August 2013


Soil erosion taken of the gems of Maldives

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There was a research made years back finding the exact reason of soil erosion of the beauitiful and calm lands of Fuvahmulah, I belong to Hoadhadu ward of Fuvahmulah and i’ve played and enjoyed on the north side beaches, Even though from Hoadhadu I was brought up in Maadhadu with my grand parents and uncle, used to go to the beaches of maadhadu on north side and there was an amazing beach, but i haven’t seen those in last 15 years or more, It’s bieng about 20 or 25 years since the government of Maldives built traditional harbors for every ward, its not 2 or 3 its more then 8, That was the exact demand of the peoples of Fuvahmulah, The government being careless researching about the envirnment has taken us here, i don’t blame the peoples of Fuvahmulah for this believing that they might have asked for it with there less knowledge and experience with environmental issues, We the people’s of Fuvahmulah should demand every government to solve these issues, I have read on international news and magazines written “Fuvahmulah the most vulnerable island of sinking nation” yeah that’s right the people’s demand has brought us here today, we all should hold our hands and shout out loud asking for a solution, The research shows that the anchorages or the old harbors has become the road taking out the soil and rocks of Fuvahmulah to be taken away from the island, If we snorkel today to experience this, every diver of the island agreed with this reason and and you all have seen beaches around Fuvahmulah, but the beaches is not seen anytime of the year now, the erosion of the island has taken worst near the old harbors, Maaneyre, anbul, bandahala fannu, rasgefannu and more of it, have a look on the image most posted today, it’s taken between rasgefannu and bandahala fannu,

Islands Maldives has been published on Internet and other news media with the name of sinking nation, The Islands of Maldives is losing its lands,





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