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Ramadan in Maldives


Ramadan or Roadha Mas in Maldivian language is the largest religious festival in Maldives. During Ramadan, things occur very different than the day to day life in the Maldives.

All Muslim citizens of Maldives fast for 30 days during day time. A great deal of special food are cooked, new household articles are purchased in preparation for the month of Ramadan. You will find considerable number of events happening during Ramadan month, special offers, electronic products, and many other offers are found around Male’ and in the Atolls of the Maldives.

All the offices in Maldives work for shorter hours during Ramadan. Cafe’s and Restaurants in hotels, resorts are usually open for the tourist, and for those people who don’t fast or cook at home during the month of Ramadan. During Ramadan break fast is at the sunset and is organized in different places like resorts, hotels, restaurants and at home. Today is the first day of Ramadan Month and we wish all the Maldivians and Muslims around the World a very blessed holy month of Ramadan.

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Ramadan in Maldives


Ramadan or Roadha Mas in Maldivian language is the largest religious festival in Maldives. During Ramadan, things occur very different than the day to day life in the Maldives.

All Muslim citizens of Maldives fast for 30 days during day time. A great deal of special food are cooked, new household articles are purchased in preparation for the month of Ramadan. You will find considerable number of events happening during Ramadan month, special offers, electronic products, and many other offers are found around Male’ and in the Atolls of the Maldives.

All the offices in Maldives work for shorter hours during Ramadan. Cafe’s and Restaurants in hotels, resorts are usually open for the tourist, and for those people who don’t fast or cook at home during the month of Ramadan. During Ramadan break fast is at the sunset and is organized in different places like resorts, hotels, restaurants and at home. Today is the first day of Ramadan Month and we wish all the Maldivians and Muslims around the World a very blessed holy month of Ramadan.

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Top 3 My Maldives Resorts


Top 3 My Maldives Resorts

My Maldives Holiday Experts know that your accommodation can make or break a holiday and that’s why we offer simply nothing but the best of the best. We know our suppliers personally and we’ve built strong relationships with them so we know we’re providing you with the best Maldives accommodation options, at the best price too. We don’t want to sell you a holiday that we wouldn’t be happy with ourselves so the My Maldives resorts have been hand-selected and tested by our Maldives Holiday Experts. If we wouldn’t stay there, you won’t find it at My Maldives!

From exotic escapes to romantic getaways, My Maldives have a resort to suit your next holiday. The hardest part is choosing which one to base your holiday at. The My Maldives Holiday Experts have chosen their Top 3 My Maldives resorts to help you decide!

Furaveri Island Resort & Spa

Island retreat for couples and families alike

Immerse yourself in the island vibe when you stay at Furaveri Island Resort & Spa! Whether you’re holidaying on your own, with your significant other or the whole family this resort can cater for all your needs. Families can take advantage of the Kids Club, a free program designed for children aged between four and eleven. Parents can enjoy time to themselves while the kids have fun with games and toys in the club room and take part in the fun-filled activities such as coconut painting and palm tree origami. Outside there is a huge outdoor playground and enclosed, shallow pool for the youngsters to enjoy too! Couples can rediscover their love at Furaveru Island Resort & Spa. The resort offers opportunities to renew your vows or enjoy a blissful honeymoon experience. Indulge in a couple massage at Furaveri Spa or dine under the stars with a romantic candle lit dinner on the beach. For everyone in between there is an extensive list of leisure activities and facilities available to you. Head out on the water and swim with turtles, sharks, rays, tropical fish and vibrant coral with Dive Club Furaveri or borrow some gear from the Water Sports Team and try jet skiing or banana boating. For more information or to view our Holiday Packages at Furaveri Island Resort & Spa click here! 

My Maldives Top Resorts | Furaveri Island Resort & Spa

My Maldives Top Resorts | Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa

5-star picturesque luxury

Experience 5-star luxury surrounded by captivating beauty at Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa. The resort is situated on a private island nestled amongst luscious greenery bordered by clear blue waters that are home to beautiful reefs. You can stay in one of the recently refurbished guest rooms or ocean villas that spread along the 1 kilometre long island. You’ll find everything you would expect a from a 5-star luxury resort at Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa. Let your taste buds travel around the world with range of cuisines available in the 7 contemporary and al-fresco restaurants on the island. Better yet why not dine in some of the most exquisite settings in the Maldives. Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa offers private dining experiences from candle lit dinners on the beach to elegant dining under the Sea Salt Pavilion on the waters edge. Let the skilled spa therapists at Shine Spa pamper you with relaxing and nurturing treatments; Enjoy drinks and snacks while you float around the free form pool; Laze on the soft sand beach and watch the fascinating marine life play in the shallows – it’s all possible at Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa. For more information or to view our Holiday Packages at Sheraton Maldives Full Moon Resort & Spa click here! 

