13 Eco-Friendly Home Decor Picks to Help You Go Green

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Earth Day may have come and gone months ago, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t adopt a sustainable lifestyle on the reg. In fact, with the overwhelming amounts of stylish, under-the-radar, eco-friendly home decor picks out there, it’s practically inexcusable not to go green within your humble abode. Plus, before you roll your eyes and tighten your grip on your wallet, know this—environmentally conscious doesn’t have to equate to overtly unaffordable. Sure, organic picks may run a bit pricier than their standard counterparts, but you’re making a positive investment for your home and the planet (make Mother Nature proud!).

To prove our point, we rounded up 13 eco-friendly home decor items that you can instantly incorporate into your living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen—you name it. Featuring furniture made with recycled materials from everyone’s favorite build-it-yourself furniture superstore, IKEA, to ethically sourced, handwoven baskets available through Kaza, there’s truly no shortage of readily available ecological finds to contribute to your interior design collection. Whether you’re hunting for registry inspo or are merely a newlywed in search of some chic new furnishings, you’ve come to the right place. Happy eco-friendly home shopping, and may yours be the most sustainable on the block.

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