internet for beautiful furniture, and naturally we want to pass along our good finds to you. Below you’ll find chairs for every budget, from the starter home (champagne taste on a PBR budget) to the “we’re ready to invest” stages of life. Plus, styles for every type of couple—mid-century inspired, modern and minimalist, classic and more! And don’t forget, if you’re into vintage and want to mix some in, go for it! We love the look of a table that has similarly styled (in color palette and design) but mis-matched chairs. Because why choose one when you can have them all?

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8 Dinner Party Essentials From Etsy

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When you’re priming to throw a dinner party, there’s a lot you have to get in order. Firstly, there’s the menu to plan: Will you serve something casual, barbecue-style, or will you go with something more formal that requires everyone being seated for different courses (and also requires that people arrive on time, versus a casual drop-in). Once you’ve made your decision, then comes logistics like ingredients and how you are going to serve them.

For the more casual get together, think serving bowls full of chips and family-style sides. For a more formal dinner, think varied plates for different courses (salad/dessert/dinner/and maybe a charger if you’re getting real fancy) as well as a cheeseboard and glassware (if you’re not so into cans and bottles of booze being on the table).

Now, it’s time to focus on decor. For a BBQ, stringing lights around your backyard or patio/balcony area mixed with scattered tea lights and small floral arrangements sets the mood. For something seated, opt for slightly larger centerpieces (they can still be casual and arranged by you!), tapered candles, and laid-back linens. Want a little inspo if you’re stuck on what to buy?

Here are some dinner party essentials (all from Etsy!) that you’ll need, regardless of your partying style.

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