W Maldives

Underwater playground

Set on its own private island W Maldives sits right on top of one of the best house reefs in the Maldives. Home to some of the most colourful and unique marine life in the world, it’s no surprise it’s said to be one of the best resorts for snorkelling in the Maldives! Snorkelling gear is free to use for guests staying at W Maldives. Just visit the friendly team at WAVE, the resorts water sports centre, gear up and jump in! Accessible from all corners of the resort the house reef is a 24-hour underwater playground waiting for you to discover the unique marine life that lies beneath the surface. Get up close and personal to thousands of marine life species like tropical fish, sea turtles, rays and tuna. Some snorkelers have even swum alongside reef sharks or the biggest fish on earth, the whale shark! W Maldives marine biologist offers a range of courses and excursions too, suitable for everyone from beginners to experienced snorkelers. Snorkelling isn’t the only way to discover the underwater wonderland either. Dive deeper and explore the impressive dive sites that surround the resort. W Maldives offer PADI certified diving courses and a range of diving excursions too! For more information or to view our Holiday Packages at W Maldives click here! 

My Maldives Top Resorts | W Maldives

Still not sure where to stay for your My Maldives holiday? Contact the My Maldives Holiday Experts today for trustworthy advice! Our Maldives Holiday Experts can help choose the best resort for you, plus help with experiences and things to do!

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The longest, oldest and largest: 6 superlatives from around the world


With the world’s longest direct flight, from London to Perth, launching next year, Audley specialists have put together ideas for experiencing some of the world’s other superlatives, from the largest salt flat to the longest rail journey.

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Creating Your Own Luxury Maldives Holiday Experience


The Maldives isn’t a one-size fits all holiday destination – there is simply too much to do, see, explore and experience here for it to be just any ordinary beach getaway. The beauty of this remarkable island nation is not only in its stunning natural environment, but in its ability to place your every wish and desire right at your fingertips. Here at Addicted to Maldives, we specialise in taking your wildest dreams – everything you have always wanted to do while on holiday but perhaps never thought possible – and we make them a reality. Read on to find out how you can experience the Maldives in your own unique way…

Finding the right resort…

There are dozens of world-class luxury resorts scattered throughout the Maldives, each one situated on its own island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. With so many spectacular options to choose from, it can no doubt be hard to know which is right for you – which is why there is no one better to consult than those who have experienced firsthand each and every luxurious place to eat, sleep and play. Our team knows that each resort has its own unique vibe, so after consulting with you we will be able to recommend the perfect option for your stay. Whether you’re travelling with the family or friends, as newly-weds, colleagues or even on your own, we will find you somewhere so perfectly suited to what you’re looking for that you won’t ever want to come home.

One&Only spa2.jpeg

Deciding how you will spend your days…

The beauty of the Maldives is that you can do as much or as little as you like. This gorgeous, serene part of the world is the ideal place to relax and rejuvenate, but it is equally as suited to the adrenaline-seekers, the revellers and the family-focused travellers too. When you come to us for help in planning your trip, we don’t simply map out your itinerary – we inspire and excite you with tailor-made experiences that we believe you will love. The process is simple; we sit down with you and get to know who you are, what you enjoy doing and what this holiday means to you. Is it a chance to get away from your busy schedule and recharge or is it an opportunity to indulge in your adventurous side? Do you want to fill your days with romantic experiences like candlelit dinners on a private island and watching a movie under the stars, or would you prefer to go surfing with your family and dine in some of the world’s most famous restaurants? Our own personal love for the Maldives fuels our unique concierge service as it allows us to make recommendations that we know with certainty that you will love – because we have experienced the best of the best and loved every minute of it. The truth is that even your wildest fantasies will be reimagined when your trip to the Maldives is planned by us – because you simply cannot imagine its unique array of opportunities until you have experienced them yourself.

Amilla spa.jpeg
One&Only Romance.jpeg
One&Only kids2.jpeg

Taking care of the details…

Our job is to make sure that your holiday surpasses any and every expectation you had. And, might we add, we are very good at that job. To us, true luxury is taking care of every detail from beginning to end, providing a seamless experience that you can count on. We take care of everything – from private seaplane transfers where you can look down on the string of Maldivian atolls, to arranging the world’s most stunning overwater villas for you to call home or organising romantic, champagne-filled getaways on private yachts. We curate moments that you will turn into your best memories while still leaving you the freedom and flexibility to make your days here your own. The Maldivian culture reflects this commitment to luxury just as much as we do, providing you with personal butlers who are available 24/7 to tend to anything you might need. The resorts we work with give every guest the VIP treatment, treating you to the care and attention that most people can only dream of. Paradise is a word we don’t use lightly, but when it comes to this small but serene part of the world, no other word will do.

An all-encompassing concierge service, Addicted to Maldives aims to make your escape to this incredible archipelago one that you will never forget. If you’re looking to create the trip of a lifetime, we know precisely what is takes to do just that. Get in contact with us today to start planning your dream getaway.

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Sunsets & Dreams in Maldives


So I am back in the land of blog, I know you have missed my random musings. Now I am in no doubt, that you know that I have just returned from a trip of a lifetime. You have been enjoying (or enduring) my constant Insta spamming of all things Maldivian over the last 10 days, so it only felt right that my first blog post back, should be about my latest adventure to paradise.  So, sit back, grab a cuppa and I’ll tell you about dreams coming true (I know, just bear with me).

