15 Gorgeous Vow Books To Keep Your Love Alive For Eternity

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When you’re excitedly—and nervously!—standing at the altar, even the most practiced wedding vows will probably be a blur after you say ‘I do.’ As you move on to your reception and honeymoon, don’t let the most intimate part of your wedding day fade away—instead, record your precious words in a vow book.

Photos and videos are a great way to capture all of the special and emotional moments on your wedding day, but vow books are a lovely wedding keepsake to remember why you got married in the first place. Whether your vows flow from pen to paper effortlessly or you are struggling to condense all of your feelings into a few sentences the morning of, jotting them down in a vow book will help them live on forever. You can use the book for notes, first drafts, and ultimately, the harmonious blend of words you say on the actual day.

After the wedding, and during the tough days that come with marriage, you can look back on the book as a reminder of the love you and your partner share—with it, you can remember all things you agreed to from promising not to snore to sticking together in sickness and in health.

From pocket-sized options you can actually take to the altar to larger booklets you can easily style on your coffee table in your newlywed home, these books come in a range of designs to fit any wedding and couple’s style. Personalizations, song lyrics and engravings make these keepsakes even more special.

Whether you go traditional, add in some heart melting quotes, or throw in a few jokes, you will want to remember your wedding vows. Here are 15 beautiful vow books to store the words you will never forget.

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