September 2015


LUX* announces new resort in the Maldives, rebranding and refurbishment

Lux South Ari Atoll Maldives Honeymoon Wedding Photography Asad

The end of this year, December 2015 and the second half of 2016 bring new and exciting developments for the luxury brand, LUX* Resorts & Hotels.

Lux South Ari Atoll Maldives Honeymoon Wedding Photography Asad

In the Maldives, these developments include the opening of a new resort in North Male’ Atoll, a complete refurbishment of the existing LUX* property, as well as a rebranding.

Maldivian Air Taxi, Worls largest sea plane fleet operating in Maldives since 1998, Asad Maldives Photographer

The former LUX* Maldives has now been renamed LUX* South Ari Atoll as part of the rebranding. In addition, Phase 1 of its complete refurbishment will see the revamping of the resort’s water villas this December, with built-in private pools.


These over-water retreats have been designed by the award-winning design company P49 DEESIGN, that has injected new life into the Signature Water Villas. Blending contemporary design with the surrounding natural beauty of the island, these villas allow ocean lovers to take a few steps from their own balcony, into the welcoming crystal clear waters below.

The romantic hideaways will feature couples rain showers, beautifully designed loveseats, and overhanging ‘love nests’ which float on the lagoon, in addition to the resorts existing ‘sleep tight’ beds which have made their way into the Nectar mattress review recently, worth a look if you have back pain and are wondering how comfortable you will be.

Following the revamp of the new water villas in LUX* South Ari Atoll, the newest and latest resort by the brand, LUX* North Male’ Atoll will be opening within the second half of 2016. This new, ultra-luxury resort is located less than an hour away from Male’ airport by speedboat, and will include a spectacular range of private villas.

Lux Maldives Over Water Villa - Wedding & Honeymoon Couple Suit

Miaja Design group, using hand polished wood, and other natural materials and ample glass will create a resort of luxury, style and comfort. The resort, located in an ideal location with an untouched reef brimming with exotic marine life will help designers gain inspiration from the aquatic life.

An environmentally conscious marine biology centre located in the resort will give guests a chance to discover the hidden secrets, and beauty beneath the deep blue waters.

LUX* Resorts & Hotels have also announced more development plans in China, the Reunion Islands, and in the UAE.

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Fuvahmulah Trip – The natural beauty of the Maldives

Fuvahmulah Olhu Ala

It was long back until last month when I last went to Fuvahmulah in 2009 on a vacation. That previous trip wasn’t that good as we had to stay at home most of the time which was specially organized for the circumcision of my son. We stayed for 16 days, could hardly visit to any friends or go anywhere but could only make my motor bike license which made that trip worth having gone.

DSC_0232 copy

This time it was for a short holiday of 10 days, we enjoyed a lot though. The shortest holiday but the awesomest, I must say. I met many of my schoolmates and classmates plus my friends and childhood friends which was the best part of our vacation. It seemed that everything was special about the island trip that I made from 29th May till 10th June, felt like home unlike other times and willing to go back again and again.

Fuvahmulah Airport - The Airport

We now have an airport in the island and have daily two flights (on demand) except Fridays and Mondays. However we will never forget how we used to arrive and depart from the island when we had no harbor and no airport. Scary sea and killer waves took many people’s lives in the island including some visitors. I must say I was one of the luckiest who survived after being almost drowned and swept away in the deep lagoon in the strong sea current while trying to save two other small girls’ lives. They were rescued and saved, so was I. Thank God!

DSC_0473_stitch copy


At this moment, I feel that I must describe the island beauty and give some specifications. But I am sure you need not much details as you can read from the internet and also if you are from Maldives, you must have heard about the island for sure.

Fuvahmulah being one of the most beautiful islands in the Maldives, it has lots of unique features that no person can resist going there at least once in their lifetime. And if visited once, they would be willing to go again and again. Beautiful vegetation in the tropical island nation, fruits, vegetables and flowering plantation are most interesting part one would love to see. The greenery of the island is just irresistible which is why it stands out in superiority. Plus the friendly people and the hospitality that welcome everyone with an open heart is widely spoken about among the Maldivian.


Even though being one of the locals and being raised there, this time I have seen that I had never seen before. That assures that every district of the island has something unique about it’s characteristics. It’s very different from the way of speaking our dialect to the way of living style and dressing. Each district has it’s own distinctive features. We can say they live like as if they were from 8 separate different islands.

On my last trip, I was staying with my eldest sister who is living in “Miskihmagu” district, the next division to “Funaadu” where I was born and grown up. I have seen lot’s differences among them that I have never seen from my division people… I cannot exactly say what the differences are, but it’s amazing to learn about them.


Our days started by 10:00 in the morning with a coffee followed by breakfast after a peaceful sleep. My son would play together with his cousins and either stay at home playing some computer games or go out for a ride. I would help a little with the cooking of lunch with my sister. We would have a chitchat about the previous day and talk about the plans of the day. Take a bath and go to my home to meet with my parents.

_DSC3852 copy (2)

My mother would prepare lunch for us, so we would sit and rest in my own house (my parent’s house) after lunch and when the sun goes a little down in the evening after 4:00 pm it’s time for me to ride the motor bike with my niece or a friend to see the places around. We would go either to buy something from a shop for my return preparation or see the beach and have some snapshots of the island. I love photography but the worst thing happened with me was that I always would forgot to take pictures or take camera with me when I moved around.

