8 Cozy Fall Throw Blankets from Etsy

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One thing you can never have too many of is a good throw blanket. Everything from Sunday afternoon Netflix binges, reading in your favorite book nook, to hanging out on the balcony having a glass of wine pretty much requires a cozy throw blanket. And although we’re especially into doubling up on the throws once the weather starts getting nippy, we’re firm believers in keeping (at least your lightweight) throws around all the dang time, regardless of the season. And when you’re not using ’em, keep the pretty ones out on display draped along the back of a chair or couch, or in a pretty basket (or a storage ottoman if they’re super cozy but not super chic).

Not only are throws the easiest way to feel cozy and comfy literally anywhere around your home (even in your bed if you’re not in the mood to fully unmake it), they also are also one of the quickest and cost-effective ways update your decor. With fall upon us, you may be in the mood to change up the look of a room or two (new temperatures and new wardrobe make us crave fresh starts), so why not grab a cozy new throw (or two…or three…) to mix things up in your living room or bedroom this autumn? Here are some of our favorite handmade throw blankets from Etsy.

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