12169_131003170401864 _MG_1164 copy

The Maldives has been something that I have day dreamed about since I was a teenager. It epitosmised everything romantic to me, walking on white sands with the one you love and sipping champagne whilst watching sunsets. So it was up there, way up there, on my list of life goals, always making my list of top travel destinations, often my laptop wallpaper, my vision board inspiration and something that I waffled on and on to my Hubby about. Six years ago I had done extensive research, to mark our first five years of holy matrimony, I had picked the resort and was ready to tick off that bucket list dream, but living in Prague didn’t make the journey the easiest and in all honesty we talked ourselves out of it. So it was benched, but remained high on the one day list………….


oh one day (she sighed and dreamed away)

Fast forward to last August,  I sat at home one very hot day and Hubby asked me if I still wanted to go to the Maldives for our 10th anniversary. Was he crazy!? As if he even needed to ask me that question!! In that very moment my heart raced, as he told me to grab the lap top and show him what I had in mind. Well apart from nearly killing myself running in socks across my tiled floors, within seconds I had opened up the Kuramathi Island Resort website. The URL had practically been burned into my memory since I found it way back  in Prague, after a recommendation from a work colleague. Now Hubby knew this was my dream more than his, so he knew there was no need to question my choice and simply said book it!

So 20 minutes after he had posed the question, me nearly suffering death by socks, we were one step closer to paradise. 

We hit a bump in the road trying to get flights from the desert, which were ridiculously priced, horrible times or multiple connections (most of which flying away from the direction we wanted to go in). Hubby was getting a little stressed and I was seeing a repeat of our Prague scenario and the trip slipping away. Fear not dear readers, my knight in shining armour came through. I was woken at 6am the following morning (not impressed) by a very excited Hubby, who had been up for hours researching flights, bless him. He had found the perfect route with Sri Lankan Airways, great timings, one connection through Colombo and business class. It was booked. There was only one thing for it……..I burst into tears! It was happening, really happening, I just to wait 6 months.

So after months of my desert girls hearing nothing but my excitement, coming to my rescue the week before I was due to leave, when my back gave up leaving the whole trip in the balance. Emergency Physio for a 6 days and I was able to board that plane, knock back the bubbles and we were on our way. I can fully recommend Sri Lankan Airways , the route via Colombo was so easy from Kuwait, the planes, service and comfort level (even with my bad back) was excellent. On arrival at Male, we came out into what I can only describe as a hotel convention. Every resort had its only own little stand and you simply match yourself up and your transfers are organised in a swift and hassle free manner. We opted for the sea plane transfer to the island, whilst this is a pricer option ($500 per person) it cuts the travel time down to 20 minutes, compared to the 90 minute boat transfer. As a nervous flyer I have to admit this wasn’t something I was relishing, but knew it was part of the experience. So Jersey Girl found her inner adventurer (I won’t mention the small panic attack 5 mins before) and away we went. I’m not going to lie, it was a noisy, extremely sweaty, sardines in a can, type experience but the views and the approach to the resort made it all worth it.

Aru + Hex

When arriving at Kuramathi, you are instantly put at ease, the laid back island vibe is immediate, as the flip flop wearing staff welcome you with smiles and refreshments. We were almost instantly ushered from the main reception to the other side of this idilic 1.8km utopia. Into the golf buggy we went (these are the only island transport and Hubby was far too enthused by this novelty) and in the short ride we passed through the perfect tropical hideaway, virgin vegetation and kept getting glimpses of the turquoise waters.

We went for the basic all inclusive package, which was the best decision we made. The resort offers various options and even the all inclusive has 2 tiers. You are allocated a restaurant for all three meals, located in your specific area of the island and alcoholic drinks are included (with very few limitations). Outside of the three main buffet restaurants, there are also nine à la carte restaurants offering a range of cuisine, which are discounted on some all inclusive packages, so well worth trying. Now you are well aware that I love food, so I would not have been happy if this was all samey and chips with everything kinda joint. The food was incredible. Our favorite being the Siam Garden, which was tucked away in the trees and surrounded by water features and tropical smells, but the standout foodie moment was our private dining experience.

We went for the basic all inclusive package, which was the best decision we made. The resort offers various options and even the all inclusive has 2 tiers. You are allocated a restaurant for all three meals, located in your specific area of the island and alcoholic drinks are included (with very few limitations). Outside of the three main buffet restaurants, there are also nine à la carte restaurants offering a range of cuisine, which are discounted on some all inclusive packages, so well worth trying. Now you are well aware that I love food, so I would not have been happy if this was all samey and chips with everything kinda joint. The food was incredible. Our favorite being the Siam Garden, which was tucked away in the trees and surrounded by water features and tropical smells, but the standout foodie moment was our private dining experience.


Originally Written by Jersey on her on her blog,

Jersey; a small island in the English Channel, where cows, potatoes and curious patriotic locals called Beans coexist. I am one such bean, born and bred in one the of the jewels, if not a little claustrophobic bubbles, of the British isles.

Now in my (she coughs, takes a deep breath) mid thirties I find myself an expat wife, exploring the world and all its wonders.