_DSC3847 copy

Picking fruits & vegetables from the plants is something that I love to do. There are many types of vegetable plants and fruit trees in our land as well. In the backyard and in the front of the house – in the garden. We always have fresh tropical fruits, fresh green vegetables (leaves), and vegetables ready to pick and eat.

We have Bilimbi, Papaya, Mango, Custard Apple, Stone Apple, Banana, Water Melon, Rock Melon, Rose Apple, “Dhanbu” (Dhanbu – English name not known) Musk Melon, Lemon, Lime, Orange, Naaring, Mandarin Orange, Guava, Starfruit, Pineapples, Breadfruit, Pomegranate and many more including vegetables and chilies.


Enjoying the motorbike rides was the most amazing thing that I got to do. Loved the scenery all the way. Mostly from one district to the other while riding along on the long wide beach side road which is half constructed for the opening ceremony of the island harbor.

During the trip I took the advantage of getting the driving license for cars and motorbikes in all zones. The best thing I achieved. Now I can drive cars and ride motorbikes in Male (the capital city) as well. Lucky me! Thanks to my sisters children who made it possible, without them it wouldn’t have been possible.

_DSC3905 copy

To be honest, it was a carefree lifestyle I got to experience after such a long time. After marriage and having children, I hadn’t been able to move that freely in my whole life.

Everyday we would meet new people or old friends whom I have missed being with and some good FB friends and would go to have meals or snacks in different restaurants. Restaurants were really good in Fuvahmulah, tastes of the food were satisfactory so were the other services. Well maintained and organized. Thanks to the friends for the time spent with me and the kindness they have shown. I appreciate it a lot!

DSC_0240 copy

The above Lake in the photo is where the Lake Side Restaurant is located. Such a beautiful place, an amazing view with the sight of different kinds of domestic birds such as “Valikukulhu” or Moorhen crossing the lake and flying. The fishes (freshwater fishes – “footumas”) gathering like thousands for food when fed with bread crumbs. Felt like sitting in an over water restaurant in a high class hotel – a five star feeling in a local island. I really couldn’t believe my eyes…


This lake is very large and spread within three districts that are Funaadu, Maalegan and Miskihmagu. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of the place. When I went there for dinner, both times it was dark, therefore not enough light to take pictures of inside the place in the night time.

This beach is very different from the beaches in other islands of the Maldives. There is something special and unique about it. This beautiful broad sandy beach is at the northernmost point of Fuvhamulah in the district of Dhadimagu. It’s sands are formed by white round pebbles which are unusually smooth and shiny.


hey say, “there used to be a natural phenomenon called “Bissaaveli” annually happening in there. The Bissaaveli forms when part of the sandy beach moves away from the shore towards the edge of the reef, thus creating a lagoon enclosed by the sand and the shore of the island.”


When the Bissaaveli is well-formed it’s enclosed from all sides in the sand creating a natural shallow swimming pool up to neck level where locals liked to swim. This phenomenon has not occurred since 2000 until very recently or let’s say since they started the Fuvahmulah Harbor construction. It’s believed that the construction of the harbor somehow affected the current patterns around the island.


Another phenomenon occurs in the south-east side shore of the island which belongs to Dhoondigam and Funaadu districts. This is very close to the area where the airport is located now. This natural phenomenon is called “Kalho-Akiri” (meaning- Black Pebbles) This area has only Black Pebbles on the beach which is quite unusual to the normal white coral sand beaches. However this phenomenon has been affected adversely by the construction of the harbor as well.

P.S. My trip ended with lots of entertainments, enjoyment, relaxation and beautiful memories. One thing very good about the island is everyone is busy building their houses and making their own gardens like having a competition which makes the island look more developed and beautiful.

“Fuvahmulah people” also have been the best when it comes to welcoming their guests. We offer the best hospitality in the whole Maldives. When we invite our friends to our beautiful island, it’s always different and we offer a warm welcome that the guests will never forget!

Special Thanks; I will never forget the handmade coffees and the tender coconut drinks given by my friends. Coffees were so tasty and had the real coffee taste. Tender Coconuts were so fresh and sweet and that’s something I am always dying to have. Loved it!

Havitha – A historical aspect of Maldives, Havitha is one of the biggest budhist stupa’s in Maldives which was burried when the Maldivian converted to Island these stupa’s were burried.
Havitha – A historical aspect of Maldives, Havitha is one of the biggest budhist stupa’s in Maldives which was burried when the Maldivian converted to Island these stupa’s were burried.

A word from Rahath with her Experience travelling to Fuvahmulah and exploring the culture and the _ASD1453  _DSC2009 copy _DSC2196 copy  _DSC3226     _DSC4437_stitch _DSC4767 copy _DSC7214_stitch copy _DSC8581 copy _DSC9112 copy Bandaara


Big image copy Crop Dhadimagu Kulhi DSC_0089 DSC_0100 DSC_0106 DSC_0113 copy

Havitha - A historical aspect of Maldives, Havitha is one of the biggest budhist stupa's in Maldives which was burried when the Maldivian converted to Island these stupa's were burried.
DSC_0216 DSC_0232 copy (2)

Fuvahmulah Airport – The Airport

DSC_0561 copy (2) DSC_0757 DSC_1211 DSC_1484 DSC_1779 DSC_1818 DSC_2405 copy DSC4528 copy Fuvahmulah Airport Fuvahmulah Olhu Ala Fuvahmulah Tar Road Kedeyre Mosque NAV_0453 NAV_0508 NAV_9388 NAV_9391 NAV_9397 NAV_9781 NAV_9961 NAV_9994 Star Trial Untitled_HDR2 copy Untitled_Panorama1 copyural beauty.

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