6 Long Weekend Sex Ideas to Get You Ready for Labor Day

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Summertimes is almost over, but that doesn’t mean we’re giving up vacation season without a bang. Literally.

With Labor Day quickly approaching, it’s time to think about something other than your AirBnb reservations. We’re talking about long weekend sex. Three days of nonstop getting it on with your bae. What could be better? Nothing.

Use this an opportunity to get those sparks flying. Be creative. We have 6 amazing, long weekend sex ideas right here.

Go somewhere new (but close by!) for the weekend

Plan a mini-trip for the long weekend. There’s no reason to break the bank on a lavish cabin up in the woods or a European extravaganza.

In fact, you don’t even need to spend money on a long weekend. Ever heard of a house swap? Plan a mini-vacation at a friend’s house and have them stay at your place. It’s a small way to feel like you’re somewhere else, without actually going anywhere. Sometimes it simply takes a new location to get the libido pumping.

Or, if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can always plan a mini road trip. Who says you can’t have sex on the road?

For a staycation: Create your own beach

If you’re not planning to go anywhere for Labor Day, it doesn’t need to stop you from having super hot vacation sex. What ever could we mean? By getting creative, obviously. Instead of lying in bed for three days, reading the latest erotica find, create your own at home beach space.

It may sound absurd, but it’s actually super fun. Hello, role play anyone? If you need some ideas on how to make this happen, check out our guide to having beach sex, without the beach!

Sleep naked

Honey, it is hotter than hell out there. August and (most of) September are unforgiving months. The heat is like living inside of a microwave designed to melt your insides with radioactive waves. Meaning: It is not cute. It is very sweaty.

It’s a long weekend. Enjoy yourselves a little by sleeping naked. Not only is it super sexy to wake up next to your naked partner, but it will keep you cool. Research even suggests that sleeping naked can boost libido. How about that for a good reason to strip?

Plan a summer-themed date/sex night

Up the romance (and chances of sexy time), with a romantic date night. Keep everything extra summer-y. We even suggest checking drink menus for cute, beachy cocktails. You have to take advantage of this last long weekend, after all

Choose a place with an outdoor terrace. Share a sexy summer fantasy with your partner over hors d’oeuvres. Afterwards, take a summer stroll and whisper dirty things in your partner’s ear. Of course, once the romance has hit maximum it’s time to go home and get it on.

When you get home, strip. Have sex in a new room. Try something different. The kitchen is full of fun things that can become part of the sexual play. Grab some ice cubes out of the fridge. Put one in your mouth. Run it along your partner’s body. Start with the chest, then nipples, stomach and thighs.

Long weekends are perfect for long, sexy nights.

Hit up the pool

We know it’s hot. So, find a way to get wet (literally and figuratively). Not everyone can afford a fancy country club membership, but we usually know someone who either can afford that membership or who has a pool in their backyard. If you haven’t made a friend with a pool, make a friend with a pool.

We’re not in the business of suggesting you hang out with someone just because they have pool-access … but honestly, it’s really damn hot out there. Desperate times?

If you’re against this idea, you can always take the imaginary beach idea to the shower. Shower sex is not the easiest thing in the world, but turn that water on cold and get in there. Pretend you’re under a waterfall. Who cares as long as there are orgasms, right? You can even bring toys in the game.

Make a summertime fantasy come true

Certain sexual fantasies are only possible during the summer. If you’re planning to engage in any naughtiness outdoors, warm weather is a must (though we do have thoughts on wintertime exhibitionism, if you’re interested).

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Ever had that sexy fantasy where you’re in the pool and the hot AF lifeguard saves you from drowning? Or the one where the same hot AF lifeguard sees you in your bathing suit on the beach and can’t resist you?

Summertime helps this fantasy come to life. It builds a setting. If you don’t have a backyard in which to pretend, just use that makeshift beach idea from above. Role play is the BEST!

Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter at @GigiEngle.

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