This is my insight into travel, living abroad and everything inbetween.
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Editors' TakeMaldives-HolidayReviews

Romantic Getaways 5 Most Affordable Overwater Bungalows


An overwater bungalow is a honeymooner’s dream, but it can cost $1,000 or more per night. These options, in destinations from Mexico to the Maldives, only cost half as much.
Intercontinental Tahiti Resort & Spa – Tahiti

Of the 265 rooms that make up this 32-acre Tahitian retreat, located along a pristine lagoon, only 31 are overwater bungalows. The villas feature comfy beds, marble bathrooms and unimpeded views of the neighboring island of Moorea; they’re also the most affordable floating accommodations in French Polynesia. Turn up the romance with a sunset cruise, or take a small boat to a nearby motu (islet) for a private five-course dinner. Weekends bring the island’s best showcase for traditional dance by Les Grands Ballets de Tahiti troupe.

Olhuveli Beach and Spa Resort – Maldives

Set along the Maldives’ South Malé Atoll, this resort is a virtual Garden of Eden encompassing towering palms, powdery beaches and a peaceful lagoon with 60 stilted cottage & bungalow. All villas feature private sun decks with vistas that stretch for miles. Up the ante by booking a Jacuzzi villa for an open-air hot tub on an expansive terrace. Rest up at the holistic Sun Spa with an Ayurvedic or Balinese couples massage before embarking on a thrilling night dive to view whale sharks, dolphins and manta rays. Or enjoy some alone time on your deck with a five-course wine-pairing dinner served by your personal waiter.

El Nido Lagen Island Resort – Philippines

The western Philippines archipelago of Palawan isn’t well known to U.S. travelers, but it won’t stay that way. The 18 water cottages at this eco-chic resort along Bacuit Bay are nestled on a strip of sand where lush jungle meets sparkling lagoon. Active couples can have top of your boat kayaks to the island’s hidden caves, hike through the rainforest or snorkel right off of their cottage’s sun deck. Want something more sedentary? Wile away the days on quiet beaches, or get pampered at the traditional Filipino-style spa. Still, the most perfect honeymoon time might just be spent alone on the veranda of your bungalow, perfect for sunbathing, stargazing or snuggling.

Hotel Desconocido – Mexico

One hundred acres of beaches, lagoons and organic gardens make up this resort (which means “little unknown hotel” in Spanish), located south of Puerto Vallarta at the end of a peninsula boasting a UNESCO World Heritage-recognized wildlife estuary. But it’s in Hotelito’s 27 thatch palafitos, poised over a lagoon, that couples will likely spend most of their time. Hand-painted tiles and canopy beds carved from guayabillo wood decorate the breezy villas. Brightly painted rowboats serve as your means for exploring the property’s watery landscape — home to pelicans, frigates and sea turtles — as well as its 40-mile white-sand beach. Come dusk, the solar-powered villas and grounds are lit with hundreds of candles and blazing tiki torches, giving every evening a romantic glow.

Punta Caracol Acqua Lodge – Panama

Seclusion is key at this nine-bungalow eco-resort located just off the shores of Panama’s Isla Colon in the Bocas del Toro archipelago. Colorful villas feature thatch roofs, hammocks strung on wraparound terraces, and stairs leading to the Caribbean. A low-key vibe prevails throughout, from the beachfront candlelit restaurant to the solar panels that power the property. Those looking for adventure can snorkel or kayak the mile-long coral reef, or explore the nearby rainforest to mingle with friendly sloths and indigenous scarlet red frogs.
Originally posted on BY JACKIE CARADONIO OCTOBER 2, 2016

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The haven for honeymooners where everyone gets divorced


Why is the rate so high in the Maldives? Various reasons have been cited. Perhaps the most compelling is that, as in other Muslim societies, where premarital sex is taboo, many marry young, but, under the country’s mixed Sharia and common law system, they can then secure a divorce relatively easily when things don’t work out. Others have blamed a lack of childcare facilities combined with a rise in women entering the workforce. 

Russia, Belarus, Latvia and another tropical idyll – Aruba – fill the gaps in between the US and the Maldives. The UK divorce rate is 2, putting it tied for 38th of the 104 destinations to feature. The lowest divorce rates are often found in countries with large Catholic populations, such as Chile, Colombia and Ireland, as well as Muslim countries like Libya, Uzbekistan and Bahrain. 

The 20 places where divorce is most common

1. Maldives – 10.97 per year per 1,000 inhabitants

2. Russia – 4.5

3. Aruba – 4.4

4. Belarus – 4.1

5. Latvia – 3.6

6. United States – 3.6

7. Lithuania – 3.5

8. Gibraltar – 3

9. Moldova – 3

10. Belgium – 3

11. Cuba – 2.9

12. Switzerland – 2.8

13. Ukraine – 2.8

14. Denmark – 2.8

15. Hong Kong – 2.76

16. Jordan – 2.6

17. Czech Republic – 2.5

18. Portugal – 2.5 

19. Costa Rica – 2.5

20. Sweden – 2.5

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Blair takes up role of general manager with The St. Regis Maldives


Alexander Blair has been appointed to the role of general manager of The St. Regis Maldives.

Blair joins the island resort having been the complex general manager of Al Faisaliah Hotel in Saudi Arabia since 2014.

Prior to this, he held managerial roles at Oriental Residence Bangkok and HPL Hotels & Resorts, Maldives.

He brings 25 years of experience in luxury hospitality across Europe, Asia and the Middle East, having begun his career in the UK with Marriott International and progressing through the company over 14 successful years.

Blair was born in the UK and gained a national certificate in hotel catering while studying in Scotland, before embarking upon the management trainee programme with Marriott in 1991.

