28 Pretty Mother of the Groom Dresses for Any Budget and Style

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While the most raved about frock at your son’s upcoming wedding is bound to be the bride’s, you still deserve your own fashion moment while sporting your potential mother of the groom dress. Besides, despite the emphasis on the couple, weddings are undoubtedly huge family affairs, and you and your spouse will garner a fair chunk of attention on the big day (whether you’re ready for it or not!). From walking down the aisle (er, runway!?) to posing for more family photos than you’ve ever taken in a lifetime, there’s no shortage of moments in the spotlight, meaning you need a mother of the groom dress that makes you feel completely confident and comfortable.

Tradition typically dictates that the bride’s mother picks her gown first, and then the MOG follows suit with a corresponding style. But, as long as both mothers don’t show up in the exact same gown, we say to hell with this fading wedding custom. Although it’s ideal for the MOB and MOG to stick within a similar formality range based on the wedding’s dress code and to pick colors that complement one another (but not white!), it’s totally up to you how you want to look on the big day. The main rule of thumb is to let your style shine, avoid upstaging the bride at all costs, and run your dress by her before the wedding to avoid any monster-in-law stereotypes from the get-go.

Now, mother of the groom dress traditions aside, let’s get down to the fun part—picking out THE dress (the bride’s not the only one with a big wedding day outfit decision to make). If you’re a trendy mama, we have plenty for you. Think cool midi dresses fit to match any wedding style, patterns that make a statement without being too over the top, and unique silhouettes that will make you pray for at least one more occasion to sport said attire.

Or, if the traditional MOG dress route is more up your alley, you’re covered in that department, as well. There’s plenty of tasteful necklines, long sleeves, simple neutral hues, and more to meet your wedding day fancy, all of which are just as head-turning and far from mundane.

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Each silhouette in our roundup of 28 mother of the groom dresses is fit to flatter and, equally as important, gain the bride’s stamp of approval. With a slew of price points and picks for anything from black tie to barefoot beach ceremony, there’s a gown with your name written all over it.

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