11 Home Scents Perfect for Fall and Winter

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With fall upon us and winter just around the corner, the season of hibernating and shacking up with your S.O. on the couch is imminent. Spring and summer are the seasons for opening all the windows and doors, sweeping out the cobwebs and spending most of your free time outside and with friends. Fall and winter mean more time at home which means making your place feel as cozy as possible!

Ways you can achieve the highest level of coziness? Firstly, stash blankets in every room so that any lounge time includes a blanket of some sort (we keep at least two to three throw blankets of different weights in our living room space—you can never be too safe!). Next, make sure you invest in some quality comfy clothes to change into the minute you walk through the door…no one likes to feel constricted when they’re doing some serious Netflix binging.

One of the most important parts of having that cozy ambiance, though, is having just the right amount of dim lighting. And you know what kind of dim lighting we like the best? Candlelight! Preferably scented candles to fill you home with warm, wintery smells. If you’re more of a string lights for your low lighting type, you can still get delicious scents with diffusers of many kinds that you won’t be embarrassed to leave out for guests to see (they’re cute now!). So here’s a roundup of our favorite fall and winter home scents for the coziest home ever!

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