Speaking on his new appointment, Blair commented: “I am delighted to join The St. Regis Maldives, particularly in such a key year for the resort, following its opening in November.

“I’m looking forward to working with the team to help drive the resort’s continuing success and reputation globally with our unrivalled experiences in the Maldives, our unique design and breath-taking location.”

The St. Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort is nestled on a private island in a secluded Maldivian atoll, amidst thriving marine life.

Just 40 minutes from Male by seaplane, guests are transported into a newfound paradise in the Dhaalu Atoll.

The all-villa resort’s unique design, inspired by the marine setting, has been created to evoke a sense of tropical island village living.

Each of the 77 villas embodies the perfect combination between privacy and luxury.

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Spotlight On: St Regis Maldives Vommuli Resort


It’s time again for us to put the spotlight on one of our favourite luxury resorts in the Maldives, one whose name is synonymous with exceptional service and incomparable experiences all over the world.

The St Regis Vommuli Resort is perched upon the picturesque Dhaalu Atoll – an island that encompasses all that it means to be a triple threat in our books; lush greenery, pristine white sand and an unspoilt house reef you just won’t be able to take your eyes off. But it’s the service here that really makes your stay what it is. St Regis is famous around the world for providing stand out experiences for their guests, and their Vommuli resort is no exception. It all begins the moment you arrive on the island, when you are escorted to a private seaplane lounge and greeted by the resort’s friendly staff. Here you will be handed an iPad on which you will watch a welcome message from your personal butler before indulging in your choice of champagne or wine. If you are traveling with kids, rest assured that even they will be able to enjoy the VIP experience, with a selection of mocktails available for them to choose from. These first few moments set the tone for the remainder of your stay; tailor-made luxury characterised by a belief that everything and anything is possible.


This incredible resort is an architectural dream, cleverly designed to pay homage to the surrounding ocean environment through marine life inspired buildings. First you have the Iridium Spa, a sophisticated overwater sanctuary that provides a nurturing and nourishing array of therapies for you to spoil yourself with whenever you like. Shaped like a lobster with the main facilities – relaxation lounge, health food café and a boutique – in the centre, three individual treatment pods spread out either side to resemble legs and claws. Here you can immerse yourself in bespoke Ayurvedic rituals designed specifically for your individual needs, with options ranging from acupuncture and massage to body scrubs, facials, manicures and pedicures.



But the real crown jewel here is The Blue Hole; a suspended hydrotherapy floatation pool that hangs above the Indian Ocean. The largest pool of its kind in the Maldives archipelago, it uses heated seawater and a variety of whirlpool jets to melt away your tension and provide your mind and body with a host of cleansing benefits. Spend your days here to relax and unwind in true Maldivian luxury, or enjoy your desired treatments at night to watch the sun set over the vast ocean spreading out before you.


For those who love to wine and dine their way through a holiday, there is no better place to do so than St Regis Vommuli. At the Whale Bar – built to resemble a whale shark, with the deck entrance bearing similarity to the mouths of these gentle giants – you can enjoy a range of delicious tapas as well as three and five-course set menus. Ask one of their experienced sommeliers to recommend the perfect bottle of wine to go with your meal, or choose from the wide range of spirits and unique cocktails as you relax on the bar’s incredible open-air, over water terrace. With five other incredible dining options to choose from – including an incredible underground wine cellar offering state of the art degustation dinners – every craving is catered for during your stay.


Of course, we can’t talk about the Vommuli Resort without mentioning the stunning over villas that you can call home throughout your stay. From above, these elegant abodes look like manta rays with their extensive wing spans – but we all know it’s what’s on the inside that truly counts. Each villa is equipped with a private swimming pool, open-air shower, gorgeous views of the surrounding ocean vistas and over water hammocks that are sure to become your favourite place to relax and unwind.



There is no end to the incredible experiences St Regis Vommuli guests can enjoy during their Maldives vacation. If end-to-end service and state of the art luxury is what you’re after, this is an option that promises to never disappoint.


If you would like to learn more about how Addicted to Maldives can help you plan your perfect Maldives escape, get in touch with us today.

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Ajay Devgn had taken to the social media on April 18 to complain about how exhausted he was. “Shooting non-stop since past 5 months. Getting a much-needed break, waiting for Rohit to leave for Khatron Ke Khiladi,” he wrote. Now, Mirror has learnt that the 48-year-old actor-filmmaker, having wrapped up shooting for the Mumbai schedule of Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again on Tuesday, is all set to take off to the Maldives with actress-wife Kajol, kids Nysa and Yug, his sisters, Neelam and Kavita, and their respective families, for a much-deserved vacation.
“After returning from his New Year holiday in London, Ajay has been shooting back-to-back for Milan Luthria’s Baadshaho, followed by Rohit’s Golmaal Again. Rohit leaving for Spain to shoot for the upcoming season of Khatron Ke Khiladi has facilitated some time-off for Ajay which he wants to spend with his family. It couldn’t have come at a better time as Kajol too wrapped up work on Dhanush’s VIP 2 recently,” informs a source close to the actor, adding that Ajay will leave on May 28 and return after 10-12 days. “All the arrangements have been made and the family is really excited.”
Shooting for the fourth instalment in the Golmaal caper will resume after Rohit returns from Spain. Maldives seems to have become the new ‘go-to’ holiday destination for B-townies. While Salman and the Khan-daan had recently taken off to the South- Asian island country to celebrate nephew Ahil’s first birthday at a newlyopened, resort, Alia Bhatt, along with father Mahesh, mother Soni Razdan and sister Shaheen, was there late last year for a five-day break.

