10 Pieces of Wall Art You Can Buy On Etsy

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Thinking about how to fill those blank walls of your new home together? If you’ve attempting to start an art collection (however modest), we know how hard the curation process can be. Key word here being curation. It’s certainly tempting to want everything to be perfectly in order the moment you move in. However, sometimes if you buy ALL your wall art at the same time, your home could end up looking like a furniture showroom. And no one wants to feel like their living in a showroom!

So we’re here to advocate for slowly decorating—this will yield much more personality and depth to your home’s character. When you take the time to collect art and decor over time, each piece holds meaning and doesn’t feel rushed. And, here’s a good insider tip: your home will never actually be “done.” Just like you, it will evolve as your tastes change and your needs shift—and that’s ok!

If you’re looking for art that feels personal, handmade, and not like a mass-produced print that every blogger has, look no further than Etsy of course! Here are 10 of our favorite pieces to make your house feel like a home (and not a showroom).

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