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12 Amazon Prime Day 2018 Kitchen and Home Deals to Buy NOW!


It’s here! The long awaited, once a year, multi-day shopping event on the giant shopping site Amazon: Prime Day! From today at 3pm EST through Wednesday (the 18th) at 3pm EST, you can peruse Amazon for some of the best deals you’ll see anywhere, all year. So of course that means this is the time to do a little forward thinking, (and quickly, since time is of the essence!).

Ask yourself:

  1. Are there are any big-ticket items you’ve been waiting to buy (pricey appliances, expensive pieces of furniture)?

  2. Are you mentally prepared to do a little holiday shopping in July, months before you really have to (yes, we know, the temptation of procrastinating up until the week before the holidays is perhaps your MO) in order to save yourself some money (and a headache later)?

Since a lot of the Prime Day deals are quite significantly discounted, buying a mattress at 40% of, for instance, will most likely end up saving a few hundred dollars—why buying these big ticket items during Prime Day will definitely be worth your while! As far as holiday shopping, we know it’s a bit of a stretch this far out, but believe us—come December you’ll thank us.

After checking out all the kitchen and home deals across Amazon, we’ve chosen some of the our favorite items. And not just investment pieces that you’ll save majorly on, but some great basics that will fill out gaps you might have at home. Enjoy, and go forth and shop!

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7 Gorgeous Pieces of Furniture You Can Use For Storage


When it comes to investing in new furniture, finding pieces that are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are comfortable and useful can be quite the task. And what if you need extra storage? (We see you small-apartment dwellers.) Yes, we all have those pieces we need but don’t want displayed in an open-shelving situation. And if we’re being honest, a lot of storage furniture such as benches and ottomans can be a little clunky or not actually fit all those extra throw blankets or cookbooks you don’t want out on display. But despite all the ill-designed storage furniture out there, there are some diamonds in the rough—and of course, we found them for you.

Here are 7 pieces of chic storage furniture to add to your newlywed home STAT!

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Modern Luggage for Your Wedding Registry


It’s like that old adage goes: “Beautiful luggage is hard to find.” Ok, so maybe that’s a new one for you (because it doesn’t exist) but it certainly should be—because, let me tell you folks, it’s the dang truth. It seems to be easy to find middle of the road luggage that is somewhat durable and not hideous, but it’s a lot harder to find luggage that makes you excited to pack for a trip. That “can’t wait to stroll through the airport with this sweet suitcase—everyone will def know I’m cool when they see me with this” feeling, vs the “I wonder how quickly I can curbside check this piece of garbage so no one sees me with it” inclination. We’ve rounded up our favorite (tested!) durable, high quality, AND beautiful modern luggage for you to add to your registry ASAP. Because no one wants luggage shame en route to their honeymoon.

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10 Printable Wedding Invitations From Etsy


So, you have yet to send out wedding invitations but seem to have somehow already blown your budget. And now you’re looking at invitations and realizing these are much more expensive than you thought. We don’t blame you for considering making the effort to train carrier pigeons to deliver invitations to cut down on postage…” Good thing you caught yourself before Googling “carrier pigeon costs” (thus further distracting yourself by watching videos of carrier pigeons, etc) and instead came to your friends at Brides.

So, we are here with good news! It is possible to find some beautiful wedding invitations even on a limited budget. And one way to really cut down on costs is to look into printable invitation options. As in, you find a design you like, the stationer will give you a file, and you print it yourself. Voila!

Although it may be more work on your end than if you hired a stationer to take care of everything (designing, printing, etc.), you are saving a lot of money by doing some of the back-end work yourself. Another good thing about printable invitations is that you can commission a designer to do something completely custom, or they can just change bits of an original design, or you can have them only change names in an existing invitation suite—there are still a range of options for you, price-wise. Usually if you talk to the stationer they’ll be able to recommend a reliable printer that you can work with, and then it’s as easy as sending the printing company the digital file, chatting with them about what type of paper you want, and your timeline. Easy peasy!

To help you get started, we rounded up some of our favorite budget-friendly printable wedding invitations from Etsy. Happy hunting!

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Most Popular Registry Items By State, According to Wayfair


Ever wonder what the most popular registry items were by state? For example, do people in Georgia register for wildly different things than couples in South Dakota? We certainly have! Luckily, our friends over at Wayfair did a little digging and created a handy graphic and list. Now, you can see what couples all over the country are registering for, and it’s quite interesting; not everyone sticks to just registry basics! Read on, from Wayfair:

“As we emerge from the bridal registry period and head into peak wedding season, the Wayfair team took a close look at what couples across the country have added to their registry. While registrants in some states stuck to registry must-haves like bakeware and cutlery, some are switching things up adding less traditional registry items like wallpaper, flooring and lighting fixtures.”

Curious to see what couples in your state registered for? Find out below!

Graphic Courtesy of Wayfair

Alabama – seasonal decor

Alaska – drink coasters

Arizona – electric tea kettles

Arkansas – outdoor planters

California – decorative bowls

Colorado – cabinet hardware and door knobs

Connecticut – faux florals

Delaware – storage containers

Florida – hardwood flooring

Georgia – outdoor lounge chairs

Hawaii – wallpaper

Idaho – wine openers

Illinois – coat racks

Indiana – floor and wall tile

Iowa – cake pans

Kansas – lawn games

Kentucky – serve ware

Louisiana – home office desks

Maine – Adirondack chairs

Maryland – wedding decorations

Massachusetts – fabric

Michigan – coffee mugs and teacups

Minnesota – TV stands

Mississippi – decorative accents

Missouri – pet crates

Montana – knives

Nebraska – vanity lights

Nevada – outdoor grilling utensils

New Hampshire – napkin rings and place card holders

New Jersey – flatware

New Mexico – lawn games

New York – storage essentials

North Carolina – baking dishes

North Dakota – throw blankets

Ohio – candle holders

Oklahoma – chandelier lighting fixtures

Oregon – bench seating

Pennsylvania – outdoor planters

Rhode Island – dining chairs

South Carolina – flower vases

South Dakota – stair treads

Tennessee – pizza cutters

Texas – wine glasses and champagne flutes

Utah – juicers

Vermont – cheeseboards

Virginia – headboards

Washington – bedding and accent pillows

Washington DC – jewelry armoires

West Virginia – coffee mugs and teacups

Wisconsin – TV stands

Wyoming – vegetable peelers and slicers

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Everything You Need to Register for From Amazon


We’re sure this isn’t going to come as a shock to any of you since we’re big fans of Amazon and have spoken at length about some of our favorite registry pieces on the shopping giant, but in case you haven’t heard, yes, you can register at Amazon. The shopping mecca known for getting you anything you could want at any given time, has an easy registry program and of course, Amazon has everything. Heck if you wanted to, you could register for La Croix, a hamster cage, a refrigerator, or the perfect date night shoes—we wouldn’t recommend it, but it’s possible!

One of our favorite things to do is find beautiful pieces that we didn’t think existed on Amazon (like the cutest mint colored mini-fridge, see below) and it’s comforting to know that they not only carry most of our tried and true favorite brands, but also lots of new brands that we discovered through Amazon! You can browse the Amazon for hours and never get bored—meaning you can find some off-beat pieces to throw in along with your standard registry picks like towels and sheets. So whether you’re looking for group gifting items (a coffee table, a matching bikes), registry basics (white plates, wine glasses), or something more unique (a windowsill herb garden, perhaps?), Amazon is your one-stop shop.

To help you sort through the extensive (meaning…everything) list of potential registry products, we’ve picked out some of our favorite things on all of Amazon to help jumpstart your list. Happy registering!

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