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Which Maldives Island is Best for a Honeymoon?


Surrounded by crystal clear water, pure white sand and ocean as far as the eye can see, it’s easy to understand why the Maldives is often referred to as the most romantic holiday location in the world. This small collection of islands scattered throughout the Indian Ocean are the dream destination for many newlywed couples seeking a taste of luxury, seclusion and uninterrupted tranquillity. But with so many extravagant resorts to choose from, you might be wondering which one is best for your first ever holiday with your husband or wife-to-be. Here are our top three picks for the most incredible honeymoon resorts in the Maldives…

 A beautiful Baros Sandbank wedding.

A beautiful Baros Sandbank wedding.

Milaidhoo Island

If you’re looking for a resort so seamlessly suited to sharing those special moments with your partner that they actually have their own ‘Perfect Honeymoon Package’, Milaidhoo is for you. This boutique island resort is nestled within the beautiful Baa Atoll and surrounded by a UNESCO biosphere reserve, meaning that you are always surrounded by the rare tranquillity of untouched Maldivian environment. In their honeymoon package, Milaidhoo provide newlyweds with experiences that you simply won’t find elsewhere in the world, from naming your very own star to being treated to a three-course candlelit dinner on the deck of your own picturesque waterside villa. Make yourself at home in any one of their remarkable accommodation options, whether it’s the charming Water and Beach Pool villas or the extraordinary Residences. Our pick is the Ocean Residence; sitting over the famously crystal clear Maldivian water, this space includes a private infinity pool, direct lagoon access, a dedicated butler and gourmet chef, as well as your very own outdoor living area that can be transformed into an open-air cinema upon request. Providing everything you need to immerse yourself in your own unique honeymoon, Milaidhoo is ideal for anyone who seeks romance, tranquillity and luxury at all times.


Baros Maldives

Baros is home to romance that most people only ever dream about. And, as an ‘adult focused’ resort where children under the age of eight are not allowed, it provides an incredible escape for anyone on their first holiday as a married couple. Think private dining experiences atop their secluded ‘Piano Deck’ space, located off the coast just far enough for you to feel as though you’re the only two people in the world. Here you can enjoy gourmet breakfast as the sun rises over the Indian Ocean, or a mouth-watering five-course dinner as it sets around you, leaving a brilliant display of colours in its wake. Even their more traditional dining experiences – such as the one you get when you enjoy a meal at the Lighthouse Restaurant – leaves nothing to be desired, standing out in spectacular fashion as a truly memorable honeymoon experience. Often referred to as the best restaurant in the Maldives, take a seat on the deck of this outdoor pavilion and enjoy a delectable gourmet dinner paired perfectly with a glass of wine from the resort’s extensive range of world-class bottles. Each night you can retire to any one of their seven elegant villas, each option offering its own array of exclusive features including tropical private gardens and pools, open-air bathrooms and direct beach access. In all these unique experiences, you will find that a defining characteristic of Baros Maldives is its ability to make their honeymooners truly feel like they are living in their own secluded paradise from the moment they step off the plane.

Baros Piano Deck1.jpeg
Baros Dining Exp.jpg

Gili Lankanfushi

If complete seclusion is what you’re seeking, Gili Lankanfushi delivers it at every turn. Beginning with their unique, free-standing Crusoe Residences, you and your partner will be able to enjoy complete comfort minus the crowds of fellow travellers, as this private space is entirely yours. Accessible via your own personal motorised boat, these luxury residences include a relaxing overwater deck and your very own private hammock swinging atop the turquoise lagoon. When you’re not holed up in your own personal water-side sanctuary, choose from any one of Gili Lankanfushi’s romantic activities. Whether it’s dining at one of the resort’s delightful restaurants, spending your day indulging in exclusive therapies offered at their sensational spa or laying under the clear night sky on a rooftop bed with your partner next to you, there is no limit to the romantic options offered here. In fact, it’s not uncommon for many newlyweds to come back to Gili Lankanfushi even after they aren’t so newly-wedded anymore. What can we say? One trip to this paradise is never enough.


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Following the Equator: International Tourism Film Festival Maldives to return to Sun Siyam Iru Fushi


The second edition of International Tourism Film Festival Maldives is to be hosted by Sun Siyam Resorts, with the event set to take place from November 16th-18th this year at Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives.

The concept behind the event is to gather talents of different ages, interests and backgrounds at one place.

With the success of the first edition, Sun Siyam Resorts hopes to have a much grand event this year, with international celebrities and media.

This year’s festival, extended over three days, will be filled with special events which are impeccable in its entertaining and educating aspects.

It is a platform for innovative work from both professionals and amateurs – in other words the perfect ground for networking.

“An occasion such as this will unite all those with a deep love for art and tourism,” explained a spokesman for Sun Siyam Resorts.

“We invite film makers and producers of all calibres to submit their content to be featured.

“If you have not already, this is the perfect opportunity to show your creativity and share with the world your perception.”

The deadline to submit all entries is July 21st this year.

Results will be communicated in September 2017.

More Information

The International Tourism Film Festival Maldives brings together professionals, celebrities and guests from across the globe to share their passion for traveling and seeing the beauty of it, the love for art, tourism and sports.

Festival entries include movies about interesting and unique places all over the world, shining a light onto the different cultures and histories of countries and their events.

Films last from one to 13 minutes.

With contributions and sponsorship from major stakeholders in the industry, the first event last year was a great success.

Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives

The event takes place at the multi-award winning property of Sun Siyam group, The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives, which is the flagship property within the group.

Located in the unspoiled Noonu Atoll and set within 52 acres of white sands and exotic flora, here guests are immersed in a timeless culture.

From the intuitive detail and personalised service that creates the most beautiful moments, to the sublime ambience that permeates each unforgettable taste, touch and experience.

Since its brand launch in 2014 as The Sun Siyam, it has gained international recognition across the globe.

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives makes it the perfect venue to host the International Tourism Film Festival Maldives.

The resort was last year recognised as the Indian Ocean’s Leading Family Resort by the World Travel Awards and will this year host the Indian Ocean Gala Ceremony.

Find out more about this one of a kind property here.

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Exploring South Africa’s Garden Route


Natural wonders await discovery along South Africa’s Garden Route. But is it best to explore its peaceful countryside or its wild coastline?

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Mӧvenpick Hotels & Resorts signs agreement to manage 


Mӧvenpick Resort & Spa Kuredhivaru Maldives will offer contemporary elegance in Noonu Atoll.

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has signed an agreement to manage its first resort in the Maldives. The planned 105-unit resort, Mӧvenpick Resort & Spa Kuredhivaru Maldives, will be situated on the remote Kuredhivaru Island in Noonu Atoll, providing a desirable sanctuary surrounded by pristine natural beauty in the exclusive northern part of the Maldives. It is scheduled to open during the second quarter of 2018.
The contemporary tropical resort will combine comfort and style, with 33 Beach Villas and 72 Over Water Villas. While designed as a destination for relaxing and rejuvenating escapes offering a high degree of privacy, the resort will also feature an array of onsite recreational facilities to entertain a wide range of guests, from honeymooners to adventurous families.
Located in one of the Maldives’ most idyllic atolls, the resort will be one of the few exclusive properties in the area to offer guests an opportunity to completely immerse themselves in spectacular scenery and untouched nature. Many of the surrounding islands are still uninhabited.
“It’s no secret that the Maldives is a much sought after holiday destination that is still increasing in popularity and our spectacular resort represents a significant entry for Mövenpick into this world-renowned island hideaway,” said Chief Development Officer and Senior Vice President Asia, Andrew Langdon. “We look forward to introduce our guests of Mӧvenpick Resort & Spa Kuredhivaru Maldives to Mӧvenpick’s signature style, hospitality and service once it opens in 2018.”
Rich in marine life and excellent diving opportunities, the waters surrounding the resort will play an integral role in its appeal through a variety of above and underwater experiences. The resort will feature a comprehensive dive centre, beach sports activity centre, exclusive guest-only superyacht, as well as a small scale marine research centre and private marina. 
The first Marine National Park (MNP) in the Maldives, which consists of a group of nine uninhabited islands commonly known as Edu Faru, is approximately 15 minutes from the resort via speedboat. The popular Christmas Tree Rock and Orimas Thila dive sites are also an easy boat ride away.

Exquisite culinary experiences are a cornerstone of the Mövenpick experience and the new Maldivian resort will offer five unique dining venues. Among these are a welcoming all-day dining restaurant, a speciality restaurant with sunset views, a seafood restaurant, a grill bar and private dining room for special occasions. 

Enticing wellness and recreational facilities will include a luxurious spa with 14 private treatment rooms. Other features include a tranquil yoga pavilion, a state of the art gym, water sports centre, volleyball and tennis courts. The resort will also have a business centre, library and retail boutique to further ensure guests enjoy a convenient and carefree stay.

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Finding the Perfect Resort for Your Next Trip to the Maldives

MALDIVES Diana and Bodgana at Adaaran Vadhoo in Male atoll, DOUBLE TAP IF YOU LOVE, COMMENT WITH LOVE PHOTO BY Asad

One of the most enticing elements of the incredible Island Nation that is the Maldives is its ability to cater to any and every guest that finds themselves on their powder white shores. Far from being a one-trick holiday destination that offers nothing but flop and drop style indulgences, you can plan your trip around experiences that you simply cannot find anywhere else.  Home to the most sought-after array of luxury resorts in the world, but here are our top picks that are perfect for four different types of travellers…

Cheval Blanc Randheli | For the spa lovers

If you are using your Maldivian getaway to indulge in some much-needed rest and relaxation time, there is no place more fitting to do just that than at Cheval Blanc Randheli Spa. Located on its own private island, all you need to do is jump on board a traditional Dhoni sailboat to access this elegant spa island. Here, you can enjoy an array of exclusive Guerlain treatments that cater to any indulgence you may be seeking that day. Revitalising citrus scrubs, soothing after-sun remedies and an oriental incense-infused therapy are just a few incredible options offered by this one-of-a-kind experience.

However, the treatments at Cheval Blanc are only the beginning. This all-encompassing spa also includes a large infinity pool surrounded by plush day-beds and swaying hammocks, so be sure to bring your bathers and a good book to truly make the most of this serene space. Or if you prefer to keep your body moving, opt for a yoga or pilates class followed by a meal of nourishing food from the resort’s mouth-watering gourmet menu. And of course, what would a relaxing day in the Maldives be without watching the gorgeous sunset over the Indian Ocean, a view that is particularly remarkable from this private island oasis.

Chevalblanc spa.jpeg
Chevalblanc spa1.jpeg
Chevalblanc spa3.jpeg
Chevalblanc spa2.jpeg

Per Aquum Niyama | For the active traveller

If your idea of the perfect holiday involves adventure, entertainment and socialising with fellow resort guests, then the Per Aquum Niyama is for you. This relatively undiscovered surfing spot is the perfect place for beginners and experienced surfers alike to catch some incredible waves during the day. By night, you can enjoy Per Aquum’s fabulous underwater restaurant – one of only a few in the world – which transforms into a pumping nightclub late in the evening. Here you will find a variety of exciting events featuring world famous DJ’s, including the not-to-be-missed ‘glow party’.

If a more chilled out nightlife vibe is more your style, simply make your way to one of several bars, each with their own unique atmosphere. Dune is a relaxed beachfront bar offering a range of snacks and fresh drinks, making for the perfect Oceanside experience. Edge, on the other hand, is a stunning off-shore bar where you can enjoy a cocktail or two while watching the most incredible sunset you have ever seen as relaxed beats play in the background. At its core, Per Aquum is the perfect place for travellers who are seeking exclusivity and excitement in equal measure.

Per Aquum Dune Bar.jpeg
Per Aquum Niyama.png
Per Aquum Niyama Fahrenheit1.jpeg
Per Aquum Niyama.jpeg

St Regis Vommuli | For the foodies

Holidays should be about indulgence, there’s no doubt about that. So which resort deserves to be at the top of your list when mouth-watering food is what you consider the ultimate luxury? At St Regis Vommuli, you can treat yourself to no less than six world-renowned restaurants serving a diverse range of cuisine.

The feet-in-the-sand experience at Crust – the resort’s rustic beachfront pizza shack – is perfect for those times when your stomach is grumbling but you don’t want to stray too far from the beach. This relaxed, patio-style eatery offers a huge menu of gourmet pizzas, which you can wash down with a fresh juice, cocktail or draft beer depending on your mood. Personally, we can’t get enough of the berry mojito and eggplant pizza.

St Regis2.jpeg

If it’s a more polished dining experience you crave, then head on over to either Cargo – a Middle Eastern inspired restaurant with lamb cutlets to die for – or Alba, which specialises in Italian cuisine that has been reimagined by the resort’s world-renowned head chef. And then there’s St Regis’ lavish underground wine cellar, Decanter. Offering a customised, five-course degustation menu paired perfectly with champagne and wine sourced from the best vineyards around the world, this elegantly intimate restaurant is the ultimate foodie experience.

And how could we forget the most important meal of the day – breakfast. The best in the Maldives, St Regis offers a delightful array of a la carte options along with deliciously tempting French pastries, egg and pancake stations and your choice of cocktails made fresh for you table-side. No matter what pleases your palate, one thing is for certain; any foodie is in for a treat when you choose to spend your days at this fabulous resort.

St Regis Crust.jpeg
ST Regis.jpeg
St Regis3.jpeg
St Regis Decanter.jpeg

Soneva Jani | For the family

The Maldives is the perfect place for a family escape; a secluded wonderland which has just as much opportunity for the kids as it does for the adults. While there is no shortage of resorts catering to travellers with kids in tow, Soneva Jani truly an incomparable paradise. Their water retreat and water reserve villas offer everything you need to feel right at home; a private pool, an open-air dining area and bathroom, your own personal butler and even a waterslide that takes you directly into the crystal-clear lagoon below.  

When you’re not relaxing in your luxurious home away from home, there are no shortage of family friendly activities to enjoy elsewhere on the atoll. Jump on a bicycle and explore everything the Noonu Atoll has to offer, or enjoy the balmy night breeze on your skin as you watch classic feel-good films at the resort’s overwater cinema. And for a truly special experience your children won’t soon forget, head to the observatory to gaze up at the starry night sky as you enjoy a delicious family dinner.

For those moments where you may want to slip away for some ‘me’ time or enjoy a romantic experience with your partner, Soneva Jani’s unique yet educational Kids Club excursions are the perfect solution. Think reef exploration led by a marine biologist, learning about the native Maldivian flora and fauna on a nature walk or planting their own coconut trees.

Oh, and did we mention that the resort includes a free-of-charge, all-you-can-eat ice cream and chocolate room? It’s safe to say that from the moment you leave, both you and your children will be counting down the days until you return to this ultimate family holiday destination.

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Extraordinary journeys: the longest, oldest and tallest


With the world’s longest direct flight, from London to Perth, launching next year, Audley specialists have put together ideas for experiencing some of the world’s other superlatives, from the highest mountain to the longest rail journey.

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